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  2. Good for janina. Still pretty even though she added weight. You are always and forever be l in my taf 10.

  3. Fingers-crossed that her firstborn would turn into one stunning tall lady willing to be part of the Philippine Pageantry.

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Vishal Sahota and good luck to your new journey, Janina!

  4. Norms, I think and believe you do wish Mrs. San Miguel-Sahota well, and I write this with the most profound respect for you. “Dethroned” is a mighty word with severe connotations. While I’ve read lots of whisperings behind the scenes, Janina still submitted her resignation. I dare say that perhaps she wasn’t committed wholeheartedly to her training sessions, and amidst such social mockery for her less-than-stellar Q & A, she probably had a very difficult time as Bb. Pilipinas World, not to mention, dealing with the loss of a grandparent. I’m going to chalk it all off to her youth and naiveté, because she was such a young country bumpkin then. Like Aishwarya Rai, I suppose any former beauty titleholder will always be under public scrutiny for any pounds gained, but I wish Janina’s pundits would be more forgiving. It’s bad enough that her shortcomings at Q & A will stand immutable through time, thanks to the internet. Must her weight gain always be an issue? I don’t know Janina from Jack, but she may never again be as thin as she was back then, and that’s OK. (It doesn’t bother me; why does it bother others? She never represented us at an international pageant to our disgrace.) What matters is that she’s loved. If the bridesmaids are any indication, she must be a decent enough person, despite the “more than enough pounds gained,” to have kept two former binibini titleholders as friends.

    • You’re right, Mrs. AJ. I was in the middle of something else when I wrote this post and just wrote what jumped out of my head at the moment. Let me review in a while and edit a little. 😉

    • Sayang ang babaeng ito, masyadong bata pa kasi nung sumali sya sa BBP. Pero yung ganda at tindig nya panalong panalo. Nakakapanghinayang sana hindi na lang sya nag-resign at nagtraining na lang, malaki sana chance nya sa Miss World.

  5. Congrats. Juntis si ate.

    Off topic tito Norm. Si bianca paz ba nagback out during screening ng Bb Pilipinas? Nalilito kse ako sa knila ni Mary Ann Misa. Anyway, kala ko di muna sya join sa pageant. ? OC na pala silang dalawa sa Miss Phils Earth? Sila ni Misa.

    • Hest, is she? Mukhang hindi naman kung ibabase natin sa cut ng gown nya. Sobrang nanghihinayang parin ako sa batang to. Gandang ganda ako sa kanya the first time I saw her pictures in the newspaper after she won, then sabay nadethrone naman 😦

      • Kse msyadong tumaba si ate. Lol. I saw her recently sa TV show sa GMA weeks ago. Mejo tumaba cia n lumobo tyan. . Baka busog lang te. Mayaman si boylet daming food.hehe

      • Baka bloated lang dahil sa Indian spices 😛 #charot Kasi kung buntis tapos hapit ang damit, ang hirap sobra gumalaw nyan…

      • Hahaha. Ayan daming ng nag ddislike sa comment natin. Hahaha. I congrats na nga natin sila. Congratsss

  6. i’m very sure she did not feel nervous n her wedding 😀 best wishes and congratulations!

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