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  1. Bb. Pilipinas World 2006 Anna Maris Igpit also wore a black gown when she won Best in Gown.

  2. Now that the Philippines has a worthy representative to this year’s MU pageant, I hope MUP and her handlers will now focus on packaging her as a transformational leader proficient in change management– as what JKN intimated earlier about the qualities MUO looks for in this year’s brand ambassadress. We all know she’s a real cinch in the preliminary interview and other styling and physique-based preliminaries. Yet the gateway to the Top 3 at MU is looking like an eye-of-a-needle where only the truly transformational change leader can pass. If Philippine pageantry’s hope is not just for a Top 20 placement, but the top plum, Michelle’s preparation should now focus on projecting the “beautifully confident” aspect of her personality. This spotlights on her advocacy, intellect and other community involvement and achievements. This is aligned with DOT’s slogan for the year: “We give our best to the world”.

  3. Luh bat ba nareply to sa isang comment, anyway ulitin ko na lang:

    What I noticed is ang ganda ni Michelle sa stills, kung alam nyang kinukunan sya, pag nakaproject na sya, but in motion at sa candid shots iba, most of the time di sya nagreregister ng maayos. Her team should review yung pagngingiwi at pagpopout ng lips nya kung nakakatulong ba, most of the time distracting.

  4. Let us just support Michelle , she is now our flag bearer. Magtiwala tayo sa kanya at sa kanyang team, lalo na sa MUP Org. They know better what is best for Michelle.

    Opiaza should try MGP.
    Manto can join other pageants next year.
    Gravidez is still young and can join MUP after 2 or 3 years.

    • I trust Michelle that she will do her best. It is the MUPh Org I do not trust.

      The org does not know what is best for our reps in Miss Universe, they only know what is best for themselves. They shove what they ‘think’ is the best hence why they are not doing very well – Rabiya and Celeste. Bea was fortunate.

      My hope is that her mom interferes as she is the one who knows what is best for her daughter. I remember Ruffa Gutierrez asked for her help for her Miss World 1993 stint at a time there were no beauty camps back then

  5. Gorgeous. I believe reaching the MU semifinals will be just a walk in the park for Michelle. If she could duplicate or surpass her level of performance at MUP, she could win the MU crown.

  6. Haynaku all this undeserved bashing of Michelle Dee by the oh so toxic Pinoy pageant fans — as exemplified by the deliberate yet ridiculous and irrational thumbing down of all comments supporting her in this post — reminds me so much of what they ruthlessly and relentlessly did to Bea Gomez up to the preliminaries of Miss Universe 2021. And yet when she emerged and reclaimed effortlessly our placement at the top 5, hayun natameme at nakikibunyi na rin ang mga nasupalpal na baklang mema na adik na adik sa pagiging warla. It was the general sentiment na naligwak daw si Celeste Cortesi dahil puro ganda lang at wala namang true advocacy nor outstanding communication skills. Now that we have a representative who truly ticks all the boxes of the new criteria of Miss Universe in looking for a transformative leader who is confidently beautiful as its winner, kuda pa rin ng kuda ang mga negatron na baklang cancer ng lipunan. Kaya kalma na lang tayo because I’m sure from the looks of it history wil repeat itself in Ecuador courtesy of Michelle whether her papampam haters like it or like it — mark my words.

      • miss tissa

        Sabi ko nga El Salvador. 😁 That’s what I was typing in my mind but didn’t notice that Ecuador came out.

    • What I noticed is ang ganda ni Michelle sa stills, kung alam nyang kinukunan sya, pag nakaproject na sya, but in motion at sa candid shots iba, most of the time di sya nagreregister ng maayos. Her team should review yung pagngingiwi at pagpopout ng lips nya kung nakakatulong ba, most of the time distracting.

    • Doll or dull?

      Move on na day! Talo na yung taga Bohol na manok mo.

      Tahan na.

      • You read it right. Dull. Boring personality.
        If she is not the daughter of Melanie Marquez, we wont be even talking about her.

      • Baby Nica

        Oh wow sorry naman na hindi kasing earth-shaking ng personality mo yung kay Michelle. I’m sure yours is just as exciting as watching cheap paint dry. And sigurado rin ako na nalampasan mo pa ng milya-milya ang pagiging top 12 sa Miss World 2019 ni Michelle kaya feeling entitled ka na husgahan ang pagkatao niya. Sana all gaya mo… NOT! Baklang twooh!

  7. Did you watch the post coronation night interview of the top 3. May mukhang bruha at demonyita kaya di nanalo😆 hihihihihi
    Feeling maganda Ang tiyanak pweee😆
    Cherette lungs pero true😊

    • Anak ba yan ni Noli de Castro? Lalo pati yong mga vlogger na nagsasabing cooking show.

