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  2. It’s a must that as early as today , the MUPhOrg Shamcey’s team is already planning out the competition gown for Michelle at Mu2023 … calling RFernandez, et al ,,,, we need an eye popping spectacular gown which will leave all the competition behind , this is the area where winners are differentiated from the rest except for interviews …. the swimsuits does not really generate wide spread of scores among the top tier candidates

  3. What happened? Lahat ng bashers ni Michelle dito sa blog biglang naging fans.
    Sabi mahina raw ang communication skills at di kagandahan ngayong hangang hanga na

  4. Krishna Gravidez gives me this Stephanie Gutierrez Gazini Ganados lookalike.

  5. All are articulate and engaging. Christine definitely had great time interviewing them

  6. Michelle Dee is hands down the most well spoken with an engaging voice tone among these 5 stunners. Her interjections alone are on point and undeniably eloquent which clearly show how confidently spontaneous she is in communicating her thoughts. It also incontestably disprove what her naysayers have been ruthlessly and ludicrously trumpeting that she is a boring speaker relying merely on rehearses lines. We can rest assured that our country’s bid for the fifth Miss Universe crown is definitely in good hands more so that the bulk of the preliminary scoring now goes to how the candidates fare during the closed door interviews. And oh it cannot be denied also that Pauline and Krishna — despite both being a bit understated during their exposure here — will do us proud come their turns in Miss Supranational and Miss Charm respectively.

  7. Height has becoming less and less of a factor for winnability, as proven by past winners. Of course, to be instantly noticed in a sea of beauties, it helps to be statuesque. After all, most clothes really do look good on taller, leaner people.

    Having said that, it irks me no end why girls or their handlers have to pad or exaggerate the height of the girls. This is lying. Totally unnecessary.

    In summary, a beautiful, articulate, intelligent girl does not need to wear a torturous, funny-looking 8-inch shoes (hello Ms. Cebu!) only to fall flat on her face.

    World Peace.

  8. If Michelle is 5’11, then Baguio & Bohol’s height are possibly 5’10 or 5’11 too based on their shoes. Could be my presumption is wrong.

    • In one of Pauline’s interviews she mentioned she’s 5’8” but more likely 5’6” or 5’7” lang talaga. And same goes with the others.

    • I think Paulene, Michelle and Krish almost have the same height of not higher than 5’8″ . Angelique is 5’6″ and CJ is 5’7″.
      Height is an advantage but these days it is not very important.

  9. I lthink CJ is the happiest story of MU 2023
    Her hard work has paid off

    • Nag-iba hitsura ni Baguio dito. She was more beautiful during the coronation night. Michelle looks younger than her age. Have watched her interviews after winning and I must say she is an engaging speaker and talks with much substance.

      • I have to agree with this observation. Just goes to show the wonders that exceptional hair and makeup artists can do. Diyosang-diyosa ang dating niya during the coronation night but here she comes across as rather forgettable.

  10. The Top 5 are articulate and can express themselves naturally. Very little stammering from any. At least we can sleep at night and not worry if they will be able to represent our country well.

    Some notes during this interview:

    > Everyone except for Baguio looks more beautiful and relaxed compared to their heavily made up and glammed versions during the pageant. Which is the opposite of Baguio. Sobrang ganda nya during the pageant. Dyosa-level Here, she looks timid and with no neck.

    > Zambales is prettier and younger when she smiles. The teeth though can still be improved.

    > Pampanga’s Evangeline Pascual-ish face, styling and constipated smile is making her look outdated. Definitely can easily be remedied.

    > Michelle’s beauty and skin color will stand out in El Salvador. Very “Asian”. She reminds me of a younger, duskier Mylene Dizon. She has to unlearn some tricks when doing her pasarela. MU is not a mowh-delling search.

    > Pauline will do her best in Supra. This is her first (and last) international competition. What is with the panda eyes though?

    World Peace.

  11. Great top 5 ! Again ! 4 years running !

    All should try again except for the top 2

    • Sorsogon must also try again … I did not pay any attention to her for the months long waiting period but on pageant night, she had beauty that outshined a lot of the other contestants

      • Sorsogon’s Rein Hillary Carrascal was one hell of an underrated contestant. Her dusky complexion shone that night at MUPh stage. Pak na pak din ang kanyang swimsuit pasarela.

        Kaya lang, whoever made that gown for her should be incarcerated! Nakakaawa siyang tingnan duringi the long gown competition. Reminded me of what happened to Ms. South Africa 2018 on the same segment during MU 2018.

        I agree with you, she should try again and maybe join KF or Aces and Queens para mas mahasa pa.

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