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  1. Good luck dear Tracy! I can feel she is very genuine and hardowrking. I hope you achieve what you’re praying for. Nevertheless, win or lose, I am very proud of you ever since I started supporting you during your MUP stint. Enjoy Puerto Rico!

      • In 3 hours lilipad na ang eroplanong sasakyan ni Tracy. Probably my connecting flight to. Most likely to the US muna then to Puerto Rico na.

  2. Babalik na rin ng America si Katrina for good. Nakaaantig sa puso ang ginanap na despedida party para sa kanya. And I’m so sad na hindi binigay sa kanya ang huling pagkakataon to represent the Philippines in MU. Anyway, good luck to you!

  3. Excellent for MWP next year: Pauline, Ahtisa, Ysabella, Emma, Bea Patricia, etc.

    Good morning to all.

  4. I saw Bella Ysmael on a noontime show. Wow 😳 ang ganda! Parang Kelsey Merritt.

  5. Maureen has been my favorite since MUP and was my favorite to win MWP.
    Wishing her good luck in her MW journey and hoping for a runner-up finish at least.

  6. she reminds me of elizabeth berroya bb. pilipinas circa 90s..facially weak, among other weaknesses..

  7. Watch out for Manasa, Paweensuda and Tracy, three most competitive Asian candidates in MW 2021.

    • Hi Paul, this is your co-apostle Thomas. Hehe.

      Just curious, why you have so much hatred towards Bea that you need to write multiple comments targeting her in a post that is not even about her?

      It’s an honest question. I am just wondering.

      World Peace.

    • Nope im happy, supportive and proud for BeaLuigi… between BeKa, i feel a spark for one, otherwise for the other that looks and sounds trans in my honest feeling.❀️πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™

  8. Tracy’s mom was a Bb. Pilpinas 1979 candidate. Candidate #27. Batch of Dang Cecilo, Melanie Marquez, Teresa Carlson, Ava Quibranza, Ping Salig, and Cathy Veloso. ALL Gorgeous!!!!

    01. Mary Arlene Perez, 17, 5’3”
    02. Maria Luisa Cruz, 18, 5’2”
    03. Criselda Flores Cecilio, 18, 5’3” (UNIVERSE)
    04. Clarita Santos, 19, 5’3”
    05. Princess Ava Quibranza, 24, 5’3” (MAJA INT’L)
    06. Elizabeth Serrano, 19, 5’3” (MUTYA 1979 2ND RUNNER-UP)
    07. Perla Fernando Salig, 23, 5’3” (1ST RUNNER-UP)
    08. Julienne Jeanette Vinuya, 17, 5’3”
    09. Danah Mylene Sindo, 16, 5’5”
    10. Wilma Avellanosa Facelo, 18, 5’4”
    11. Celeste Camille Aphrodite Raymond, 17, 5’4” (MUTYA 1980 1ST RUNNER-UP)
    12. Cristina Chan, 20, 5’5”
    13. Guisela Milagros Balcita, 16, 5’3”
    14. Eva Marie Bueno Bravo, 18, 5’4”
    15. Susana Sincaban, 19, 5’3”
    16. Maria Theresa Gerodias Carlson, 16, 5’3” (YOUNG INT’L)
    17. Madelene Bautista, 16, 5’3”
    18. Riza Nolasco, 18, 5’3”
    19. Rosanna Fatima Herrera, 19, 5’4”
    20. Pura Sanchez, 16, 5’3”
    21. Maria Cecilia Ravadilla, 22, 5’6”
    22. Meriam OpeΓ±a Baricuatro, 17, 5’5”
    23. Maria Aleta General, 18, 5’6”
    24. Tina Vallejo Orleans, 18, 5’6” (MUTYA 1983 3RD RUNNER-UP)
    25. Mimilanie Laurel Marquez, 17, 5’10” (INTERNATIONAL AND MS INTERNATIONAL)
    26. Josephine Relucio Bautista, 18, 5’8” (MAJA INT’L 1981)
    27. CHONA PEREZ 17, 5’7”
    28. Catherine Veloso, 18, 5’7” (2ND RUNNER-UP)
    29. Magdalena Villanueva, 18, 5’6”
    30. Jennifer Lim Roco, 17, 5’6”
    31. Maria Lourdes Vega, 16, 5’6”
    32. Maria Milagros Guidote Nabor, 19, 5’6” (MUTYA WORLD 1980)
    33. Victoria Garcia, 19, 5’4”
    34. Wilma Carbonell, 17, 5’5”
    35. Marie Bernadette Reyes, 18, 5’5”
    36. Teresa Acapulco, 17, 5’4”
    37. Evangeline Cusi, 19, 5’5”