      • Yung vlogger na may kasama isa pang vlogger when they watched. Sabi pa nya sa vlog nya there was silence daw when Makati was announced. Pero it’s obvious from the live reaction vlog of the other vlogger na hindi totoo na may katahimikan. Yung isa nga nilang kasama sigaw pa sigaw sa saya dahil Makati nanalo.

    • So si bong700 at Anne ay iisa…nakakaloka kayo mga baks. When was the last time guys you went to you psychiatrist?

      • Hahahaha. Oh noooo. Di ako baliw to have another name here jonalyn. Parang di ka na nasanay sa mga drama ko Dito and 99.99% are true hihihihihi.
        Huwag na Kasi mag feeling magaling c tyanak and be humble na Lang♥️♥️♥️

      • @bong700- ok bong. no problem…pero sana wag mo namang i-hard yung bata…ano bang atraso nya sayo?

  8. The MUPh 2023 was officially done and all we have to do now is to take a deep breath, relax and accept the results. If we want Michelle to succeed at the MU beauty pageant this coming December 2023, let us all stop bickering and work together to bring back the MU crown to the Philippines. Mabuhay Philippines!

  9. Congratulations, Michelle! 🖤

    Say goodbye to your A-team and say hello to the rudderless MUPH team.

    If the pageant night was any indication, a disastrous campaign is waiting for you under their management. Take control and use your own connections!

  10. Michelle Dee brought her A game when it mattered most. She deserved to win.

    Her exotic features will surely be a hit in El Salvador. This early, I’m sure the latinas are keeping an eye on her!

    I agree with most of the commenters here…. Pauline is more suited in Miss Charm than Supra.

    Though I’m in awe watching Angelique Manto respond to the questions, I find her beauty quite dated. Parang a mixture of our 70’s queens Evangeline Pascual and Jennifer Cortez ang kanyang fez. I’m not a fan of that kind of beauty.

    Dapat mag-crossover si CJ sa Miss Grand! Ang kanyang mga pasabog na pasarela ay bagay na bagay dun! I’m sure pati si Kuya Nawat ay titigasan pag nakita nya ang mga hampas ng balakang ni CJ.

  11. D ako kakabahan sa mga interviews or QandA Kay Ms Dee. Palaban sun Naman c Ms Dee sa EG and SS
    No worries people in the Philippines ♥️✨👍

  12. They are the brunt of insults and harassments but I have to give enormous praise to the MUPH Shamcey’s team for the highly selective but effective Final Five results four years running. Each year since 2020, the top 5 group has always been the best of the best. There might have been disagreements on who should have gotten the MUPh crown, but there has essentially been no disagreements on the top5 results. Keep up d’ good work.

  13. Btw, I wish Mark Bumgarner used at least a shimering fabric….
    This gown is boring the wits out of me!!!!.. it’s just plain fabric manipulation…
    Where is the drama????????

      • @WillYam

        Really now? Did Mark Bumgarner gown/costume ever win as the best in any international pageant? I dont think so…

        Michele won Best in evening gown because of the combine social status of Michele and Mark.. not because of the design itself…. if no one knew it’s Bumgarner’s design, it wouldn’t have won at all…

  14. I love that Michele slayed both Q&A rounds proving that she is the most desserving…

    I’m just weirded out that Supranational peeps prefer Pauline over Krishna?..
    Is it because of Krishna’s answer regarding transpeople?
    I hope Krishna trains more on the Q& A & rejoins any of our national pageants..
    She’s perfect for Supranational, Grand, Earth, and Globe…

  15. Michelle Dee’s alluringly exotic beauty and magnetizing registry in pictures which draws eyes to her right away will easily make her stand out in a sea of Caucasians and blondes. I already see sponsors scurrying to include her in their product photoshoots. And with her superlative catwalk skills plus how marvelously well spoken she has become since her Miss World 2019 days, this early on she is definitely a formidable presence to reckon with come Miss Universe 2023. For sure other pageant powerhouses particularly the Latinas are keeping an eye on her by this time.

    • Congratulations!
      Good luck sa Miss Universe.
      Sana tumigil na ang fans nung natalo sa kakabash kay Michelle.
      I will not mention her name since she should be considerate enough na magkaroon ng kusang loob to reprimand some of her aggressive fans.
      Michelle will have enough critics from other countries, wag na sana dumagdag pa ang ibang toxic Failipino pageant fans 🦀

    • Nice photos. With Michelle’s exotic and lean looks, she would immediately capture the attention of pageant fans, especially in El Salvador.

      However, who was it who said “Beauty can only take you so far. After 15 minutes, you are on your own”?

      While not a fan nor sentimental favorite, let us pray for, and support Michelle on her quest for our fifth crown.
      As a side topic: What happened to the face of Melanie Marquez? Is it related to her accident last year? What was the accident?

      It must really be a tough process for beauty queens who are always under the scrutiny of the public eye, to age naturally.

      World Peace.

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