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  1. Michelle Dee is beautifully confident with great stage presence that draws audience attention whether you like her or you do not like her , you have to look at her on stage.

    Pauline Amelincx is confidently beautiful with a heart and charm that fills the entire arena & a voice that communicates with clarity but she lacks stage presence for MU

    • Obviously Pauline was the one who drew attention based on audience reaction
      It was unanimous
      But I donot have an issue with Michelle winning as her Q& A performance was solid while Pauline really disappointed with her cliched answers

  2. Kakahiya naman yung technical glitch na yan.
    So backwards!
    Talo pa sila ng vintage Miss Universe productions from the 80s na finaflash pa ang mga scores ng judges sa tv 😅

    • Mas nakakahiya, na walang exposure kay Celeste….We want to see her more!!!!

  3. That means the auditor is doing its job! I take it as fair tabulation in the works.

  4. Congrats to Michelle. She deserves it. She answered well. She has her own signature evening wear style. It is just a matter of training that her walk will be more mainstream. Gusto ko si Michelle kasi malakas ang loob sigurado akong lalaban talaga yan. She will put up a good fight for the Philippines. Apart from her very very very exotic features. Hindi sya matatabunan ng ibang lahi.

    I am proud of you Michelle. Kagaya ka rin ng mother mo. High respects kay Madam Melanie. Lab lab lab!!!

  5. Na miss ko yung creativity ng mga stage designers nung 1980s and 1990s. Kino-construct talaga. Ngayon … flat na lahat ang backdrop kasi LED na … flat din ang result.

  6. Cavite caught on camera was not happy about all the glitches that happened . When the top was announced and she was not included but Pampanga was called , she probably was thinking that only the top 10 names should have competed in gowns

    I kind of feel for her even though Pampanga deserves her 5th placement in my opinion. But if the prize for the 2nd runner up is truly amazing and might be sent to a worldwide pageant , Cavite has a point . She was kind of robbed of the possible opportunity for her

    • Nakuh nagagalit sya eh wala naman syang K . Ni hindi nga sya nakapasok sa Grand sa MU pa kaya🌙 well kung babalikan talaga yung NASAbing glitch eh baka sya yung ligwak naawa lang sa kanya kaya yung 18 eh pina Lakad pa. Feelingera ang Babaeta akala nya nasa top 5 sya😂

      • I agree. Akala niya tatalab pagiging Panlilio niya sa org na ito. O iyan, hindi. Hahaha. Hindi matangkad, hindi rin maganda, so dapat i-give up niya na pageantry.

  7. Just watched the MUP final . Production eme nila gosh tinipid yung mga kurtina ang emote ganun. Ang mga baklush na hosts trying na pa men pero sumusubo din😂 Si Tim yap with tie bow kulang nalang tag price para na syang si Chuckie doll. Bakit kinuha nila yung isang babaeng host na banyaga? Yung mga Bayot na mga bisayangmababaho ang ilok hoy wag nyong ibash yung nanalo dun kayo mag Reklame sa mga Judges,Si baklush na Alden nagkamali parating nangangapa. Si Gian naman trying hard ng maging macho nangangapa rin, Yung swimsuit na may shoal tinatakpan. Nila yung mga kamot nila sa pwet. Dapat ipagbawal yung mga wig ng mga Mujer at Alisin narin. Nila yung kapa nila pag sa swimsuit. Oh well yung mga dancers din parang mga basurero sa garbage mountain sa tondo. Lastly yung mga gown nila maibibigat tignan walang class. Pag Nanood kayo Thailand pageant walang wala ang Pinas sa ganda ng mga gowns.

    • Pahabol pala anong ginagawa ng Party List na tingog ek ek dyan. Hoy magtrabaho kayo sa Gobyerno pati ba naman pageant eh papasukin nyo.

      • So you have an idea the org sleeping with the politicians….Shamcey why??? wala na ba sponsors?

  8. Klyza should join MWP right away, and shoot for MEP in the future, she’s young enough

    Last year , Celeste made history with MEP crown and MUP corwn
    This year , Michelle made histroy with MUP crown and MWP crown
    In 2005 , Carlene made history with MWP crown and MEP crown

    Krishnan should join MUP again for the crown after she makes Pinas proud at Charm !

