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I am a person of varied needs, views and interests so I decided to come up with a blog and gradually put all my thoughts in for other people to read and maybe learn a thing or two from.

If you see me posting at least one blog (or two) a day, then I must be inspired by practically anything or anyone. Otherwise, I could be into one of my occasional bouts of moodiness or just plain stuck somewhere around the world without a reliable wi-fi or broadband connection to lean on.

My perennial interests are neatly categorized in this blog under “my subjects of desire.” In the Shout-OUT-Looks section, I will be posting my thoughts on different subject matters such as dogs, work, habits, quirks, etc. And in Pageant Pages and The Movie Corner, it’s quite self-explanatory what kind of topics will come out of the category. Watch out for these reads as they flood the net! In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy whatever headlines are on the front page. I’ll try my best to keep them coming…

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  1. VERONICA FISCHER whenever i turn on my computer I always see to it I ALWAYS see to it to take a little look on your site its accurate and very educational to learn of your beautiful ladies about there ideas and learn more about your countries and the traditions I would always recomend this to some filipinos from us from new york to every corners of the world ,MORE POWER TO YOU AND CONTINUE WRITING YOU ARE GREAT

  2. … I was referring to the Filipinas Pageant Expo. ๐Ÿ™‚
    You are now of such stature to pull off something on that level.
    Bringing together under one GIGANTIC roof all the world’s best pageant brands will require the entire country pageant industry to unify for and cooperate under a respected figure such as yourself. I know nobody else. You can even bring it on the road. Starting in MisOr, for example, moving next to Iloilo City, then finishing up somewhere south of Manila, a collaborative effort for the provincial pageant groups in Regions 4-A & -B… Once pandemic restrictions are lifted is time to take full advantage of your EXTENSIVE network, both local and foreign. You will need your partners in conventional mass media to help you get the word out. NOW may be the right time to brainstorm… Bon succes and auguri!


    Also please Google search Marรญa Wendy Briceรฑo Zuloaga, the unreasonable Mexican Congresswoman with the distorted and wrong perception about the good caused-oriented pageants and who proposed the law to ban ALL beauty competitions/pageants in Mexico and hopefully wanting to influence other lawmakers worldwide.



    Mexican Congresswoman Marรญa Wendy Briceรฑo Zuloaga and Mexican lawmakers would BAN and OUTLAW all beauty contests/pageants in Mexico and they want to influence other countries too WORLDWIDE to follow suit for they view/consider beauty pageants as SYMBOLIC VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN! These maligning and defaming statements of these lawmakers I would never believe! They are never true! They are very wrong!

    MR. NORMAN, could you please make a good article about this to counteract and oppose their distorted and very wrong perceptions/views about beauty competitions/pageants These are the links to the unfavorable news:








  5. As we anticipate the Press Conference this Friday by the new MUPO, three things are now clear.

    1. BPCI and MUPO are effectively, in the Nationals pageant industry, competitors for the best girls the country has to offer. They have become rivals.

    2. TIMING of their respective pageants is significant. You do not want to be the “dumping ground” of your rival’s rejects. And you also do not want your better semifinalists to cross-over; the standard contracts should take this into account.

    3. MUPO will woo the competitors of BPCI sponsors.

    IT’S NOW AS MUCH A MIND GAME, as it is a beaucon. Exciting, if you ask me…. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Sir, I was trying to find a way to PM you but couldn’t find an email link. I badly need your help on something that may be trivial, but I really need assistance. I was scouring the internet over a phone called Cherry Mobile Trident (i.e., the one with three sims) and I saw that you did a review of this phone. I bought this phone ten years back and I have a question (because I could no longer remember), I would highly appreciate it if you can help me remember – did the box of the new Cherry Mobile Trident come with a free microSD (aside from the usual data cable, battery, etc.), and if it did come with a free microSD, do you still remember the capacity (2 GB, 4GB, etc)? Again, I know it’s a trivial request but I hope you can help me.

      • @ Norman Mr. Tinio, one of your commentators’ email address is displayed on the person’s comment in a recent post…

        It could be a data breach and security threat if it happened without the person’s knowledge, therefor consent.

        Bahala na po kayo’ng hanapin. I do not want to drop too many hints. Dahil kung may masama’ng-layunin, mahirap matukoy kung saan nagmumula… Have a peaceful Saturday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. (Good afternoon, Mr. Tinio. Congratulations for the AdSense (Google) recognition. I just hope that “alleged mass exodus” was not part of some grand conspiracy by competitor bloggers. I can say that one of them is ‘lunar”, and therefore in NO position to even be considered your equal. And anyway and like you said before, you are already at the point of your blogging career of “giving back”. There are already MORE THAN ENOUGH pretentious comers, basically regurgitating each other’s news. You have nothing more to prove to them, imho. Your TRAIL is YOURS. And you have my support.)

      • (Well, look at that. I’m a few days short of the 3rd anniversary of my own goodbye. Hilarious!)

        It’s been a great ride, Sir. All five years or so of it. Thanks again for allowing me access into your world. Do not worry; there is apparently some sort of check mechanism on my end that assesses whether or not my comments/replies are good-to-go. I will continue to regularly check on developments, but with that thing in place you can be sure all I will be able to do from now on is Rate.

        All the best to yourself & your loved ones. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

        PS. There may be one reader I would be interested in meeting personally, aside from yourself of course. We apparently share a few commonalities. Person makes only rare appearance. But we’ve ‘threaded’ at least once.

  7. Hi tito Norman… I’m Reb from Iloilo City. I’m always visit your blog and read all your updates regarding pageants.
    I’ve heard you are one of the judges for Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2017. Hope you will enjoy your visit here in Iloilo City. Hope to meet you in person…See you soon!

  8. Mr. Norman can you give me a question for the Q and A of the commenters here? Please? Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Sir Norman… We are really hoping for another tall pinays in the mold of Gwen ruais, Cara Subijano, Ruffa G,Catriona Gray,.. etc…Another potential Young pinay is the pretty daughter of Jessica Rodriguez and David Buenivacz.. She is Breanna Buenivacz, 14 years old and almost 5’11” tall.. She is currently a teen model in the states… Hope you can feature here in your famous blog.. A snippet of hers can be viewed in the You Tube Sir Norman.

    • We do not have any candidates yet at the Miss Princess Of The World and they already started voting since 1. September 2017 … Any reason why ???


  10. Hello po again, Mr. Tinio.

    I apologize for disturbing you. I know it is a crazy time.

    I am just curious about the case of Yan Yan Lumasag. But first, all the best to Lele! Mr. Amboy must be surprised at the development, but may it all turn out for the better for him in the long run.

    Mr. Lumasag’s case reminds me of Sam Ajdani’s delayed departure for Mister World 2016; was Mr. Ajdani’s case due to his postponing his visa application until the last minute?

    Here are my questions :

    1. As per the contract (I assume there is one) that Yan Yan signed with GCI upon winning at the GotPh 2016, is the responsibility of securing travel documents for competing abroad ENTIRELY in the hands of the titlist, and entirely at his expense (ie, plane fare between Cebu and Manila to go to DFA, other pertinent government agencies, and the concerned foreign services; cost of documents, lodging while in Manila, etc.)?

    2. How could Yan Yan invoke lack of time due to academic pressures? Certainly some of those documents could be processed in Cebu, and we all know that there is no shortage of flights plying the Cebu-Manila route 24/7. Did he procrastinate? Was he aware how tedious it is to prepare for a protracted foreign trip (or his handler for that matter)?

    3. Wasn’t GCI regularly reminding or at least following up with Yan Yan on the status of his travel documents?

    I am not upset, po. I am just curious. I am glad Yan Yan is still making himself available for the 2017 edition of Best Global Model. It shows he is a man of his word. A Gent, in other words..

  11. At the risk of being labelled weird or eccentric, I’m going to put this here because there is too much drama where “it” was posted.

    To Laila.

    Thank you for all your efforts. We wish you well on your … sabbatical?

    Take some pride in the fact that your work has generated heated debate. It simply is impossible to be optimistic 24/7. A blog without some measure of criticism would be boring, flat, and biased.

    Be glad that your Posts have attracted intelligent scrutiny. As opposed to the alternative wherein a Post would go uncommented because nobody cared or felt knowledgable enough on the topic. We have seen that kind of Post on occasion…

    No, there is no need to be concerned with Mr. Tinio being bullied by demanding commentators. Always bear in mind that he is a trained Psychologist. He may, in fact, be taking us all for a ride without our knowing it. Psychologists know all the mind games; he is probably amused reading and dissecting all the negativity we unload here. He cannot be bullied; he knows better.

    The spirited and unhampered trade of tirades merely increases the prestige of the blog. That it happens at all, simply and irrefutably means people trust Mr. Tinio and the Forum he provides. Seen in this light, it cannot not be a bad thing.

    So your foreign friends are alarmed, perhaps appalled, at the way Filipinos murder their own kind? Or were you hoping to show them this blog as evidence of its quality, only to be embarrassed by all the badmouthing they see? That’s their problem! What a bunch of wimps.

    Finally, be reminded of the Disclaimer at the right side. We are responsible for our comments. And not Mr. Tinio.

    Kalma lang.

    • Typo : “…cannot not be a bad thing.” Kindly remove “not”. correct is “…cannot be a bad thing.”

