2 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas: The evolution of a theme song

  1. Wala po bang “Evolution of the shoes”?… to chunky platforms hehe

  2. Only now has the WIFI advanced enough to allow me to hear everything you complied, Sir Blogger.

    There is that Hotdogs’ contribution to the “Manila Sound” of the 1970’s, that love song a guy sang to assure his girl his loyalty is without waver. Nonong Pedero’s “original” is the closest in spirit, and therefore must be SAMPLED in an ENTIRELY-NEW composition…

    … entitled “Honey”, with Paolo Ballesteros’ bet/ward doing a solo in the Opening Act. Think Cassandra Chan’s ballet “exhibition” last year, with her Binibini sisters all pointing to and extolling her. Very Polish Supra-swag. 🙂

    Last year’s uniform was abbreviated marching band, the epaulets so (Yves) Saint Laurent…

    … (Jearson) Demavivas must now be commissioned for his version in t’nalak. He must also be assigned to oversee the bespoke weave that will become the capes on this year’s titlists. Mr. Tinio, you go scout around for the swimwear designer for the tasteful/tasty one-piece that will go with the cape; just make sure the two designers cooperate closely – NO SOCIAL DISTANCING, please – so that the colors do not clash. Can JP do it? Or, you know others…. Sash will be BLACK & GOLD, to appease the “Metal Rat”, the nCoV19 that spread worldwide by hitchhiking on the “metal galleons” of this age – airplanes.

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