7 comments on “Welcome to the Philippines, Jasmin Selberg!

  1. I’m just curious and no aspersion meant, why no post on the arrival of R’Bonney Gabriel and Zozi Tunzi on this blog? They happen to be two of the most holistic beauties in my books. Am sure I did not miss it as this is the only pageantry blog that I follow, my only source of info on beaucons.

    Just the same, its an honor to be visited by Jasmin Selberg. Can’t wait to hear her talk on the newly-minted slogan of MI when she won: “Beauties for SDGs”.

    • Shared a flight with R’Bonney last night from Manila to JFK. It was quite notable that even in a “pageant-fanatic” country, passengers at the boarding gate were so oblivious that the reigning Miss Universe was with us. Only after I called R’Bonney, who graciously acknowledged and waved back that everyone started asking around.

      Bottom line, without social media hyping, beauty pageants or queens for that matter seems to have limited clout in every day societal consciousness.

      Kudos for these ladies for braving whatever negativities they have to endure as they strive to exist in a beauty pageant world.

      • @XYZ, I’ve been on some flights to US where beauty queens were my co-passengers. I noticed Filipinos on the boarding gates were aware but just behave demurely and did not show that they are star-struck as most Filipino fans are. A wave or a simple “hi” was enough. Or maybe US-bound Filipinos behave like Americans who do not care much about beauty pageants. I suspect it would have been a different scenario if the flight is Dubai-bound where most of the passengers are OFWs– those who sometimes tug along hand-carried stuff like walis-tambo, planggana, timba.

  2. Miss International na lang yata ang natitirang matinong patimpalak sa mundo. Hindi gaya ng nga ibang patimpalak na pinasukan ng kabalbalan at katangahan.

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