  12. Hello again po, Mr. Tinio. Hope you aren’t worn down by everything going on simultaneously ATM – MGI, ME, M-International, and M-Intercontinental. Not to mention the minor pageants here and there. Plus individual features on fashion, style, people-who-matter, etc…

    Commend you for having enthusiasm and energy to live the life you love, at the half-century mark!

    The comments and arguments have begun to really heat up, with some commentators openly hurling “pageant mud” at each other! I think you need to remind them at some point that you will not take responsibility for their opinions. Perhaps you could mention this briefly in one of your future posts. I really hope your sponsors will not withdraw their support because of things said here. I am aware they are also reading the comments. Same with the candidates in question. Hope we offend no one.

    I really feel bad that I did not discover your blog earlier because apparently I missed out on a lot of things over the years. If you do not mind, I hope I could continue posting comments in the next few years/months/weeks/days/hours/seconds… LOL.

    That being said, I realize that very colorful characters are among the many folks who visit. And to foster camaraderie and reconciliation (lol!) among warring parties, may I humbly suggest a little “contest” based on current proceedings :

    1. Correctly guess ALL four (4) winners of the above mentioned pageants NOT later than eight (8) hours before the first one commences its Finals Night. All interested commentators must give their selection in a dedicated Post on the matter, and nowhere else.

    2. The winner/s (those who guess all four titlists correctly) will be rewarded with either a fansign or shout-out from his/her/their favorite 2016 Binibini (or their favorite Titlist among the four if this will be possible however this certainly would have to be coursed through relevant channels and will take time) in addition to a dedicated Post on this blog with herself/himself/themselves as the topic/subject.

    3. This Feature Post will be conducted by yourself as an interview (live or otherwise) and which will give the winner/s an opportunity to introduce themselves to their co-commentators – how they came to be interested in pageantry and related topics, how they predict the winners of any pageant, and their recommendations as to how pageantry in the Philippines can be improved.

    Just my musings again. But I thought I’d share. Thanks for taking time to hear this out. Take care.

  13. Good morning, Mr. Tinio. Smart of you to post that write-up on Kylie Versoza at this time! You knew we would stay up to watch Andrea in Indonesia. At least we would have something to preoccupy ourselves with while awaiting the results at MUA 2016.

    As you said, our good intentions can only go so far. In hindsight, this means that Andrea’s successor will have more room / breathing space when he tries to clinch the title; imagine the pressure of a back-to-back had Andrea won! Don’t get me wrong; I wanted him to win. But his Runner-Up finish means he can be assured of his place in male pageant history without the burden of a titlist. Already he has improved on the Top 15 finish of Alexis Martinez. The more important thing is to maintain CONSISTENCY – Filipinas must ALWAYS make at least the First Cut of 15.

    Good job, Andrea! I hope your Mister Southeast Asia sub-title will give you the opportunity to see more of this part of the world. Who knows what greater prize awaits you? You can exhale now.

    Moving on to the other Gents…

    I was frankly aghast when I did a random check on the respective campaigns of Job, Kian, and Christian, LAHAT PALA SILA SA NOVEMBER NA ANG LABAN. October na ngayon. They only have a month left.

    Handa na po ba sila?

    In fact, Vincent Jarina of PEPPS, who will represent Filipinas at Mister Asian 2016 in Manado, Indonesia will have his campaign mid-November. Small world..

    I think you should post an article eventually about Job, Kian, and Christian to remind commentators that they still exist and are just beyond radar range. Also, I think you should take advantage of the excitement / curiosity generated by MUA 2016 and Andrea by getting in touch once more with your Regional Partners to begin looking for New Blood for the 2017 Gentlemen of the Philippines, imho. GCI might even attract the attention of clappers at the recently-concluded Misters of of Filipinas 2016. Those guys have the height GCI needs for international competition. Anyway, a fair number of them were disgruntled / disenfranchised / disappointed by Mr. Galang/s cooking show. Unahan natin ang PEPPS! And an earlier search gives eventual titlists even more time to prepare.

    Or do you wish to await the results of Bodyshots and Mossimo first before starting again?

  14. Hello Mr. Tinio. I was wondering if you could relay this to the Gents. It might not be necessary, and I trust your better judgment. Thank you once more. Here goes…

    AN OPEN LETTER TO Job, Christian, Kian, Paul, and Joshua.

    Guys, on Friday 30 September we will finally know if Andrea has done enough to win MUA 2016. From the comments on the Gentlemen of the Philippines and Norman.Norman FB pages, I could tell you were closely monitoring his performance. And you should. And so far, Andrea has been the epitome of a Universal Ambassador : warm, unpretentious, and with a genuine fascination for new
    experiences and acquaintances.

    You have already undertaken the many tasks and responsibilities that come with being a national titlist. And if you win in your respective campaigns abroad, you will effectively and immediately cease being a simple representative of Filipinas and become the Global Ambassadors of your respective pageants.The change can be quite abrupt, so you have to be adaptable. And at the very least, you would probably have to relocate to your host country for the duration of your reign.

    Pageant organizers do not want someone who will have an attitude, be hard-headed, and behave with an air of entitlement. You will be scrutinized the moment you are met at the airport or step into the hotel by their staff. Any misdeed or indiscretion on your part will be reported to the Pageant Bosses. And needless to say, you will end up a clapper. Uuwi kayong luhaan / sawi. LOL.

    Do not do or say anything that could embarrass the pageant organizer. Follow instructions. Always be respectable in both manner and appearance, especially when interacting with the locals. This last piece of advice will be easy if you take the initiative to research about the culture and traditions of your hosts beforehand.

    I am saying this because I observed a few instances of less-than-desirable behavior at the MUA 2016 by certain candidates who were very obviously full of themselves (NOT Andrea!). Remain humble and grounded. Be discrete; do not hesitate to clarify matters or issues with your host if you have any doubts as to how to proceed under particularly confusing or awkward situations.

    You have your Tatay Norman for advise. He will take it from here. Good luck. Good day. SLAY!

  15. Hello Mr. Tinio. Ito na naman si Kulit. Pasensiya na po muli.

    Last Update of the Official Voting on Mister Universal Ambassador I saw, Andrea had slipped to tenth (10th) place. Apparently his competitors were spooked by his sudden/abrupt leap to the Top brought about by the ALDUB fans (that was genius by the way! Kudos to you and GCI), and have since rallied their Social Media forces to unceremoniously displace our Gent. Now that Andrea is in the thick of things in Bali, it will be all up to us here back home to do something to at least keep him within the Top Ten. You mentioned in your FB that there is a “game plan that will be set in motion” once the competition begins. I just hope this game plan will include something to address this slip from Number 1. You are aware that some of our countrymen are rooting (and voting) for Cas Winters. And I suspect these are persons loyal to the “other side” (aka, PEPPS).

    This makes me wonder now just how much GCI / Andrea should reveal in the days to come, knowing fully well that Mr. Galang and his team are monitoring the developments, partly to see if and how GCI will manage to produce a King (because bloggers loyal to Mr. Galang like to say (boast?) that they already have) and partly to get lessons and tips on how to conduct an international male pageant as they lay the groundwork for their inaugural Man of the World tilt next year.

    I really feel apprehensive now that the competition has begun to swarm into Bali in time for tonight’s Opening Ceremonies. Certainly there are a few Indonesians (and Indonesia-based Pinoys) rooting for Andrea, but even Eka seems not to have the undivided support of his countrymen, as legions of FB-savvy Indonesians begin swooning over cute boy-toys like Kyrgyzstan and Bosnia-Herzegovina and more manly types like Dominican Republic, Brazil, Netherlands (Cas Winters), and Spain.

    I really hope Andrea can regain his footing in the Top Ten of the Official Vote. In the vagaries of a beauty pageant, any advantage is indispensable. He is really having a good time in Bali; in his videos and pictures you can clearly see that he is beside himself in delicious mirth, like a schoolboy entering a fragrant candy store for the first time. It would be heartbreaking to see him bow out of contention early on. And why do I say this? Because I saw a few well-meaning comments that Andrea needs to brush up on his communication skills. And I understand; this is why you had him and Joshua (North Italy – Mister Teen International Philippines 2017) take up English classes when they returned home to Italy after being crowned. And I know that Mister Universal Ambassador is renowned (or notorious?) for their World Speech Contest.

    Before I end, THANK YOU again for your superb blog! And if it means anything to you, I think that Issa Janda and Miguel Guia were “handpicked” by Mr. Raymond Djambeck and Mr. Alan Sim, respectively. At least The Gentlemen of the Philippines pageant, despite producing vertically-challenged Kings that will embark on campaigns to relatively minor / less-known contests, cannot be accused of mounting a “cooking show”.

    I will now go back to FB to monitor the situation. I have some rabid Algerian fans to fend off.

    • Andrew, thank you for the encouraging inputs. We have prepared for this, and avoided any shadows of intrigues or controversies from anywhere else. Good intentions can only bring us so far. And up to where it leads us, we can only bank on our sincerest efforts to make the Gentlemen shine on the international pageant stage. And as you have stated as well, I do appreciate that you indicated that there was no cooking show during our finals. Indeed there was none (as the judges can attest) as we allowed the panel to freely score them without any kind of influences whatsoever. I’m happy that they saw the potential winners from the same vantage point that we would have ranked them if total control of the scoring was left into the organizers’ hands.

      Thank you.