    • Thanks for the detailed info. Saan ang source mo nito? Your reference material/s please. Ty ulit.

    • @mik, Perla Salig was the first Boholana to make it to the Bb Pilipinas winners’ circle. She was 1st RU and one of the three Lux Ladies. Thank u for this info

    • Mimilamie Marquez was only 15 years old when she won Miss International 1979….dinaya lang ang age nya to 17.
      Buti hindi sya nadis-qualify?

    • If only Melanie is 18 years old when she competed in her edition, there is a possibility she will be assigned to Universe mission. Mrs Araneta has inclination to crown tall girls.

      I came across Tracy’s interview in MUP. I find her smart and endearing. She exudes the sweetness and humility of some past MW winners. Sana naman mapansin ang katangiang ito ni ateng Julia.

  9. Good luck Tracy! Show the world what you’ve got! Give them a “Tatak Filipina” fight!πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­β€οΈ

  10. Ang sad pala ng life story niya. I can’t imagine losing my only family at 17 years old, and struggling on her own through life after that.

  11. Good Luck Maureen.

    Name pa lang , Top 13 (Tracy!) na! Wag lang sana mag-perish (perez). Lol.

    World Peace.

  12. Isn’t that strange? MWP has so little engagement on social media. Their Twitter and YouTube accounts are not updated (e.g. their last YouTube post was 2017?) 😱
    How do they engage followers? Just wondering. πŸ‘‘πŸ’πŸ•ŠοΈ

  13. Sino kaya ang annointed one ni Chef Julia? That’s all that matters unfortunately. Enjoy Puerto Rico Tracy, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. 😊

    • Pwedeng si Manasa Varanasi ng India. Sana makapasok sa top 5 or 7 si Tracy. Si Paweensuda rin ng Thailand.

  14. Good Luck Miss Tracy Maureen Perez, your name screams like a winner from behind. Parang Cinderella Obenita! Bring back that blue crown to PH. God bless.

  15. Good Fri AM, Uncle.

    You knew this was coming… πŸ™‚

    Dr. Rebortera. Where? Why? Thx.

      • @ Norman Good Fri PM, Uncle.

        BILIS ng panahon! Nu’ng kailan lang, si SamBer sa MGI 2020 ang hot topic dito. Ngayon, one week to go, Dec na.

        Before the weekend is done, you need to polish off your pending posts. Hereunder.

        1) Your teaser/flyer for PN’s S7.
        2) Your Final Pick for ME 2021.
        3) The ‘decision’ of MUUAE. Deadline na ng submission ng names sa MU! I-pressure mo na kasi.
        4) Departure churvah ni Bea. I assume she will leave early for Israel. Ba’t ‘di sasama si Voltaire?
        5) Your coverage (or your partner?) of the BPCI joint Press Meet for Cinderella & Montagne.


  16. Knowing it’s a cooking show, it’s my impression that Maureen deserves atleast 2nd Princess title.

    • @ Lireo Gwendolyne Ruais, Evangeline Pascual, & Sharmaine Gutierrez. She would be our 4th!

      • Hello po. In my hear heart, Ms Pascual and Ruffa should have been the winners of their respective editions.

        Salamat po masipag kayo magreply sa mga posts ko. Keep safe.

