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  1. Ayyy, ang liit pala talaga ni Sam! Sana manalo sya para masabi na height doesn’t matter in beauty pageants.

  2. Depende sa pasarela during SS at gown na isusuot ni Sam para makaTop 5. Kasi given na na maganda Ang speech nya.
    Her US passport will help her win too.
    Good luck 🙏

  3. This is what Nawat wants… a girl he can do business with.. What more could he want from a member of the wealthy Panlilio clan?! Not crowning her would be a missed opportunity for him because for sure Sam have all the budget & connections that he needs…

    • Ms. Entrepreneurship pala dapat salihan niya. Kasi hindi siya mananalo dahil sa ganda. Mananalo lang siya dahil sa yaman niya.

    • @closer2fame — what you do mean when you say “a girl he can do business with.. Sam has all the budget & connections that he needs…”?? What “budget” and “connections” does Nawat need from her?

  4. I am glad she made it in the top 5 of pre-arrival round. In the above photos, Indonesia stands out. She is very pretty.

  5. I think Sam is very pretty; however, I disagree with some of the choices they’ve been making regarding her styling. In her recent pictures, she seems very overdone–and combined with her (significant) weight loss, her looks come off as somewhat severe. Her veneers are especially distracting because she’s now so thin and her frame is so small.

    I hope they keep her styling more fresh in the coming weeks–no contacts, more natural colors for her makeup, hair shouldn’t be over-styled. She’s pretty and eloquent and it seems she really worked hard for this pageant. But I hope she retains her glow and youthfulness instead of appearing contrived and overdone.

    • You said it better Alyssa than the way I have been saying d it (but basically, same message), and in the process I got so many dislikes with my comments.

      She looks “tuyot” to me. Severe is the word. Dehydrated is another. Her big teeth / veneers made it worse that she almost looks like skeletal. This look is aging her to the point of her looking gaunt, sick and constipated (especially when channeling a fierce look). Thus my comparison to Aling Dionesia.

      But as I’ve said before, our girl is already in Thailand. The best we can do is support her, send her good vibes and pray for her. She worked hard for this journey. I really hope that the dinner with Ankol was an opportunity for her to show that she has a lot more to offer and deserving of the crown other than a stunning face.

      World Peace.

  6. Bakit ba mga clapper ang kinukuhang consultant.
    I mean pano maging credible ang isang adviser na di man kang nakapasok sa semis or nahagip man lang ng camera nung nag compete sya. I don’t understand.
    Parang ang isang business consultant na maraming beses ng di nagsucceed sa business.
    I don’t get it.0

    • Just because somebody made it to the top, it doesn’t mean that they’re also good in imparting their knowledge.

      In most case, it is who stumbles a number of times that ends up being a great coach or adviser. For in every fall, that coach had seen the pitfalls and bumps he had the misfortune to succumb and learned from it. And that clapper-turned-coach is now giving a different perspective on the roadblocks to avoid to make it to the top. Roadblocks which the winner oftentimes had the fortune of missing without realizing its deleterious effect.

      • Well for me credibiltiy is directly associated with achievements.
        I surely won’t listen to someone who lectures me on how to earn millions if his own bank account has zero balance or to someone who is trying to convince me to buy his hair grower products if he himself is bald.
        But that’s your opinion and I respect it.

      • In life, a “one size fits all” approach is not always the most sensible thing to do. As your stated case, it is quite understandable.

        On the other hand, not making it to the top does not mean it’s the end of the road. Case in point, most successful Russian figure skating coaches never won gold medals nor stand in a podium. But it never hindered them from coaching and producing most gold medalists.

      • I totally agree with you, XYZ. I’m so entertained with your exchanges with Just PassingBy. Ang tatalino nyo. I became an instant fan. This is what I like in comments— so sensible. Gusto ko kayong dalawang pagtatampalin in a positive way.

  7. I haven’t checked out any clips yet but Im sure nanlamon si SamP sa conversation

  8. SamP has very masculine features. Maybe she should look for brown lashes, go for softer hues on her face, pick a lighter shade for her brows. Grey eyeshadow emphasizes her lack of softer features. In the 80s, a makeup artist named James Cooper knew how to soften a face well. He once made over a barrio lass living by a shoreline and made her look like a model with the faintest of makeup. It’s all in the technique & application.