  16. Hello po, Mr. Tinio. I know you are a very busy person and so I apologize for this trouble. I am regularly “monitoring” posts on the FB of Mister Universal Ambassador now and I wonder if you noticed some rabid fans of a certain North African country making repeated and sequential comments on the Individual Posts of Andrea (Biondo). As a matter of fact, they do this whenever the Administrator posts a latest photo of any candidate aside from their own. They clog up the Post with an annoying stream of “(their candidate’s name)”, making it difficult for us who support Andrea to follow our respective conversational threads.

    Imho, THIS IS NOTHING SHORT OF CYBERBULLYING. In a few instances, one of our fellow Filipinos had to resort to gay lingo / sward speak to vent his / her frustration at the disrespectful gesture. Further, I feel it reflects on the undesirable character of the people of that country as far as Web politesse is concerned.

    I also know that you are aware that some of our countrymen are rooting for other candidates. They, too, feel saddened (offended perhaps?) by this unwarranted behavior as they do NOT post a mindless flood of “(their candidate’s name”) in THEIR (North African country) candidate’s Individual Posts! It simply is not fair.

    I trust that GCI in its capacity as National Directorate for Filipinas could somehow get in touch with IMPO and request the latter to oblige participating countries to RESPECT EACH OTHER’S individual Posts. Therefore, for example :

    1. All of Andrea’s Individual Posts MUST contain ONLY comments pertaining to Andrea, whether good or bad;

    2. If they wish to unleash their expression of support, they should do so either in the regular Vote (Official and Popular) Updates or in THEIR OWN candidate’s Individual Post. And;

    3. If no Individual Post exists for their candidate, they should request the IMPO Administrator to make one if they are unable to make one themselves for whatever reason.

  17. Hello, Mr. Tinio. I apologize that I only came to know of your blog this year. And it was only recently that I discovered what “About Norman” contained. I hope you could spare some time for my musings regarding the 2016-2017 Gents. Very sorry for the trouble.

    1. How is Job Abogado doing? I have to say that he was not one of my favorites early on. But when I saw that close-up of his face for the Bragais underwater shoot, I realized how stunningly exotic he was! I am sure that you have seen the comments from your long-standing visitors that Job looks unkempt and is lacking in sophistication, even “dugyut”. Has anything been done to address this? I know that it is quite unfair, even cruel, to put labels on this young man considering his background. But I really think a transformation would be of benefit to him.

    And now that he is our bet for Mister Model International, I have some concerns that his stunning countenance might not be appreciated in India because his look might be considered plain by the locals.

    2. Similarly, I am concerned that Yanyan Lumasag might not be appreciated at Best Model of the World because his mestizo features would be very ordinary to the Portugeuse.

    3. So, is it still possible for the two Gents to SWITCH campaigns? Because I feel the Europeans will take a fancy to Job while the Asians would find Yanyan’s Castillan look more appealing..

    4. Your 1st Reserva/Spare Tire (aka, Runner-Up) Miguel Maliwat has gradually revealed an undeniable charm, as revealed in recent photos of him at the Rotary Club of Cavite function he graced together with his co-Gents Paul Renzo Velo and Kian Sumague. To me, he looks like a bulldog, but what a smooth baritone he possesses, as witnessed in that Net25 interview! And the beard suits him nicely! Does GCI have long-term plans for him?

    5. And, what of Paul? Would his formidable academic/athletic/personal credentials bear weight to the judges and organizers of Mister Tourism International? Do we have a good peg?

    6. Does GCI have a mechanism (I am unsure that this is the appropriate term) to encourage the clappers at the Pageant Night to not end their pageant plans yet? I personally feel that Daniel Subagan, Roland De Dios, and Johannes Rissler should give it one more shot.

    7. And Jason Martin? Any news/updates on him?

    Everybody was so fixated on the hotness of Andrea that the other titlists were virtually forgotten. And while I fully support the South Italy Gent’s campaign in Indonesia next month, it would not be fair to expect him to singlehandedly bear the burden of setting a good start for his brothers-in-arms, he being the first one to be deployed. Baka ma-pressure siya. Nag-aaral na nga ng Ingles (although it would not necessarily be a bad idea for him to pick up a few Bahasa phrases along the way).

    Let me just end this long-winded capitulation by saying that I admire GCI’s choice of dealing and working DIRECTLY with LGU’s by scouting for potential talents at the Provincial Pageant level. This is as grassroots as you can get, and in my humble opinion is more democratic, as opposed to the Casting Call approach of the competition which tend to alienate or exclude hopefuls lacking finance or influence. More power!

    • Hi Norman. I do visit your blog daily without fail. There s only one thing I asked of you … that is if you could remove or unsubscribe me, not for anything else but because I have to clean up my email like crazy everyday. Blame it to facebook messages and the blogs I follow I have to delete thousands of notices it is starting to annoy me. I promise I will be a loyal follower … as I said I visit your blog in a daily basis, and I don’t read the content thru the blog’s notices in my email. Saludo ako sa inyo sir and I hope you understand. Thanks. I tried to unsubscribe myself, but I failed.

    • Continued superb work and may you be blessed with limitless energy everyday!!! But may i make a correction in one piece please. There is no such accident in a cerebrovascular accident. CVA has already been replaced by cerebrovascular disease or a stroke.There is no accident in strokes. Once more awaiting your articles daily!!!

  18. Dear Norman,

    I wonder if you could write about this piece I stumbled upon at Yahoo today. It is about China-born Miss World-Canada, who is vocal against China government human rights abuses, and has even testified at the US Congress on the same issue.

    Anastasia Lin, Canada’s Miss World, Says She’s Being Targeted By China
    “I was interested in human rights way before I even thought of beauty pageants.”

    It seems like China government does not welcome her to the MW Beauty Pageant.

  19. Dear Mr. Tinio,


    My name is Maria Sofia Pascual, an editor/contributor of Wikipedia (wikipedia.org), a multilingual project to create a complete, accurate, and open-content encyclopedia. Volunteers from around the world collaboratively edit Wikipedia, which is one of many projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation (wikimediafoundation.org).I found the webpage from Ann Lorraine Colis’ Facebook fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/AnnLorraineColis/photos/pb.373525386187220.-2207520000.1445588850./460151007524657/?type=3&theater) while doing research for the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, and thought your image regarding Ann Lorraine Colis might be appropriate for inclusion in our articles concerning the above-mentioned person.

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  20. Dear Mr. Tinio,


    My name is Maria Sofia Pascual, an editor/contributor of Wikipedia (wikipedia.org), a multilingual project to create a complete, accurate, and open-content encyclopedia. Volunteers from around the world collaboratively edit Wikipedia, which is one of many projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation (wikimediafoundation.org).I found the webpage from Ann Lorraine Colis’ Facebook fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/AnnLorraineColis/photos/pb.373525386187220.-2207520000.1445588850./460151007524657/?type=3&theater) while doing research for the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, and thought your image regarding Ann Lorraine Colis might be appropriate for inclusion in our articles concerning the above-mentioned person.

    I really liked your webpage of the above mentioned person (https://www.facebook.com/AnnLorraineColis/photos/pb.373525386187220.-2207520000.1445588850./460151007524657/?type=3&theater). I found it very informative and useful. I’d love to use it in a project I’m involved with called Wikipedia, so I’m seeking your permission. Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.org) is a free encyclopedia that is collaboratively edited by volunteers from around the world.

    I’d like to include your materials in this article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Lorraine_Colis. To get a sense of the freedom of Wikipedia, you could even edit this right now, even without formally registering.

    We can only use your materials if you are willing to grant permission for this under the terms of theCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. This means that anyone will have the right to share and, where appropriate, to update your material. You can read this license in full at:

    The license expressly protects authors “from being considered responsible for modifications made by others” while ensuring that authors get credit for their work. There is more information on our copyright policy at:

    If you agree, we will credit you for your work in the resulting article’s references section by stating that it was based on your work and is used with your permission, and by providing a web link back to:


    Thank you and may God Bless your job.

    Respectfully Yours,
    Maria Sofia Pascual

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  21. Hi Norman,

    I was wondering if I can sponsor your site for a client of mine that is based in the UK. It will be about travels, holidays, cruises or city breaks.

    It really is simple work and, of course, the ad copy is upon your approval. We will make sure it will fit you and your readers’ taste.

    Please let me know if this is possible.

    Thank you and looking forward to working with you.

    Samantha Miles
    Web Outreach Team

  22. Hi Norman,

    I truly enjoy reading your blog – sensible sans the screams and biases. While I know these are your thoughts, I can’t help but trust your judgement on things because you present your views in a very logical manner.

    Now that we have a new Ms. Philippines Earth in Angelia Gabrena Ong, one of the bugging questions is if she might still have the chance to compete as Ms. Universe. It’s been said that MU has been her lifelong dream. Is there a no-cross over rule to this.

    While my next comment sounds ungrateful, I can’t help but ask if it is possible, indeed, that the Bb. Pilipinas Organization might not be the franchise holder for MU? I know the personal effort of Snra. Araneta but we can’t help but agree with the many comments seen over the net.

    As always, we appreciate your thoughts…

    • Hi Nightlark, thank you for the compliment.

      About Angelia, let’s put it this way. If she wants to join Bb. Pilipinas after she completes her reign as MPE2015, then she can go ahead. She still has a couple of years to mull about the same (she is 24 now). That would be a risky move, though.