      • Oh that is true, I forgot Cat … maybe there is someone else out there with double grand slam crowns nationally and then , represented Pinas worldwide …

        (Katarina Rodriguez is MWP and Intercontinental)

  9. Kung makapag comment kayo as if kayo May ari ng organization! Remember fans lang kayo! They can do whatever they want. Problema nyo lahat lahat, feeling entitled naman kayo! Hahahaha!
    Move on!

    • Kung walang fans, the pageant organization won’t be viable as an income-generating business as well.

      The fans have the right to complain when an organization falls short (that glitch with the top 10 then top 18 was simultaneously sus & cringe as hell).

      But are Pinoy fans entitled? Yes. And abrasive.

      I would argue that we are not a refined country.

      But then I think abrasiveness is just a mark of social media in general where people feel entitled to display their most crass & toxic & hateful personas when expressing opinions.

      Anyway, am rooting for Veena to win for Asia this year. Then she can crown the next Miss Universe in Bangkok next year. How perfect would that be.

  10. Andaming bitter sa pagkapanalo ni Michelle Dee
    To tell you the truth, Pauline does not have anything special about her not even an x-factor aside from beinga halfie na gustong gusto ng mga gay pinoy fans na never pa nakalabas ng Pinas. Nasan na yung excellent comm skills nya na sinasabi ng karamihan.
    Sa totoo lang last year pa dapat nanalo si Michelle hindi yung aging Russian escort looking na nag end ng placement streak ng Pinas sa MU. Nasan na mga die hard fans nun.
    Lastly, Michelle Dee edged out all of them last night. Malayong malayo sya sa lahat. Sigurado akong babalik ang Pinas sa top ng MU pero kung si Pauline ang nanalo magdasal na dapat kayo tulad ng sinabi ko dati tungkol kay Celeste.

    • Sis, wag ganyan…nakapag-aral ka sa de-kalibreng school…so wag ganyang magsalita…in the end…hindi bet ni Michelle na ganyan ka…kindness, acceptance, and love is the answer.


    • Huy san ang manners mo? Bakit ka ganyan @Justpassingby? Sabagay, siguro isa ka sa sinabi ni Michelle na walang quality education. It is not about Michelle and Pauline it is about the org taon taon na lang…palpak ang MUP org

  11. Kawawa naman yung nanalo ng Supra and Charm, wala man lang grandious crowning. Parang tinawag lang sa isang gilid at kinoronahan. Importante yung crowning moment, di man lang na experience nung dalawa. Andaming arte kai ng MUO, nawalan ng moment yung 2. Sana pala di na kinuha ng MUP ang franchise ng Supra at Charm.

    Si Michelle Dee ang MUP, Okay, fine.. pero mas deservijg yung Bohol,

    • Nica baby, maligwak din Yan sa prelim interview sa MU2023. Mas may edge pa Rin c MsDee sa lahat SS EG and interview 😊
      Miss charm dapat c pau✨

  12. Hello everyone I’m River Robles from the ALTER partylist and ………..

    I want to talk about the bow tie of Xian Lim its bigger than Alden’s, no pun intended.

    I want to talk about the extra terrestial gown of Maurenn Montagne and her sing-song.

    I want to talk about the need to invite Alden Richard’s as host, Xian Lim is enough.

    I want to talk about the switch of Xian from a MGI host to a MUP host. Anne any comments?

    I want to talk about the gown of Miss Baguio’s and now Charm International Philippines 2024 Krishnah Gravidez, I love the illusion and it being translucent.

    I want to talk about the gown of Miss Pampanga and now MUP 2nd RU Angelique Manto, I love the cut and design but why green?

    I want to talk about the chismes saying that the eventual win of Michelle Dee as MUP 2023 is already carved in stone 1 day before the coronation. So its true?

    I want to talk about Miss Baguio’s and now Miss Charm International Philippines 2023 Krishnah Gravidez’ discriminatory remarks against transgender woman in sports. Anne any comments?

