34 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2023: My Final Predictions

  1. Do the winners fit the template of MI and MG, as what many expected them to be? At the end of the day, it is still the judges’ choice and criteria. At the outset, the new MIP seems to be outside the perceptual mold associated with MI queen, but am sure with the proper training and styling, she will eventually exude that persona. Filipino pageant fans seem not to have formed yet a distinct perceptual imagery of an MG queen. That’s expected of a pageantry franchise that has yet to develop a clear brand personality.

    At any rate, congratulations to the winners. I hope their reign will add value to the BBP brand in particular, and to Philippine pageantry in general, because these are trying times for the global pageant industry that is facing a changed market landscape triggered by a worldwide shift in beauty paradigm.

  2. so a deserving alumna of MUP2022 won the top title of Bb2023 , and a deserving alumna of Bb2022 won the other title of Bb2023

    Martinez did not impress with the Q&A and while the gown was great, her swimsuit was below expectations , so try again if desired or possible next year

    I think Gabby Basiano has her eyes set on MUP2024, and where will she relinquish her crown for Miss Philippines Intercontinental 2023 ?

  3. Those photos are so misleading, especially once you see them on your tv screens 😅

  4. Binibining Pilipinas 2023 Best in Long Gown is Laguna’s Trisha Martinez!

    Binibining Pilipinas 2023 Best in Swimwear is Bataan’s Anna Valencia Lakrini!

    Top 11

    DINALUPIHAN, BATAAN: Lea Macapagal
    LAGUNA: Trisha Martinez
    DAVAO DEL SUR: Katrina Anne Johnson
    HERMOSA, BATAAN: Mary Chiles Balana
    BATAAN: Anna Valencia Lakrini
    AKLAN: Jessilen Salvador
    CABANATUAN, NUEVA ECIJA: Kiaragiel Gregorio
    PALAWAN: Angelica Lopez
    GENERAL TRIAS, CAVITE: Atasha Reign Parani
    ALBAY: Jeanne Isabelle Bilasano
    BULACAN: Loraine Jara


    JAG QUEEN- Anna Valencia
    MISS PAL- Trisha Martinez
    Ever Bilena- Trisha Martinez
    Pizza Hut- April Barro
    Manila Bulletin- Sharmaine Magdasoc
    Bingo Plus- Lorraine Jara

  5. I missed the olden days of beauty pageant. It used to be for fun, glamourous, prestigious and decent pageant. I am glad that BPCI decided not to associate with those useless and no real purpose beauty pageants. I am sure BPCI will rise again in God’s perfect time.

    • It is great to watch a sentimental favorite, BINIBINI….sure ako walang magsasalita na pulitiko sa show.

    • speaking of olden days, the Face of the Binibini Mendoza has a face that of the olden day glamour of Binibini. She is stunning , why was she cut from the top 11 ?? must join again

  6. With only 2 sure crowns, half of this batch will sure be part of next year’s BBP 60th year celebration. Hoping more crowns for next year. In case they will have last minute titles this year but no assurance to compete abroad, ihope those queens will be allowed to join again in the future if not might as well don’t announce those additional titles because queens will just be wasted.

    For Intentional it’s between Mirjan and Reema. It’s been a long time since we sent a Morena beauty in MI. Plus Mirjan is Lara Quigaman look a like who we all know is a former MI queen.

    For Globe it’s Trisha and Anna. But I’m more inclined with Trisha since I see Ann Colis (1st Filipina Ms. Globe) from her.

    • All the Pinas MI queens have been morenas , except perhaps for Kylie. So, Angelica Lopez will have the MI crown to lose only if she does not play her cards right but she seems to be smart enough to keep the eye on the prize.

      I hope Pia becomes the counterpart of Cat , MUPh vs Bb hostesses. I like the all female hostesses but I don’t like and have never liked the all female judges. No No No. There will never be another Bob Barker!