      As far as MU is concerned, I know that the Miss Universe Org is happy with her as the Philippine franchise holder. Should there be a changing of guards in the next few, then it all remains to be seen. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Miss Universe Japan is getting a lot of media mileage due to her advocacy, a natural outcome of her station in life as a black Japanese beauty queen. Early in the game, she is drawing the attention and rousing the interest of global audiences. A Filipino beauty queen can also be talked about due to her interesting station in life as a former domestic helper. Such rare and interesting background can be a natural take-off point for an advocacy related to protection of domestic workers’ rights, as promoted worldwide by UN agencies, and “Freedom from Slavery Project” as promoted by CNN. Recently, there has been a Filipina domestic worker rescued from an abusive employer, thanks to social media. Also, a HK legislator was recently quoted to have said a very condescending remark against Filipina maids. I wish our queen could have said something about the issue. She need not utter a controversial remark, but something that will make people recognise her, and realise that she can be a formidable voice of reason.

  24. Hello,

    I would like to discuss with you something. How can I get in touch with you?

  25. good day!

    I am Ronelie Siervo from Beyond Wheels Production, Philippines. we are currently doing a documentary about the cars of the famous boxing champion, mr. Emmanuel “Pacman” Pacquiao. in line with this, part of our documentary involves discussion of his life as the congressman of Saranggani. in line with this, may we request your good office’s permission in using photos of old Araneta Coliseum where his recent fight as the new coach of Kia- PBA was held. rest assured that the following photos will be acknowledged properly under your office’s name.

    you may contact me directly at 09063880912 for more details and inquiry regarding our request.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ronelie, I am not the owner of that image as well. It was shared to me by a friend (who was also able to source it somewhere else).

  26. Hi Kuya Norman….it’s almost 3 yrs i been following your blog like a stoker eheheheh my day wont be complete if cant visit ur blog….and im always excited to read your blog everyday but just these past few days i got a courage to comment on your blog and find it amusing to interact on your blog. thanx kuya norman!

  27. 2014 might be my best year for the blogging and the Obsessive Beauty Pageant Fan has been arising up. But it has to change and be the new version of the blog and so, I invite you to visit my new official site as it has moved to the new home at https://obsessedbeautypageantfan2015.wordpress.com. The old home has been deleted due to some technical issues.

    I hope you can visit it, thanks.

    John Michael Angelo
    Blog Owner of Obsessive Beauty Pageant Fan v2.0

  28. Hi Norman! I was so happy upon seeing your blog as I have been searching for any website or channels, etc. to where I can watch/read about the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 and luckily I found your blog. I am just wondering if you happened to know a website or anything that I can watch the live coronation night as my friend is one of the contestants and I’m really hoping I could watch it.

    P.S. I am currently working here in Dubai and the time difference between Dubai and Phils makes it hard for me to watch the show on tv. So hopefully I could really watch it via live stream, if it’s possible. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks much! God bless!

    • Let’s wait till a few days before the finals if there will be live streaming. Otherwise, you may have to rely on live-blogging instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Cool! Thanks for your response ๐Ÿ™‚ Appreciated. Live-blogging is totally fine with me however it would be better to see her fight for the crown and feel the excitement even though I’m miles away ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Hello Tito Norman, I am wondering what will be the chances if the representative of Philippines at the Miss Universe can speak Spanish. As well we know and it was a part of pageant history, Miss Universe 1973 Margarita Moran speaks fluent in Spanish and she was impressed by Manuel Benitez Perez a Spanish bullfighter and one of the judges.

  30. I would like to commend your site Tito Norman. Napaka-positive all the time ng mga posts niyo. Unlike sa mga ibang blog sites that the operator tries to “stir the pot” and make bashful comments to a certain person. We cannot control what your reader says pero kayo po sobrang good aura ang dinadala niyo sa aming mga fans/readers. Keep it up and very happy to have found your site and constantly reading your blogs and keeping us up to date. Thank you very much for everything Tito Norman! Kudos to you!

  31. Hi Norman,

    I am an avid follower of your blogs every minute and everyday 24 hours 7 days a week, However i would like to ask if it is true that the Miss Universe 2015 will be held in Athens Greece this August 2015? As i read it from โ€œNoel Ferrerโ€™s Column at the Abante tonite, just an hour ago?

    So meaning to say only 7 months of wearing that DIC crown?

    This is is the site where i read it?


    If this is true that would be great news? Can you confirm for us readers?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you.



  32. Norman, thank you for creating this website/blog for all pinoy’s who are pageant-freaks as I am. More power and keep up the good work! I feel what you are feeling right now from the just-finished pageant. I so love MJ, to me she is still our most qualified candidate over the past 5 years and I just love her aura and positive disposition. Pero ganun talaga, if not meant to be then we just have to move on but we will not forget how MJ fought for us! God Bless

  33. Norman, I replied to your blog about a poll on MJ’s gown and natco. I had the misfortune of placing it after one rabid opinionated disrespectful anti-everything follower of your blog. I got a response that I have never imagined would come from a civilised person. True, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but should not be expressed in a palengkera way. Or maybe, I am not used to the language of beauty parlours or bangketa or palengke. But is there a way of shutting off some offensive language and foul innuendos?


    • The Filipinos should file a petition to remove the Miss Universe franchise from the Binibiining Pilipinas organization. Enough is enough!!! The Miss Universe franchise should go to a dedicated and real Filipino like Cory Quirino. The petition should be send to Congress and Senate. There is no problem for a million signatures because almost all Filipinos will sign it. It is high time for a Filipino designer to take charge of the evening gown and national costume. Look at what happened to Megan Young who wore the most beautiful gown in Miss World that was why it helped her won.the crown. We were sending beautiful Filipinas to MIss Universe but failed to win because of ridiculous evening gowns and national costumes. Wake up Filipinos, someone should initiate this petition and once and for all, stop these shameful deeds of the Binibining Pilipinas organization. It is high time for Ms. Araneta to step down and give it to somebody else who is worthy and serious to commit that Miss Philippines must win Miss Universe. It has been more than 40 years that no Filipina win the Miss Universe title. If MIss World franchise is still with the Binibining Pilipinas organization, then until now Philippines has no Miss World title. Imagine it took more than 60 years before Philippines won a Miss World title and it was not coming from Binibining Pilipinas organization. It came from Ms. Cory Quirino’s Miss World Philippines franchise and it happened in just three years. Someone should start filing a petition NOW!!!

  35. Hi Norman,

    I appreciate your posts, excellent job! I wanted to request an interesting post for you. It would be interesting to see your personal opinion on beauty pageants and height requirements. Surely, there are girls out there with the beauty and the brains to snatch the crown, but lacking on height. Do you think that they should be given the chance to represent the ‘real’ side of Filipina beauty? Are there any beauty pageant bets of yours you would have liked to see with the crown but were short of the height limit?

    Fortunately or unfortunately, the Filipino people are genetically on the short side. The average Filipino height is 5’2 to 5’4. Yet beauty pageants impose a heigh requirement of at least 5’5″ to 5’7″. Should the height requirement stay, or should it be completely scrapped off? Is it fair or not?

    I hope you can have the chance to write about this topic. I’m sure a lot of people would be thrilled to read your take on it. Looking forward to it!

    Many Thanks,
    – C.

  36. Hello sir norman, just wanted to ask is there any chance that Bb. Pilipinas organizers would consider accepting a girl with only 5’4 height as a candidate? thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

    • They already set 5’5″ as the minimum. Last year, they disqualified Dian Querrer shortly after she was announced as an Official Candidate. I want to say ‘give it a try’, but I might just be misleading.

      • oh.. i see, thats a bit heartbreaking. Maybe it’s not really for me, thank you so so much sir Norman for taking the time to answer my question. Godbless you sir! ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Hi Tito Norman,

        I’m such a fan of your Blog. How I wish to read featuring 8 Bicolanas of Bb Pilipinas 2015, namely Marvi Anne de Lima, Ria Rabajante, Mia Hernandez-Howell and Christi Lynn McGarry, Hanna Ruth Sison, Mae Liezel Ramos, Princess Villarente Camuand Ina Dominica Guerrero

    • Hello Sir Norman,
      My name is Maria Ortega and I am an aspiring filipina model living in Canada. I have had some experience in modeling through an agency at Carolyn’s Talent and model agency back in 2012-2013. I was hoping that you could help me contact Mercator models as I am having trouble finding their contact information online. It would be greatly appreciated po. Maraming Salamat and I enjoy your blogs!

      Thank you po!

  37. Hi Norman,

    Happy New Year!!!
    I’m an avid fan of your website. It started when I had a crush on Diana Arevalo last year 2014. Saw your post about her so I became inspired by your love for her and especially for our country!!!! Praying you encourage her to join again. I sent an IG message to her and she replied… Thanks dear… No yes no No haha.

    Anyways I’m writing in behalf of my mother who is an avid fan of miss universe since she was young. She wished she had joined BBP before haha. Forwarding you her letter to BPCI regarding her wishes for 2015. Hope you can back her up haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear BPCI

    Happy New Year!!!!! Praying and hoping for four things to happen in 2015 for BPCI…

    1. No more bb Pilipinas tourism crown … It’s a waste for a filipina winner like my crush parul shah

    2. Allowing world class filipino designers to dress our winners during their competition especially the miss universe

    3. This years competition to be held before MARCH 6, 2015. That’s that 27th BDAY of ISABELLE DAZA. Your age requirement is below 27 on the date of the pageant. I am in love with her and it would be your asset that she will do the back to back win for the Philippines for miss universe as MJ wins this year. And another history that Philippines will be the only country that both mother (Gloria Diaz) and daughter (Isabelle Daza) won miss universe.