    I want to talk about Margie Moran Floriendo’s beauty, botoxed or not, I love her.

    I want to talk about CJ Opiaza’s well deserved placement, I am really happy and I do wish you also get to be fielded to an international assignment. I am a big fan!

    I want to talk about the strategy of Pauline getting the Miss Supranational title while giviing way for Michelle to win MUP, another comeback in MUP 2024.

    I want to talk about CJ Opiaza beinbg the representative to Miss Supranational just in case Pauline Amelynx abdicates her crown and duties as MSP 2023.

    I want to talk about Nicole Borromeo watching MUP at the ARENA.

    I want to talk about the ARENA Audience chanting Bohol! Bohol! Bohol! while Michelle Dee was being crowned MUP.

    I want to talk about the KEMAN’s kilikili commercial, is it really effective Pauline? It was done in bad taste, why would a kilikili commercial be shown of a possible MUP shoo-in winner, the judges got turned-off when Pauline showed her pits. I don’t like it.

    I do not want to talk about Tim Yap.

    • Baguio’s comment on transgender is not DISCRIMINATORY!!!! That’s her opinion and she is entitled with that comment. Would you really have someone who is physically superior to be among biologically female competing in the same sport??? Where is the equality there????

      • Tama ka … parang transman na di kailan man matatanggap sa PBA … may reklamo?

    • Isa ka rin sa may low education. Obviously hindi ka aware sa nangyayari sa sports about transwomen…it is about unfair advanage of the hormone if hindi ka aawre maraming sports orgs ang nag stop for transwomen to review, they used to accept nauna na sila sa tinatawag na inclusion however they see disparity…..so asan ang derogatory remark dun. May stand si bagets hindi sya nag pa political etchos

  13. Kung ang mga Marcoses-Romualdezes nakapasok na sa politika at election na may dayaan , sa MUP pa kaya magugulat pa kayo na may dayaan.

    I havent seen a party list org so much invested in MUP aside from Martin Romualdez’ (now the 1st speaker of the House of Rep) Tingog Party List and now his wife, former Bb Pilipinas International 1996 Yedda Marie Mendoza-Kittilstvedt Romualdez is giving speeches here and there about TRUTH. Dios mio.

    Then imagine Eastern Viisayas bets wiining national Costume and again being part of Top 10, better than Angelique Manto really?

    Is Shamcey asking political favors for her next election bid as a party list congresswoman? Is she pitching her ARTE partylist (so-called beauty queen-artistes-artisans) to be a proxy of another Marcos-Romualdez-Arroyo umbrella?

    Anyhow, eastern Visayas is back on the map, nandoon na naman ang pera.

    In other news, see you in Borongan City for Miss Earth Philippines 2024 next year!

  14. Sa umpisa nawala na , Miss Friendship mali … ang dami ng mga mali dito, mali doon spell mo nga ang ‘sabotahera’ , may nananadya sa loob ng staff ng production

  15. My notes

    Although I was rooting for Pauline, let us congratulate and support Michelle in her journey to the MU crown. Areas for improvements can be discussed separately.

    The overall production / production value was very UNDERWHELMING. There should not be an excuse anymore. These are not birth pains anymore. They’ve been handling this for the past FOUR years already and yet ang baduy talaga.

    > Small stage and small LED background. We were expecting more bonga stage than this. I tried to justify that what was perhaps lacking in form, they will make up in substance. I thought wrong. Lol.

    >. When the contestants were first called in, and a bevy of men came out, I thought I was watching the wrong show. Lol. Is MUP a male pageant now? Close up shots of some of the men who looked more feminine (over foundation, thin eyebrows, provocative poses) made me think of another pageant, ahhh..this must be Mr. PoGay.

    > Sorry. But if Alden’s pa masculine, growling loud voice was an attempt to make him look and sound macho, it was a failure. Same with Xian. Iba rin drama ni Xian: Bangs kung bangs! From purple suit to other germanmorenoish attires made him look like a missing teletubies character. Lol. Who the hell are the style advisers of these “men?”.

    > Tim Yap will not be discussed here. It is a waste of space. Suffice it to say, he was giving me little attacks of aneurysm with his hosting and big ribbon suit attires. Lol.