  7. It’s a few hours before the BBP coronation night and only 13 comments from 10 commenters? What used to be a topsy-turvy overextended verbal clashes of pageant fans and freaks in this blog has suddenly turned into a deafening silence. An eerie silence reminiscent of an aftermath of a nuclear holocaust! What happened? Pageant fatigue? Changed market base? Consumer preference shifts? This could be an interesting subject of study by pageant enthusiasts and event organizers.

  8. Mabuti at dalawa nalang yung mananalo para hindi saturated😂 Yung last batch puro lost Valdes. Yung MI naman na naghihintay eh Los Valdes din. Hays dark age ng Philippines😂 Nakuh ha Norman ha baka delete mo nanaman yung aking comment here😱

  9. IDK if the unprecedented tepid reception by fans on BBP on this blog is indicative of a much wider disinterest (or fatigue?) by pageant fans on unbranded pageantry as a whole. Someone in this blog summed it up having “no more excitement” in binibini. Still, another prescribed it’s now time to “hang it up with dignity”. It would be a huge blow to Philippine pageantry if the organization that institutionalized charity-centric beauty pageant simply goes down the dustbin of history. I just hope that BPCI revisits and takes a hard look at its vision , mission and programs in the light of the changed pageantry landscape. While the visit by the reigning MI queen may spell magic and add lustre to this edition’s coronation, what is needed now are long-term solutions. I wish BPCI the best.

    • I think the basic dilemma of BPCI is how to position itself with the evolving (?) branding direction of MI and the brandlessness (so far) of MG– with respect to it’s charitable organization stature. It would have been easier if the brand personality of its two remaining franchises, MI and MG, are distinct and differentiated from each other. In the absence of this basic element of market positioning, it would be hard for BPCI to project a clear business messaging of what it is and where it stands. Today’s consumers now demand that the products and services they patronize share the same values that they have. Anything hazy or nebulous are ignored. It’s a matter of connecting the dots to its consumers…

      • Evil Mama J, uminom ka na gamot mo. Kaka-Top 18/10/18 mo yan.

      • Oh c’mon scorg. They survived the 70s, martial law and the Asian Financial Crisis. Good thing about bpci wala ka narinig na they struggle financially, unlike the (you know what) pageant na baon sa utang. Oops. Beauty pageants are celebration of beautiful women. Anything other than that is just fad honestly wag na tayo maglokohan dito.

  10. agree with everyone here who chose Lakrini for Int’l Binibini

    Globe is most likely Hipolito

    No more Bb Intercontinental ? This could have been perfectly for Martinez

  11. Top 5 in Random Order:

    Trisha Martinez
    Lyra Punsalan
    Anna Lakrini
    Angelica Lopez
    Giana Llanes

    Possible Winning Combo
    International: Trisha Martinez
    Globe: Lyra Punsalan or Anna Lakrini

  12. So it appears that the winning formula for BBP is the nebulous “fit[ting] the template” of the MI and MG, which are basically physique- and demeanor- based, not articulacy nor advocacy. So there are slim chances for the likes of Kiara Gregorio and a few others who ran on the basis of their superior academic performance and community achievements.

    Nothing wrong with MI’s and MG’s brand imagery. It offers the public a broad spectrum of choices on pageantry brands. But aspirants should be able to discern if the pageant they are joining is the right venue to showcase the best versions of themselves.

    • Angelica Lopez really was a runaway spoiler , a great body , exotic beauty …. since Ma. Katrina Llegado did not join Bb this year who could have easily won it all , I am very happy that Angelica stands in her place… watch out for Angelica in MI2024, very possibly the next Pinay MI titleholder!

  13. 3 Pampanga
    8 Angeles City
    12 Santolan Pasig
    14 Albay
    15 Aklan
    16 General Trias Cavite
    24 Bataan
    25 Caloocan
    26 Camarines Sur
    28 Tarlac City
    29 Laguna
    35 Rizal

  14. My final predictions:
    International: Lakrini
    Globe: Hipolito
    Runners up: Martinez

  15. Tito Norm,

    What about Rheema? Not even a bubbling under potential spoiler dark horse???


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