    • @ charlotte york James Cooper is LOVE. I used to watch his demos on TV… 🙂

      (Did Jun Encarnacion also have a show?…)

      Now that you shared, I realize a lion’s share of Rita Gabiola’s (‘Badjao Girl’) attraction was her raw beauty. But once they decked her up, she looked more garish than a Christmas tree weighed down by tacky ornaments! 😦

      • Oh he had demos, good. I didn’t catch them. I saw him at work in person. He had a light hand. His techniques were still new then to our models and ADs. Some resistance was met at the onset but pictures showed a world of difference. They wanted to add more and more makeup, change his color scheme. He said okay but didn’t really change anything. He knew colors and techniques for pictures and video. He even showed how to catch a better angle of models. He was very professional.

  9. I love Samantha P. Ang alam ko Lang strict si bbp sa height .I heard some girls na di talaga pinasali since below 5’5. So tingin ko 5’5 1/2 si samantha p. Carry Naman Ng outfit nya . Remember classy clenci

  10. Courtesy of Luis Portelles, I caught glimpses of the Grand Sash-ing while dong chores…

    It felt a lot like the Supra Sash-ing last August. My point – Angkol will probably take Abena’s feelings into consideration as much as Andre &/or Gerhard may have done with Ann. That being said, I think we were generally in agreement that Dindi was prudent enough to give homage to the reigning queen.

    Sweden & Paraguay were very amiable towards Abena. 🙂

    Russia’s T-A-L-L. Naka-low heels pa si gurl niyan!

    Spain looks beautiful! Like MCanada, Montagne’s 4th RU at (The)Globe, & Taylor Swift, that mold.

    Belgium is Asian. Calmly seated, she RADIATED AN EASY ELEGANCE.

    • (Cont.)

      Oh, my gosh! I just realized. Angkol doesn’t want us to send over someone tall. For ‘Philippines’, he expects/prefers more towards petite.

      OK lang. 🙂

      (Puwede pala ako kung ‘di lang sa edad at baywang. Nakailang balik na rin naman ako sa Thailand.)

    • (Cont.1)

      Oh,… It just occurred to me. MG Hong Kong ISN’T Mercedez Pair… It’s Yang Sen. Described by TL as the ‘spirit animal’ of the batch.

      (Like MU Albania 2018, bestowed with that same accolade. I was thinking of her a few days back.)

      Back to Sam 3.0.

      VERY PHOTOGENIC. LOOKS GOOD FROM EVERY ANGLE & LIGHT EXPOSURE. Serving Christelle Abello GSM calendar vibe!

    • (Cont.2)

      Trejsi Sejdini!

      (Trying to remember things when I need them is wearing me out… Sigh…)

    • (Cont.3)

      Source : Pageant of the Universe


      Facially outstanding, too, was Germany. Honduras & Egypt are cute. Mexico, puwede… Brazil, I wonder if there’s more to her than the short hairstyle… Of course as mentioned before, Indonesia, Malaysia, & Guatemala.

      I wonder if Guatemala will get a back-to-back ‘best-in-Runner-up’ finish. Hihihihh… 🙂

      Philippines & Cambodia look like they could be sisters.

      (There’s a petite-&-pretty blonde candidate. Forgot whether it was Russia or Canada.)

    • (Cont.4)

      Oh, it’s Canada. I didn’t review my first comment in this thread. LOLZ!

  11. I have a feeling Nawat is going to crown Miss Indonesia this year. She’s gorgeous and tall, and from what I hear, articulate. Checks all the boxes.

    Indonesia’s withdrawal from Miss Universe also leaves a huge void in Indonesian fans’ pageant universe (pun intended) — which I’m sure Nawat will want to fill.

  12. Alalahanin niyo si Eva Patalijug may ganyan nang event eklavu ekek! And the rest is history!

    Lower your expectation! Walang bearing yan sa selection! Publicity lang ni Bakla yan!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson No problem with the publicity. I would love to be at that dinner…. 🙂

      (Has it probably occurred to us that maybe na-off si Angkol kay Mdme. Eva, for whatever reason?)