    4. Miss universe 2015 finally be held in the Philippines!!!

    May God bless BPCI most especially Mrs. Araneta with wisdom from above!

    God Bless You More and more!

    Mabuhay PHILIPPINES!!!!


    God Bless You More And may you lighten up the filipinos reading your blogs even more!


  38. Happy New year sir norman,

    Hope you could send this very nice suggestion from an MJ fan MARCJ83 from Sydney through her handlers:


    Please get a tan before you go to Doral, i know its a big no no in the Phils getting a tan but blerghhhhhh being white is so zzzzz im brown but i even fake tan lol itll just make your skin more radiant/sun kissed and even make u look slimmer and sexier!!!!

    Straighten your hair.. Let the Latinas have the big froo froo hair embrace the straightner.. wear hair extensions ..Don’t curl ..it’ll just make your face look bigger.

    No fake contacts but if u do need to wear it wear the contacts that make the pupil look larger the more natural..natural eyes suit u more.

    With makeup i think you already know what looks good on you.. Please look back at your debut in 2011 you were spot on! Also some people say neutral lipstick look good on you … yes some but stay away from lipstick that match your face colour cos it’ll just make your lips more bigger… maybe even use lip liner to border your lips..it’ll make it pop!

    Wear high heels not the high platform heels.. its weird but i think they just make you look more shorter.. Only wear the platform heels when you can hide them but when you wear short dresses wear high heels…hot sharp heels not only cos they look hot but you can injure the other contestants!

    Try not to do much squats or use weights on your legs cos it’ll make your thighs bigger, try going on all fours and do leg lifts or do butt lifts.. these exercise will tone your legs NOT bulk them and lift the butt. (this is a good tip for most of you i know you guys have problems with ur short bulky legs LOL)

    Enjoy every second of ur stay and refrain from giving controlled smile cos whenever you control your smile we can see it and u tend to look scared and uncomfortable. Smile!!! Laugh!!! You are Miss Universe Phillppines! Act like a bakla cos ur fans go crazy when you do!!!! YOLO! FUCCKKKKKK!!!

  39. Hi shared a comment on the Ms Asean blog not to throw any bad blood but just telling the reality.
    Sana we dont tarnish our Country by sending candidates na questionable.

  40. Hello Norman! This is John Michael Angelo, an author of the Obsessed Beauty Pageant Fan blog and I would like to please do apologize if I do not ask permission first from you to grab a photo for your site for the article Miss Arizona USA. I do credited the photo to you and I wanted you to read this article >>> http://obsessedbeautypageantfan.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/miss-usa-2015-update-former-mutya-ng-pilipinas-runner-up-queen-turned-miss-arizona-usa/

    I hope you can also follow my blog and tell to your readers that I am new to the blogging world of beauty pageants. Thank you so much and if you can email me regarding the matter of borrowing your photo, just email me at beautypageantfanaticforever@gmail.com

    Thanks. Looking forward to your reply soon.

    John Michael Angelo
    Author of obsessedbeautypageantfan.blogspot.com

      • Thanks sir norman. Please do read and visit my blog if you have time and you can comment on the newest beauty queens for 2015. Please also promote it. Thanks for your kind support.

      • Hi Norman-I will be watching The Miss Universe in Doral Miami . I live in Miami. Do u know any supporters who are organizing to visit or welcome MJ Lastimosa as she arrives i n Miami. We could also meet up if u like . Let me know .


    Ooops… Error 404

    We are sorry, but the page you are looking for does not exist.

    Please check entered address and try again or go to homepage โ†’

    Miss Supranational Official Social Media:

  42. Hi Norman! This is Anne. Planning to visit Singapore in January 2015 when I go home to Manila. I will book my own flight but I am not sure which is the best location for hotel in Singapore that I should book. I am sure you can give me some suggestions as this is my first time to visit Singapore. There are couple of locations that I should pick from – Geylang, Chinatown, Little Inda, Financial Dist, Colonial DIst, etc. but which is the best place – that is close to shops, restaurants & important landmark of Singapore. I would like to book hotel that will not also cost me an arm & a leg as I might be staying there only for 2 nights. Will be waiting for your suggestion & advice on this. Thank you much Norman & I hope to see you soon!!!

    • Hi Anne, Geylang is around the red-light district so you might not be at ease in that location. Both Chinatown and Little India are interesting and with a lot of food and cheaper shopping options around. Financial and Colonial Districts are dotted with pricier accommodations. If I were you, I would stay in a hotel on the Orchard Road area. Otherwise, either Chinatown or Little India will do. My personal recommendation for a place with a good address/clean rooms would be the YMCA Orchard. It’s just a step above basic, but it has most everything you’ll need. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. hello sir norman,

    i came across this write-up from missosology, if this is true, pls. advertise it her in normannorman to help valerie in her bid for miss world 2014….salamat…

    Once again the Miss World App remains the only place to have your say!

    Pick your TOP THREE via the Voting Panel on the Miss World App and your votes will decide who will be the Peopleโ€™s Choice at the Miss World Final!

    We want everyone to play a part in the crowning of Miss World 2014, so show your support and get voting!

    In-app subscribers get an additional vote!

    Find out more about the Miss World Peopleโ€™s Choice Award

    This year we also bring you additional high quality photo galleries of all the action in London.

    With the brand new โ€˜Heartingโ€™ ability, you will be able to show your support for your favourite contestants and their pictures!

    With an improved layout, functionality and design, the Miss World 2014 app is your one stop guide to the Miss World Finals.

    With all the contestant bios, event schedules and everything outlined above, this app is unmissable!

    Due to Launch in November, the Miss World App will be available on iOS & Android, for download from The Apple Store and Google Play.

    *In App Purchases are required for some functions (www.missworld.org)


  44. Hi Norman! Im a 26 year old from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Searching for news on MGI 2014 discovered your blog and wanted to congratulate you. I really enjoy reading all the pageant news and seeing all the pictures.
    Other than this I wanted to ask if you could help so my voice can be heard. Ive been trying to reach out to the MGI organization because what they have done by browning this so-called Cuban is a disgrace. I haven’t been able to contact them. Its as if they keep their contact information a secret. Ive left many msgs on their official site and sent e-mails and nothing. No response. …This girl is 100% Puerto Rican. Her mother, her father, her previous stepfather (who gave her the last name Garcia) and her now step father are all from Puerto Rico. I am sure she has never been to Cuba and has no relationship with Cuba…. Our flags might look very similar but that doesn’t give her the right to represent a country she has no relationship with. She is just demonstrating that by being fake and saying lies one can achieve anything and this is wrong. Mr Nawat and the organization should do something about this ASAP. There were many beautiful girls in that pageant that were actually representing their country that deserved this crown more than her. If you could help me in any way i would greatly appreciate it.
    Again, congrats on this blog. Keep up the great work! I hope to hear from you soon

  45. Hi Norman, Napansin ko doon sa Araneta Center Grand Christmas Tree Lighting Event hindi suot ni Ms. Parul ang kanyang sash na Bb. Pilipinas Tourism. I am just wondering why?

      • kept noticing d dark skin blemish near right elbow of mj. what was that?check out several pictures ย posted ds week for you to validate! also recently a picture wd a wound mark on lower elbow of her left arm. we are talking about flawless skin!ย 

  46. Hello Norman, I’m Rey Maranan an avid reader of your Blog I just want to be your friend. I am golden boy plus already but they said that I look a little younger in my age. Hope we can see each other in the future, I am a registered Civil Engineer single and friendly. God bless.

  47. Hi Norman,

    Good day!

    I noticed that you have several posts about the Miss Earth pageant. I’m just curious if you have a direct communication with Carousel Productions. I wish to work with their organization even as an assistant or a chaperone hehe…Any information is highly appreciated.



    • MJ Lastimosa will be 27 this November and Miss Universe will be held (as you posted) will be on January 18, 2015, will she still qualify?

      • If we are to follow rules, no. But since MUO was the one who decided to move the pageant to January, they should have no choice but to honor MJ as our rep since she was able to meet the requirements if the pageant will have been conducted this 2014.

  48. Dear Norman,

    Since before, I am visiting your blog and is very well maintained and a lot of good articles/news for those interested in the same thing. Congratulations to that!

    I would like to ask if I may email you on a personal concern about one post that you may be able to help me with. Thank you very much!

  49. Saw your blog mentioned on Mang Jose’s FB. I like your blog…its a level up from the other pageant blogs i’ve seen. Gorgeous!

  50. Hi Norman,
    There is a mistake on one of your blogs in the Mutya ng Pilipinas entry. Pauline Edralin was 1st runner up, and her official title is “Mutya Vicoola Fashionista”.

    The winner of Mutya ng Pilipinas AUSTRALIA 2014 was Kim Fyfe:
    (plenty of public photos there).