    > Which leads me to: why do these back stage hosts have the need to change attires every 20 minutes or so? Lol. Your exposure was only two minutes long each segment. The gown of the co-host of Tim Yap (da hu nga sya?) , parang nilukot na supot. It was so painful to watch someone wearing it. Lol

    > It was amusing to see the aging, overweight gaggle of gays called MUP Board of directors. The most masculine in that board was Shamcey. Lol.

    > The wigs, gowns and hosting off of Zozobini, was So-so. Lol. I thought they resurrected Pwitney Tyson meets Jennifer Hudson.

    > The early bo boo of Alden in announcing the wrong special prized winners was a portent of the disaster that was yet to come.

    The deep hole on the cheek of Alden (not his dimples), what was that? Peklat ba brought about by a childhood chicken pox?

    > Spray net. Big hair. R’bonney, why are your bringing back those horrendous trends back???? It should be burried in the past. You know, R’bonney lies over the ocean, R’bonney lies over the sea..bring back my R’bonney to me. Lol.

    > The judges.

    “Dentist to the stars” but when she smiled…Lol.
    Ms. O, derma / skin expert …. With a face that has become cakey with Ly-na foundation.

    > As if one cringey scene after another was not enough. The Soen commercial na pina pantihan ng nanay ang dalagang anak, ina ayos ng nanay ang bra ng dalagang anak. PLEASE!! This will forever be singed in our collective memory. Lol.

    > The girls. Marami rin maganda facially. Pero susme, ang dami ring parang mga labandera ang katawan, ang ma macho. Lol. No offense to the labanders.

    >. I thought Cher (yes the Cher!) joined MUP. Si Ms. Cebu lang pala. Kakatakot ang face nya. What did you do to your face? Nag mukha kang drawing. And the tackiness of wearing 12 inch shoes. Kaya ka na dadapa e!!!! (Buti nga. Lol).

    > Zambales’ only saving grace was her exagerrated, so 80s pasarela. Hampas dito, hampas doon. But sorry, parang tabingi face nya and she looks like a trans to me.

    > Poetry reading masquerading as a pageant. Buti sana kung maganda ang poem, pero my gash naman Lol. Let’s look at the samples:

    Business is her forte, Augustan del Norte!
    Inspiring saga, Pampanga!!!
    We adore your complexion, Ms. Tiaong Quezon!!
    Our cum laude, Ms. Marinduque!
    Teach us how to Pasarela, Ms. Isabela!
    Yes you can, Ms. Bula-can!!


    (Side. I almost died laughing when Michele was introduced as award winning actress (What award???? What actress???), and “she obtained a degree in HARVARD…… on line”! ) Ano ba yan?

    > “Content creator”, a job that was never just three years ago, is now the job of half of the girls. Lol.

    > My gash. the boy band. Saan ba pinulot yan mga yan? Para silang mga batang-hamog. The back up dancers in white na kung ano anong movements ang ginagawa, I thought i was attending my regular yoga on line!! And that female DJ doing her “cool moves” na parang epileptic. Sows! These entertainers may look good being watched from afar…pero pag na close up na… SUSME, Kakatawa itsura

    > The commercials!!! I read somewhere that the pageant last night was 90 percent commercial, 10 percent MUP. The insensitivity of MUP or ABS-CBN to their audience. Do they really need that much money? Naghihirap ba talaga sila? Instead of gaining interest, these shows are being looked with disdain and amusement:

    Unbreak my heart
    8 love stories
    Celebrity Conversations
    Teen Clash

    > The MAJOR-MAJOR BLUNDER. I wont anymore expound. But someone SHOULD EXPLAIN what happened. Voltaire, statue? Lol. SGV has been involved in recent major snafus, this firm has totally lost its prestige. Heads should roll.

    Makes me hope that there will another Sandra Lemon who will have the courage to spill the tsa-a.

    Oh well. There. Lumuwag luwag na dibdib ko. Jonas , Shancey, SHAPE UP please.

    World Peace.

    • Sana nag abala ka na ring magbigay ng suhestiyon para sa ikagaganda ng MUP production. Mukhang marami ka namang ideas.

