18 comments on “Atasha Muhlach: Future BQ?

  1. I wonder how she is related to Alyssa Muhlach~Alvarez (daughter of ‘baller’ Paul Alvarez).

    (I wonder how Roni Meneses is doing. Hopefully we hear from her on her Elemental duties with MPE.)

    Tuwing showbiz denizens in pageantry ang paksa, ‘di talaga maiwasan mabanggit si Ruffa & that entire ‘episode’ that began with the tension-filled Screening, to the BBP tussle with Dindi Gallardo, culminating with the Sun City (South Africa) crowning as Second Princess.

    (‘Tussle’ kasi it involved the wards of the two most celebrated fashion designers of that time.)

    ‘Pag artista, hindi puwedeng sumali na hindi tititulo. Otherwise, why join… So, ‘etong sila Klea, Atasha, at Faith, stakes are HIGH.

    Pero bakit nga naman hindi? Wynwyn’s triumph in Bolivia was convincing enough for her to be considered as a possible MUP candidate not too long ago.

    I guess it will also be safe to say this new pageant camp with the aunt-nephew Salud tandem at its helm will be the go-to training ground for these ladies.

    All the very best! Find your wings. Catch that wind. And take off.

    • Alyssa is the daughter of Almira who is the cousin of Aga Muhlach. In effect, they are second cousins if I’m not mistaken.

  2. She needs to get fit and lean because tabain ang lahi ni Aga… but personality-wise, I know that Atasha would develop into the total package knowing that both her parents particularly Aga is known in his side of the family to be a very succesful well-adjusted individual despite all the turmoils his family encountered in the past. I have a good feeling that w/ her mother Charlene’s guidance, Atasha would have the highest international placement in all 3 generations of her family’s pageant legacy.

  3. Tito, it’s the E-Y-E-S. Nandidilat. Katakot. 😦

    Tell her Style Team to SOFTEN it to a semi-sleepy look. Reference Harriote Lane, MI 2019 4th RU from the UK (who was only 19 when she competed).

    Speaking of which, may balita po kayo if Harriote wants to try for MUUK? 🙂

    • @ kean Intan Aletrino! The biracial Dutch-Indonesian Katy Perry dead ringer. 🙂

      (Was their Supra bet in 2016, same batch as Joanna Eden)

  4. Alaiza Malinao or VVV?
    If she is really interested in pageants, then she should start the training. She has potential.

  5. Sadly she is not even 5’6. Her father is 5’7. He is taller than her. She can try mwp since alv is not strict w height

    • Fyi, MUP stated previously that one of the requirements: NO HEIGHT LIMIT. That’s why in the last edition of MUP, some of the candidates who were just 5’3 luckily snatched semifinal’s spots. Outsmarted the taller ones in the interview round combined with good performances in EG and SS!

  6. She’s short. And she’s 18 na ha. Si Andres is the good looking twin. May Spanish passport din yan courtesy of her grandpa who is Spaniard.

    • @ Lymaraina ‘Ay, nemen. Andres is love. Du’n sa sibling (wordpress) blog, minsan lang ‘ata na-feature. He is apparently high-end real estate, his photos rare as near-extinct tiger subspecies. 😦

      Atasha strikes me as VVV mold.

      Maybe The Camp will be open to taking her under their wing.

      Tingnan mo ‘yung mga old photos nina Tito at Voltaire. They both have that same black jacket she has in the top photo. Cropped nga lang kay Atasha.

      (It might be a Rappler issue~token. Bear in mind Tito is pageant correspondent for them, taking over Voltaire’s position after the Director for Communications position was created at MUPO.)

  7. She is brainy, pretty, and stunning. She has what it takes to be an international beauty queen.

  8. She would be best fit for Miss World. Beautiful angelic face and mild demeanor. She gives me that Megan Young vibe.

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