    If you want a profile on her, copy the description from this post (originally from philstar.com on July 9th, 2014:

  51. Hi! I would like to have your email address and/or your facebook account to share some details about Miss Progress International which is NOT the typical beauty pageant.
    We are proud to give women a new role in the society, avoiding the usual “use” of their bodies.
    Thank you in advance.

  52. Hi Norman,
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  53. hi sir Norman, baka po pwede namin kayo mainvite sa aming recognition day for MISTER EARTH PHILIPPINES 2014/15 para mafeatures po ninyo sa inyong blog.

      • I forgot to inform you, during the pageant the main crown is the Miss World NZ but there are 4 other titles, Miss International NZ, Miss Grand International NZ, Miss Tourism NZ and Miss Intercontinental NZ (won by a Filipina also. She is candidate no. 1 i forgot her name but i think her surname is Renee)

  54. Norman,

    I like your blog very much. I like it because it is updated, factual and fair.

    If you know somebody who is connected with the Binibining PIlipinas organization and have a say on what the representative should do or have to compete in the international pageant, I would like to share my observations about the Philippine representative especially in the Miss Universe competition.

    I have no doubt that we send the most beautiful Filipina to the Miss Universe contest. I admire her physical beauty and have no doubt she will do very well in the swimsuit competition because she has the perfect body and she can walk well and carry herself like a queen.

    But when it comes to the evening gown competition, she will be left behind because she wears the worst evening gown. I do not understand why every Miss Philippines in the gown competition wear the worst gown. Who decides what evening gown she wears?

    The evening gown competition will always make Miss Philippines lost the competition. It is not the question how she can carry the gown because she can do it well but the gown itself is so bad.

    She can answer the question perfectly and with meaning but the gown she wears make her ugly and unappealing. I have seen Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup, Janine Tugonon and Ara Arida. They were not wearing the best gowns.

    In order to win the crown, you must be the perfect package. Miss Philippines can make it but the evening gown just ruin it.

    I am so glad the Megan Young wore the best gown ever that why was she won Miss World.

    I believe that it should be a Filipino Designer to create the evening gown for Miss Philippines.

    If it will not be a Filipino designer who will be creating the evening gown, Miss Philippines will never win Miss Universe.

    Ara Arida and the other former Miss Philippines should have won but the gown was just terrible.

    Thank you for reading my opinion. Have a wonderful day.

    • Thanks for reading, George. We’ll see what happens this year. There might be a turning point somewhere. Fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I hope so. I want Mary Jean Lastimosa to win Miss Universe 2014. She has a perfect body of 36 23 36 measurement. I saw the Binibining Pilipinas through youtube.com. I know she can do it. She has the confidence, physical beauty, smart and personality. I hope she will be given the best clothes to wear during the Miss Universe pageant. It is always good to look stunning and beautiful during the duration of the competition. I believe the judges start evaluating the contestants on day one. I believe that there are hidden judges during the competition and pretend to be just ordinary workers or audience but they will meet secretly and discuss who are deserving to be on the top 10 or 15 semi finalists. Mary Jean should be trained well and be alert always during the competition. The final questions might be coming from whatever situations or happenings in the Miss Universe competition. I remember Miriam Quiambao final question was about Miss Universe becoming pregnant. It was on that year that there was a contestant who was found pregnant and was disqualified and sent home. Miriam should have got the clue of what was really the rules and regulations of the Miss Universe organization about pregnant contestant. I believe that Miss Universe organization will never allow a pregnant winner. So Mary Jean must be taught how to answer controversial questions and avoid religious views which happened to Shamcey Supsup. I respect Shamcey’s answer but that was not a good answer for a Miss Universe contest. I notice that Miss Universe judges are very liberal and do not want religion as a convincing answer.

        Also, Mary Jean Lastimosa with the help of her trainers and her camp must choose the right clothes and gowns to wear in the competition. I hope that she knows what clothes and gowns she will be bringing to the competition. I noticed that when Venus Raj and Ara Arida were asked if what gowns or national costumes they will be wearing, they said that they did not know. Or were they instructed not to tell?

        I wish that this year 2014, Philippines will finally win the Miss Universe title.

        By the way, I am living in United States. God bless you, Norman.

      • Norman,

        Thank you for featuring the Aliwan Festival Queen 2014 costumes. They are awesome. You are right that Miss Philippines should wear one of those costumes to compete in the National Costume competition in the international pageants. I bet the judges will be awed and amazed. Miss Philippines will have a big chance to win the National Competition award.

  55. Mr. Norm,

    You are a gentlemen and a scholar. Props to your blogs and kudos to your diplomacy in responding to comments. Carry on and long live your passion.

    • Norman I hope that you can read this..Due the violence and the anti-goberment that is currently happening in Venezuela, I have to inform to all the world that another Miss Venezuela was killed there by a shot in her head during the protestsโ€ฆwe are talking about Miss Genesis Carmona who is Miss Tourism Venezuela in Carabobo. The beauty queen suffered a gunshot wound to the head according to several media reports, including โ€œVenezuela al Diaโ€. At least 11 citizens had been injured as a result of the anti-government protests held February 18th in Caracas and other parts of Venezuela. Carmona was in Valencia when the tragedy occurred. It is the capital city of the State of Carabobo, and the third largest city in Venezuela, located in the north side of the country.
      Carmona was rushed to the Centro Medico Guerra Mendez in Valencia, where El Universal reports seven other protesters were wounded by gunshots.
      The injured were marching from Cedeรฑo Avenue in Valencia to Plaza de Toros Monumental in the South of the city, which ended in clashes with pro-government protesters and police officials.
      Genesis Carmona is not the first beauty queen who suffers as a result of street violence in the South American country.
      Please spread this new.Thanks

      Ivan Caceres

  56. Sir Norman, I have always been so curious about the teeth of some Aces and Queens talents. Kasi po sa tuwing magggoogle ako ng old pictures nila (i.e. Ara Arida, Yvette Santiago, Kim Suiza to name a few), nagugulat po ako sa laki ng pinagbago ng ngipin nila. I was just wondering po if alam niyo kung may “go-to” dentist sila or kanya-kanyang pagawa sila ng ngipin…and kung alam niyo po kung sino. I plan on joining beauty pageants din po kasi in the future and right now I am not happy with my teeth.

    Pati po sa mga nose jobs, may “go-to” doctors (like Belo, etc) din po ba sila or kanya-kanya ng maghahanap ng pagpapagawan? Lastly, sino po ang “magpapalabas” ng pera kapag may “repair” na kelangan physically speaking. Kasi po full mouth veneers alone is really expensive.

    Thanks in advance, Sir Norman.

      • kay Dr. steve Gan ba un? im sure hundreads of thousands amount ng treatments dyan.

    • hi BQ,
      Apply ka sa A&Q if you want to know everything about the process.A&Q has holistic approach training in pasarela & stage projection,body toning workout, makeup tutorial from celebrity makeup artists like albert and most important, the personality development.They will tell you kung bagay sayo tooth veneer or other treatments.Follw them on instagram then pass your application when the advertise.

  57. Tito Norms,

    Kaya mo ba suportahan mga Reyna natin pag naging activista level ang beauty nila? Takot ka ba sa mga Politicians natin?

    • Afraid? Not entirely. I grew up in Bulacan where dirty politics and underground movements co-exist. I have a few strings to pull if need be. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  58. Good day Mr. Norman! I read that you’re blogging about beauty queens. May I just ask if you are somehow related or acquainted to Ms. Mutya Datul? Do you know how I can contact her? This is for research purposes. I’m hoping for your positive reply. My e-mail is ajzubeldia@yahoo.com. Thank you very much.

    • Hi AJ, your best bet is to contact her via Bb. Pilipinas Charities, Inc. in the pageant’s website: bbpilipinas.com

      You can also try tweeting her @TheRealMutyaDatul

      BTW, I am not related to her.

  59. Hello

    I just returned from the heart of the disaster area in Leyte to photo document for an international charity planning to assist soon.

    If you feel this personal album can contribute to increase people’s awareness + understanding of the amazing scale of the disaster, please feel free to share it


    Thank you in advance for your support
    Patrice Ordacji (Mr)

  60. sir norman, iblog mo nmn abt dito


    2nd RU: FRANCE
    3rd RU:MEXICO

    *It was held in Guatemala

  61. you are super cool norman. very quality blog. congrats. you deserve to be number one. i only heard about you from a friend who was so enthusiastic and all praises for you. and it is true!

  62. Hi Tito Norman! FYI lang po, someone from Thailand has sabotaged Ara’s Web Interview on Youtube. You can no longer find her “truth & dare” video unless you go to the Official Miss Universe Channel. We’ve already checked the IP address of the uploader to make sure he/she is really from Thailand but we can’t do anything to remove his pirated video w/c prevents people from viewing the original. I hope you could help us do something about this, such act is unacceptable. Thanks! =)

  63. Dear Norman,

    I am an avid fan of your blog and I always check it daily to get updated about the happenings in Pageantry. Anyway, I really love our Ms universe bet Ariella Arida. I always check your blog to get updates about the competition in Moscow. I am just very disappointed because lately I have noticed that Ariella’s gowns or dresses that she wears are actually out of trend and it’s so 80’s. I don’t know why Madam Stella is doing this but she is being bashed not only by other nations but also her fellow citizens because of her outfits . I mean come on! It’s 2013 and she is competing with the most beautiful girls in the world, Madam Stella is obviously making tipid with her gowns. We have a lot of talented Fashion designers in the country. Why dont she ask them to make gowns for Ariella, it’s one way of promoting their piece right?. I hope this message could reach to Madam Stella Araneta because it’s really aggravating to see Ariella with all those cheap gowns while other candidates look so stunning with their trendy outfits.As a supporter of Ara I want her to look best and Madam Stella is ruining her chance in Miss Universe.Sana maawa naman si MAdam Stella sa mga pambato natin next year. Juice ko Madaaaam!!!