    • What can we do, same clowns are running the show. Do you really expect change?

      In any case congrats to MMD! Your Q&A was superb and you did not disappoint. Now, we need a bit more energy for MU at El Salvador- this is latin country and we need a more palaban Asian contestants, otherwise, the glamazonas will eat up alive.

    • And I quote: (From THOMAS) – The wigs, gowns and hosting off of Zozobini, was So-so. Lol. I thought they resurrected Pwitney Tyson meets Jennifer Hudson.

      Kala ko nga ako lang ang nakapansin dito but with her hair/wigs, MU2019 is a look-a-like younger and thiner version of Whitney Tyson the comedianne (Sorry po but no offense to Zozibini)

  16. I think Michelle’s game plan for her MU quest should focus on her advocacy to clearly and solidly mirror her transformational leadership. Inasmuch as MS is actively building a brand along “Inspirational. Aspirational” messaging, Pauline’s focus should be sharpening her aspirational imagery to complement her known inspirational speaker identity. Krishna’s sterling qualities will give her the best opportunity to define the brand personality of MC, a pageant that is just beginning to go along the branding route. This is what Philippine pageantry means with the tourism tagline “We give the world our best”.

  17. “We give the world our best”, so goes the Department of Tourism slogan this year, and the focus of the final Q&A to the Top 5. So, MUP, MS and MC, get ready for the Philippines’ bests, the creme of the crop in this year’s impressive bumper harvest of transformational, inspirational and aspirational women.

  18. Hanggang 26 yo yong Miss Charm Pauline will turn 27 tbis year. Maybe that’s why. Parang wala sa tatlong titleholders mananalo.

    • May resibo ka po? Reigning miss charm is 27 years old po si Miss Braizil. At may mga 29 years old na contestant. Let us objective Globeguuy85

    • From the recently concluded Miss Charm INTL, Brazil, Netherlands and Pakistan are 27 y/o; Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Ukraine are all 28 y/o; and Indonesia, Korea, South Sudan and Thailand were all 29 y/o.

  19. To be fair to Angelique who deserved to be in the top 5 and has become a byword in the pageant circle, MUPH has to release an official statement about the blunder last night.

  20. I predict that all three ladies here will be in the top 5 or top 3 of their respective worldwide competitions ! … they will be making the PH pageantry base very very excited

    • Nah, not excited with Supra. Pauline has a better chance in Charm, hindi pang Supra si Pauline….

  21. Damn, why would they mess up with the other two titles? Mas perfect sana kung palit sila tsk. I’m guessing sila ang pinapili sa kung saan sila mapupunta kaya ganyan?

    Lakas sana natin sa Supra if si Krishna

    • Bangs kung bangs! Pero I don’t really like his style of hosting pageants. At lalong disappointed ako kay Alden na kung makasigaw ng names ng mga candidates parang pa-macho effect halata naman!

  22. I have no problem with the final result but I am very disappointed with the show.

  23. Time to hire a new accounting firm.
    That “technical glitch” in 2023 with all the computing software available is inexcusable.
    Congratulations to the winners.
    May they all do well in their international pageants.

  24. Congratulations to all the winners. I believe Michelle, Pauline, and Krishnah will represent our country well in their respective international competetions

  25. CJ or Klyza for me is best in gown
    Krishna , very Kardashian . Not a fan

  26. Of the two other crowns, I think Pauline is more suited for Charm International and Krishna is definitely Supranational material. So glad my fave 5 actually made Top 5… and pleasantly surprised that Tiaong, Quezon made the cut!

  27. Kadiri ang production kagabi. #TatakEvil #TatakChonas #TatakCholtaire

    • Ang hazy sa venue tapos sa TV mas hazyyyy…….ang panget ng prod hindi sulit bayad.

  28. i was born in butuan city (grew up in cebu) that is why i was rooting for agusan del norte, she’s short that is why it was right for her to have her hair ponny tailed for her to look tall during the challenges and prelims… but in the finals her hair was done curly at nakalugay, parang nagmukha siyang poon at lalong lumiit… wrong move..

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