  17. Not long after her MUP participation, Tracy went to this semi-‘glamp’ site somewhere in the lush interior of Cebu. ‘The Camp’ nga ‘ata pangalan nung resort… Dotted with mango trees & softened by morning mist & gentle rain , it looked utterly dreamy. I’d love to go! πŸ™‚

  18. Of the 4 remaining girls competing for their respective international pageants, I feel Tracy Maureen Perez is the most loved and supported by majority of Filipino pageant fans.

    MUP – it’s either you like her or not (very polarizing). She seems 50/50 among Pinoys. Or even 60-70% not liking her.

    MGP – Miss Panlilio is also not getting much support from Filipino pageant fanatics.

    MPE – Ewan. Walang balita. It seems nobody is interested. Bakit kaya? He, he, he…

    • @ paul In the first place, ‘fanatics’ sounds like a terror organization. ‘Fans’ naman. πŸ™‚

      The good thing with MGI this time is unlike earlier this year when the pandemic made a 2-week quarantine mandatory for the candidates (as with SamBer) before the actual Prelims, this time the ladies were able to dive right in from the beginning. The Sash Ceremony & Dinner w/ Angkol were all done withing a day or so of arrival in Thailand.

      The tepid reception to ME is due to its yet-virtual-again edition. THIS was polarizing, kasi may mga ND na dili sang-ayon… So, participation numbers are down. PRETTY are Belize, Belarus, & Chile. Cuba sounds really good! Although I must agree that Naelah does not seem to elicit as much buzz as Roxie did (last year). Why that is, KF could probably explain as both are the camp standard bearers atm.

  19. Ang ganda ng pose ni Norman with Tracy. Talo si Arnold V. He, he, he…

    Let’s support Tracy in MW. Good morning to all.

  20. If she wins this December or if Bea wins, it would be the greatest “Christmas gift to the Filipinos” -Janine Tugonon MU2012 pageant , Pia Alonzo MU2015

  21. Kay Marengo Tracy just enjoy the pageant. Yung accommodations pati yung food. Wag na mag expect.

  22. Hindi ako mag expect kahit semifinals.
    Sabagay, maraming pangit nananalo bakit hindi. Puede rin syang maging MW2021, nasa sa kanya na yan paano nya gawin🀭
    Good luck πŸ™πŸ˜Š

      • Though in my opinion many pageant fans do not find Toni Ann-Sing beautiful, it is their being low key that catapulted them to the crown. I noticed that same quality to MW 1994 Lisa Hana. Tho I must say malakas ang Jamaica sa mga Morley as their rep in 1973 accepted the duties when Ms Pascual turned it down.

  23. Huwag lang politikahin ni Tandang Julia, mananalo ‘to!

    When the crown didn’t went to Emannuelle, napa-review ako agad-agad dito kay Tracy kasi kinabahan ako na baka ma-olat tayo! Karamihan nung mga challenges during the competition which were all molded after MW, pasok siya! Kaya medio nakampante ko!

    I also reviewed her interview on Pageantry Norms and one thing na nagustuhan ko sa sinabi niya is last chance na niya ‘to! Tanggap daw ba niya magiging resulta win or loose? and she said na ready na siya but fortunately siya ang nanalo! At the same time sinabi rin niya na, lalaban siya talaga! So, she really has the right mindset!

    Maganda rin yung advocacy niya for single Moms kasi ulila na siya! When I calculated, she was around 17 years old nung maulila siya! Kung ibang babae yan, ang gagawin, lalandi at mag-aasawa hoping na merong lalaki na magpapalamon sa kanila and considering na maganda ‘tong batang ‘to hindi siya mahihirapan makakuha ng mayaman! But she struggled on her own! Mahirap yon! Sa totoo lang!

    Maganda rin kung paano siya mag-deliver ng thought niya, you will find sincerity! It’s unfiltered!

    I’m expecting her to win!

  24. A semifinal spot would be a success for her. A top 8 or 10 would be overachieving it! Nonetheless, good luck Tracy! I will be a busy season with MW, MU, MGI happening.

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