    Hay naku Norman, it’s really nakakabwesiiiit.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent out my emotion here.

  64. Hello there Norman I emailed you something ๐Ÿ˜‰ please take time to read it about the voting system of miss universe

  65. A new member here…from New york
    About Ariela’s comment on the latinas at her interviews on “headstart:”
    I think her statement was taken out of context. i watched the interview and there was NO malice on what she said. It was a matter-of fact tone with sincerity, she simply insinuated that the whole pageant was not about the language but the whole package: beauty, projection and delivery. If you listened to the whole interview, there was no bashing there. The emphasis on Latinas was more of a a compliment which in reality…Latinas have been dominating most major global pageant. She even complimented Ms. Puerto Rico. This is most likely a distortion of the fact to either create controversy or simply a prejudice toward Filipinas. Whoever wrote this blunder is nothing but a CHEAP and LOWLIFE journalist to make such fuss for his/her personal CHEAP and LOWLIFE ego!!!

  66. Hi! My name is Faye from UNTV 37. We’ve come across your blog through Top Blogs Philippines and we’ve read some of your works and they are very interesting, thought-provoking and fresh. We’d like to invite you to be a guest on our morning show, if you may. If you would agree, we could converse through e-mail and discuss the further details?

    Many thanks and more power, Norman!

  67. Hi Norman, I am travelling to Bangkok soon. Is there a trusted driver with vehicle to take us around. thank you.

  68. Hi norman! this is agatha barretto from scribbleworks productions inc. I am the Business Development Manager here. We ar currently handling Miss Resorts World Manila. I was wondering if you could help us plug this? We are having our screenings now. Please and thank you. Please text me at 09178578359 ๐Ÿ™‚ or email me at agathabarretto@gmail.com

  69. Hello Norman.

    On behalf of MPSN-Iceland, thank you for your article below. We really appreciate your support. https://normannorman.com/2013/07/21/asdis-lisa-karlsdottir-the-nordic-pinay/

    Lots of love from the land of fire and ice.

    Kindest regards,
    Mutya-Iceland Team: รsdรญs Lรญsa, Josh Bong, Monching, Katrรญn, Guรฐrun ร“sk, Indiana Huld, Lelita Rรณs, Evelyn, Cirila, Marvi, Iris Penny, Maflor Svandรญs, IFM, Phil-Ice & FIA.

  70. good evening sir! this is Smile Siervo of GMA NEWS AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS. we are currently doing a docu feature in the life of sir Ogie Alcasid. in line with this may we request for to use some pictures of michelle van eimeren as supporting materials for our episode. rest assured that we will acknowledge the owner/sources of this photos. you may reach me directly at 09063880912 or simply call us at 926 9639. we would greatly appreciate your accommodation sir. godbless po! ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. hi norman,

    you and joyce ann burton are the bloggers that i check first when it comes to pageant issues and updates. thanks for obliging a humble fan with your prompt reply
    i really appreciate it

    cool brew

    • I am appalled by what Cox did. The girl is nuts. And given that she is cuckoo in the head, I don’t think she would even care if she was a former Miss Philippines. The funny thing is her claim that Dindi’s English is incomprehensible. The nerve! I am 100% sure that Dindi’s grammar is far more superior than hers.

      I learned that she turned down a heavy settlement from the couple. She can definitely swing for more given the severity of the accusations.

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  73. Hi Norman,
    I have been following your blogs for a while and not sure if you have twitter. I live for pageants and I think you deliver so well regarding the matter and up-to-date reporting. I do wish to have an open discussion regarding this years candidates and thoughts. I dream that I witness another Filipina win the Universe crown in our lifetime. TTYS

    • Hi Chris! You can follow me on Twitter @normant.

      Anyways, you can start joining in the discussions by replying first to some of the posts. It all begins from there. Perhaps, I can start a more free-wheeling ask-and-share feature by next month after I wrap up with my Getting-to-know series. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  74. Hi Norman. I kept reading your blogs regarding Binibining Pilipinas. Then I read about Mr. Jonas Gaffud and Rodgil Flores. May I ask your help on how can I join their beauty camp? As I plan to audition for Binibining Pilipinas 2012. Hope you could give some advice.

    Thank you. =)

    • Hi cherrie, it may be a little late to join the camps of either at this point when training of their girls have already been in full swing since late last year. Be that as it may, you can still try sending @jonasofmercator a tweet if he can look at your photos. Alternatively, you may be interested in sending me (norman.blogsite@gmail.com) a couple of your shots (one close-up and one full body shot) that I can feature in my blog. You may never know what can happen next! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. Im impressed, I have to say. Incredibly hardly ever do I come across a weblog thats both informative and entertaining, and let me let you know, youve hit the nail on the head. Your weblog is significant; the issue is something that not sufficient persons are talking intelligently about. Im genuinely pleased that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this problem.

  76. Dear Norman,
    Please be informed that we have changed the date & venue of Miss Earth 2011 to
    December 3, 2011 at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani in Bangkok.

    Please kindly help to update them on your website and advise the link once it get done. If you need further info, please feel free to contact me.

    Thanks & best regards,
    Sulak Pinsri
    CK Connection Co., Ltd.

  77. Hi Norman.
    Just saw your post from July 5 2011 about the article by Rick Cantrell, MD, PhD, PsyD. I just wanted to point out that it is actually a viral hoax email that has been circulating the email for quite some time. If you look at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center website they disavow any and all association with this rather misinformed piece of spam. The following is the address of their reply to this hoax, with a detailed rebuttal of all the points in it.


    Would you mind putting something in your next blog entry pointing out the above address and the fact the article is a hoax? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but seeing stuff like that presented as truth really gets my goat.


  78. Hi Norman ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you accept invites to blog about a beauty pageant? If so, where can we contact you? Thank you.

  79. Hi Sir! Thanks for promoting Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa. I’m Alem Ang, the producer of the movie. How can we invite you to the Critics Preview of our movie?


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  81. Hi Kuya Normz!

    Thanks for being part of my morning rituals here in the office. You keep me aware of what’s in and upcoming in the movie/social & pageant industries. Keep up the good work!

    Nababawasan din ang stress level ko pag nagvivisit ako sa blog mo ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks again!


  82. Hi Norman,

    For some reason I came across your blog when I was browsing and trying to look for the video of Ap le of “Black Eyed Peas” about Philippine tourism. But I believe things happened for a reason, so here am I now making this comment to tell you how grateful I am while reading comments here and funny thing i started on 2009, lol!!! Do not know you but while reading on some comments you are the guy in “mellow”. Would you believe I havent watched nor listen to radio station. But I will check on you morning call for sure. Looking forward to hear from you and we’ll be following you here as well. Thank you and congrats to this blog, keep inspiring more people and stay blessed:)

    • Thanks, angelica. Your name rings a bell but I can’t place the connection just yet. Anyways, glad to see you visiting my blog. Yes, I am that guy calling Mellow. But if you tune in as well to 89.1 Wave, you’ll hear me from time to time (where they call me Hannibal). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  83. Dear Norman,
    I’m an owner of golden house VIP Bangkok, and just find out that you have recommend our place to many people in your blog,I really appreciate that. I don’t know how to reach you so just leave some word in your blog.
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    • Hi Gee! I sent you an email to your hotmail address. I’m actually booked there (again) this coming summer.

      Thanks for visiting my blog! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  84. Hi Norman,

    Saw your post on Venus Raj & Maricel Gaskell and read that you know her personally. Would you know how & where to contact her for a spiritual / numerology consultation?

    Thanks very much!

  85. hi. norman, i find your blog helpful and entertaining. i’d love to hear more of your stories and reviews like you did in the cherrymobile q300..
    more power and God Bless..
    i wish to learn your email add too..
    thanks a lot

  86. hi,can i ask something?i would like to join for Bb. pilipinas 2011..do u know how to apply?please need some help :)thank’s.

    • Hi rose, do check out this recent post about Bb. Pilipinas 2011. It has details on how you can submit your application. Just click on the link. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  87. Good Day! Hi, I have seen your post about the prestigious, Mutya ng Pilipinas… do you think you can help me in joining the said pageant, prolly through contact details? When and where do you think it will be held?…Hehe, I know it’s too eraly, but yea, just wanna be certain. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Maria, the 2010 Mutya has just wrapped up a few months back so a lot of things can still happen between now and the 2011 edition. Just regularly visit this blog for any future updates. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  88. Hi Norman!

    I made a video with Emma Baker, Miss California Teen USA 2010, supporting the Love is Louder movement to hopefully help stop the teenage abuse and harrassment which have lead to recent teenage suicides. I was hoping that you’d support it by posting about it on your blog. Please take a look.


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  90. Thanks, Kenny! By the way, I will be visiting Taiwan (Taipei to be exact) mid-September. Hope you won’t mind if I ask you questions about where to go and the like! Thanks for visiting my blog! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  91. keep it up Norman… never stop searching the good information it really help us esp. me, having a new idea that can add to my knowledge…. thanks thanks….


