9 comments on “Lalaine Edson-Forgham sets the record straight

  1. She is still pretty. She was suited for MI. She could have won the title.
    MW 1999 was held in December. That was barely 3 months before the 2000 Bb Pil.
    Did she speak to BPCI that she could not come back to the Phil because she had to take care of her father? I understand her mind was in limbo during that time, at the very least, she should have spoken to BPCI regarding her situation. If she did not, She could have been dethroned or was forced to resign. I presumed, BPCI just kept mum about it to avoid conflict. Anyway, that was barely 3 months before the crowning of new queens.
    On the positive side, Ms Quiambao’s new assignment as our 1999 rep was a blessing in disguise. Ms Edison’s new assignment in London was a blessing in disguise as well because she had the chance to see her ailing father.

    • @ Serge And speaking of “could/should have been’s”….

      Sa Marangalians Pageantry, sabi dapat nag-Supra na lang si Guidotti. But really, with crowns from both Datul and Santiago the year before, would it truly matter whom we dispatch to those two tourneys knowing a back-to-back is near-impossible anyway?

      The 2014 Bb batch was, imo, JUST RIGHT. I don’t feel like rousing up a hornet’s nest anymore just to explain/justify. 🙂

      • For me, had guidotti and Yvette santiago swapped assignments, they could have placed higher.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Mr. Tinio only probably watched it. It is the property of The Qrown Philippines.

      You could probably go there, to their page, and ask if they have a YouTube channel. Or, if a member/Admin is willing to accommodate such inquiry, on her/his own personal canale.


  2. My gawsh!!! Si Mars.

    @ Fabian Reyes Siya ba ‘yung sinasabi mo’ng “bag raider”?


  3. I Youtubed her Ms.World 99 participation, she’s pretty and so is her gown.
    She looks more like an actress than a beauty queen.
    She’s more suited for International than World.

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