      Ang philosophy ko, kung aasa akong bawat goodwill gesture ko ay isasaalang-alang ng org as additional points, I’ll just end up stressing myself out. I think what Angkol is looking for is someone who can appreciate his efforts & not just look at him as the perpetual benefactor. Not ‘gigil’ 24/7.

      I recall a chat/discussion here long ago. That Angkol, while he is a pageant boss now, was also a pageant fan like us. So he brings with him the exact same sentiments we have. If we feel it, all the more him!

      (No, I am NOT insinuating Mdme. Eva was mooching… And we await the results of Miss Cebu!)

      • Galing mo talaga Flor.

        Bakit di ka rin mag-tayo ng Camp? Let’s call it KF : Kagagahang Flor. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Ay. Mas maganda yan Sjeffie. Even the tagline “ Beauty That Stings!” (Subtitle: Confidently Beautiful with Fangs).

        This new camp will be the answer to Jonas’ Ahas and Kweks. Lol.

        World Peace.

    • Clara, dyan naligwak c Eva kasi lamon lang ng lamon samantala Yung nanalo na c Paraguay ba Yun ay chika naman ng chika Kay nawat. Lack of confidence c Eva. Medyo timid at lamon lang Ang naiambag nya sa dinner🤭😱😆
      Tapos mag expect na magkaplace cya. Helloooow. The nerves hihihihi

      • @ bong700 Si Clara Sosa ‘yun, no?

        Beyond table manners & the chit-chat, let’s bear in mind that this ‘Dinner w/ Angkol’ is his way of giving fans a say in letting him know who they think can work with him, kasi nga he did say that the most important quality he looks for is the WORK ETHIC. So, that ‘little meal’ may, in fact, be a ‘working lunch’.

        So, how does a ‘power lunch/dinner’ go about?

        We should let those of us here who come from upper- to top-level management share. It’s still a meal, of course. But, what exactly do they discuss & how do they go about with it?

        One thing we note with Mr. Nawatt Itsaragrisil is that he is boss-y. Not bad ‘bossy’, but perhaps much more than any other pageant boss (Lorraine/Peachy, Cory/Fred, Paula, Gerhard, Akemi, Julia, ALV, Jonas, Stella, Paul, etc.) he savors the limelight~attention. I guess to win in his environment one needs to know how to effectively deal with someone like that. And that requires a specific ’employee’ type.

        Also, those of us with background in Human Resources can contribute…

  13. She is short and she should be proud and stop wearing those clunky chunky clumsy clogs of shoes…

    • @ jaretwrightlover You see some sort of trend, po?

      BPCI accepts into its annual Roster ‘small-but-terrible’ (less than 5’6″, but SENSATIONAL) applicants.

      Examples include Rowee Lucero-Sasaluya (her height confirmed by no less than Mdme. Mias), Rushton, Sam 3.0, & Sam 2.0 (look CLOSELY at the 2020 MGI Court; she’s the shortest).

  14. This Indonesian girl looks promising..very conversant in English being mixed ( Indo- Brit).
    She is also only 19 yrs.old!…She might eventually join Puteri Indonesia for MU in the future.

  15. Indonesia 6′ 0″ tall
    Guatemala 5′ 10″ tall
    Cambodia 5′ 9″ tall
    Vietnam 5′ 7″ tall
    Philippines 5′ 5″ tall

    They are all lovely and I sure Miss Philippines will going to bring home the crown.

  16. What is the weird finger symbol they are doing? Lol. Is it to say “we are number 1?” Then the correct pose is that of Nawat’s and the other lady organizer. All the girls are pointing to the sky exposing their kili kili which looks off. Unless they are channeling John Travolta’s dance moves. Lol.

    Samantha looks pretty in the last photo. So candid and smiling (for a change).

    I saw a short clip of that dinner and it so off putting seeing other girls eating , chewing and masticating their food when they thought the camera was not on them.

    Recipe for disaster: Eating plus talking plus camera. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS I agree. It’s semi-rude to film folks while they eat. Afterwards na lang.

      But, LOVE Ms. Rogan’s military fatigue-green Indonesia-style kaftan dress. I would so wear!

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