  92. New Theme ha… nice then i like the touch of wooden style combination of brown and black it looks natural but elegant heheheh…. so how are u now?

  93. yea i agree this past days or months is one of the busiest time i ever had also… imagine before i am online everyday from 7am till 6pm doing nothing so important but now i can do it anymore bec. of some stuff i need to do. thankfully i still have time to reply to ur blogs…. and grateful i am to ur reply!!!!

  94. its been a long time i haven’t hear your voice on air, coz i been too busy this pass days, coz i file my resignation letter o my employer last 2 Mar 2010 and i need to focus on work even for the last time lol!!! i believe you are still there in L.A i really miss the breath taking moment every morning lol… hopefully i can catch you on 15Mar…. see yea!!!

    • hey, nuji, sorry for the late reply. i already started calling the wake-up show again but couldn’t do it on a daily basis just yet as so many things at work keep me tied down to my desk early in the morning. just watch out for them… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  95. Yea as I heard kanina most of the caller and txter n umattend sa party is a little bit tipsy and others are totally bangag lol, but I know for sure that everyone enjoy it. When is the next gigz? Actually gusto ko sna pumunta that time but I feel awkward eh kc wala me kilala there, I dont want to feel like a strangers Lol maybe nxt time!!! It is also good to do it beside of the beach…

  96. wait meron p pla im gonna miss you coz this coming more days your in a vacation right? sayang but dont worry am gonna write here from time to time okie… ingatz & enjoy! Kudos!

    • Awwww! Thanks, nuji boi! But the blog will still be regularly updated within the next two weeks so it won’t stay stagnant. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  97. Sayang nd me nakapunta sa party nyo yesterday its been a busy day kc eh… i need to fix my name correction for my birth cert yesterday so i went to the Q.C hall all day just to finish it. tapos super init pa itz really summer time but maybe nxt time i’ll be there to see u and hang w/ u guyz thanks for inviting me though. as i listen kanina itz seem enjoy talaga keu kahit mga bangag keu ok lng din ahhahaha….

    Nuji Boi

    • I was half-hoping to see and meet you last night at the listeners’ party. But it’s all good. There will always be a next time. Truth be told, I was already tipsy when I left Bagaberde at around 11pm. But work beckons early this morning despite the lack of sleep. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. hi Norman,,,,I’ve been listening on the wake up call everydaay,going to work….its you why I listen,,,,,pag nag brbrain strming kau nila Rau and JP…nakakaaliw naaaup date ako sa paligid….hi 5

  99. My Saturday is unusual today 1st I need to get up early coz I need to go to the office wherein it should be my Rest Day its so bad coz I cannot be w/ my friends gimmick today, 2nd one I arrive in the office an hour early coz there is no traffic jam today in Quiapo unlike weekdays. And the 3rd one is that I didn’t hear ur voice in the radio, I think I am used to hear ur voice everyday in the radio, actually I am waiting for u to call them then is just made me realize that is Saturday so there is no โ€œMen’s Roomโ€ hmmm… these Saturday for me is a boring thing… I can’t wait to end the day so I can relax and watch movies etc…

    • Aawww, nuji boi, thanks for the sweet thought! You might miss my voice on the Wake Up Show even more because I will be in the US for the first two weeks of March. But I will be back for ‘duty’ thereafter. Hope you can attend the Listeners’ Party of Mellow94.7 this coming Thursday at Bagaberde Macapagal! I will be there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  100. You are really an addict blogger lol… thanks for the response anywei.
    Good to hear that PAL offering a lowest fare both domestic & international, I am also frequent traveler coz I love to see the beauty of the Philippines meet diff. People and mingle w/ them that’s why I am grateful for those air lines who offer a lower fare. Anywei, I would just like to ask some tips from you, my friends & I is planning to go to Ilocos this first week of March but we dont have any idea where to go or stay maybe u have an idea what are some adventure we can do while there we also planning to go in Fort Ilocandia. Hope you can help me and give some tips!!!!
    thanks a lot!!!


    • Nuji, I’m not very good with travel tips for local destinations. At any rate, going to Pagudpud should be part of your itinerary because it’s such a beautiful location. Besides that, food tripping should fill you in for most of the time that you and your friends will be staying there. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  101. Hey nuji boi! Merci for visiting my blog. I always make it a point to call up the boys to throw in even just a small sense of balance to their otherwise heterosexual discussions. I’m glad the two guys respond to me with positivity despite being obviously, albeit delightfully, afraid of gay men in a way. Thanks as well for the kind words about my blog. Yeah, hopefully we can meet one of these days. Keep in touch! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  102. Hi there Norman, is this really you? lol Recently I been a fan of 94.7 โ€œThe Men’s Roomโ€ and it really catch my attention every time you call them, you really an insider lol, through that I been curious to know you more so I said that I need to check your site coz nakakabitin ung usapan nyo on air esp. kaninang umaga I never know that you are… you are brave dude and I commend u. but u know every time I am in front of my computer I always forgot to check your site, so I decided to put it now in my To Do List thing… luckily this day I had the opportunity to check your site and with a big surprise its Amazing site full of info & tips. Hope to meet you personally and talk anything under the sun… more power dude keep it up!!! see yeah!

    >Nuji ^^

  103. I so enjoy reading your blog today ๐Ÿ˜› so i decided to make it the URL of the month on my blog ๐Ÿ˜›

    keep the good stuff comin’ ๐Ÿ˜›

  104. I just have found your blog…and I like it alot….I usually dont read others people blog….I find it boring.. But your blog is very entertaining.Keep writing Norman..Good job.
    Grettings from Indonesia !!!!

  105. Nice Read! ๐Ÿ™‚ Since its been a while, this is a great way to keep in touch but I hope to see you around! ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Hi Sir,

    I’m so happy with your blog. Everytime I feel homesick, I just read your blog. Daming info and feels like home. Miss you boss. And by the way sa sobrang dami ng info about Bangkok para na ako naka visit doon. He.he.he

  107. hello! i know you are the norman who always call on wake-up show (mellow947) right? the guy who has similar voice with renee? .. your blog is very eduacational. i always learn new things / something informative from your blog! .. keep it ip! =P

    • How’d you guess, med? I know I did a quick mention of my url during the Mellow 947 BMG but it was so fast I thought nobody would remember.

      • i always listen to mellow as i go to school everyday (from 6am-730am only). im just a silent listener of mellow. ive been visiting your blog since the day i started following pamela on mu. and then i remember you call on wake-up show and you gave some beauty pageant updates. remember? but that time, i wasn’t that sure that the norman on blog and the norman on mellow is the same. until i heard the last call from you on mellow .. the “jason castro” .. you predicted that his song will be a big hit. hehe .. =P i’ll visit your blog regularly.

  108. It is very educational reading your blog.. I appreciate people like you who loves to share things that’s happening, had happened and will happen.. I will visit your site from time to time.. Ingatz always,

  109. Hi, Sir! It’s really very interesting, reading your blog. Sharing your knowledge,ideas and experiences, I admire you more. Keep it up, sir! You’re the great, talented, bright, jolly, down to earth boss I ever met.

    • Thanks for dropping by, raquel. Hope you can regularly check out my blog. Salamat din pala for the nice words about me. Take care! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  110. Finally!!!! Your own blog!

    Wow, Norman, this is so you! You’ve always impressed me with your prolific and interesting mind, and now, with a platform like this, you get to share it with a broader audience too! Cool!

    Looking forward to more posts. In the meantime, cheers and congrats!

    • Thanks for the compliment, bing! I just hope I can sustain the drive and inspiration to blog continuously. I am riding on the wave of support and encouragement right now. Your kind words lift me up! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  111. good work norman. gives me ideas of what i should do when i go back and visit home soon! the cupcake pics made me hungry.

    see you mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. for sure, i will check out your blog regularly because they are always nice to read, specially after a stressful day while having my rum and coke. ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers

    • Thanks niko! Another way of getting in touch with each other. Hope everything’s well out there in the Cayman Islands!

    • HI Norman! i find your blogs really interesting and very well written…i enjoy reading your blogs when and if i have the chance. your views always propagate optimism and i find your articles always finding what is good and worthy of praise.

      keep up the very good work…my time is not wasted visiting your blogs. HIghly entertaining, varied, and only seeks what is good and pleasant.

      God bless you!
      Reuben Laurente

      • Thanks for the kind words and for dropping by, Reuben!

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you the singer Reuben Laurente who used to be part of the Company? If so, then I would love to blog about your new album. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • yes Norman, ako yun…wow!!!! thank you so much! i hope i can send you an album but i am here in miami florida for rehearsals for my new contract as a featured singer with Royal Caribbean International…i will keep you posted as to when the album “MORE THAN JUST RENDITiIONS” will be available in the market. hope you can email me so i can at least discuss with you personally.

        I am your fan! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • hello again Norman! i emailed you something…thanks so much !
        nahiya naman ako napanuod mo ko sa walang…..TULUGAN! Kuya Germs and John Nite are two of the nicest people in the industry…they are always extending their help most especially to the virtually unknowns in the industry. God bless them!


      • I already replied to you, Reuben. And ok naman ang Walang Tulugan ah. I don’t watch it regularly but I get to catch it pagkagaling sa gimik on Saturday nights. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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