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    • @ Anonymous And Malaysia spooked us at (The)Globe by edging out Queen Montagne for the Head2Head gold.

      This Indian-Malaysian look seems a viable business model for that country’s pageantry. We know that due to religious custom/tradition there Malay girls are dissuaded from joining beaucons & even then I’m unsure that the Chinese-Malaysian ladies were able to gain traction internationally. Kesha Ramachandran herself is of that Indian-Malaysian lineage so yes, this BRAND could be fortified.

      • @Gul Panag – The Miss World 1998 second princess is Lina Teoh, also an actress like Michelle who competed in 1983.

      • @GulPanag,

        You must be referring to Michelle Yeoh,

        Movies like “Memoirs of Geisha”

    • Kahit rep nila this year sa MGI, maganda!

      ‘Yung rep nila earlier this year (2020 edition, batch of Sam 2.0) had one of the best bodies, up there with Aurra Karishma & Lala Guedes. Tall, long, & lean-fit.

      Perhaps pageantry in Malaysia is trying to at least match that of neighbor Indonesia in terms of popularity with the general public. I feel that if they win a BIG crown, their queen might end up like Iris Mittenaere – a tepid reception most everywhere in her country beyond her hometown & immediate circle of followers.

      Perhaps it is in the Malaysian character to shun flashiness. Though maybe secretly, they relish the occasional attention, too, even though they choose not to admit/say. 🙂

  1. My definitive Top 8

    Belarus -for the crown
    Malaysia -will be happy for her a breath of fresh air alternate
    Belize -can spoil everything for the win

    Chile -landing on 4th


  2. I love this batch!!!! I think we 4 equal footing among Thailand, USA, Malaysia and Chile. I do feel that it a battle between Thailand and Malaysia, but USA adn Chile are so charming that they can win the hearts of the judges. So good luck! Any of you can be a great Miss Earth.

  3. Oooohhh…. Shark tagging (USA) is TOO COOL. 🙂

    OK. I agree with this Pick. Puwede na rin!

    • (Cont.)

      This is a probably a good time to finally give it to Thailand. MEO may never get back the caliber of Punika; at least Baitong seems just a bit better in English & she is a MUT semifinalist & the former’s batch mate at that. And if Paweensuda wins before the year ends, the Kingdom’s 2019 roll with Anntonia & Bint would be sustained. 🙂

      1st RU to Chile, 2nd RU to USA, & 3rd RU to Malaysia. PN’s S7E2, please!

    • (Cont.1)

      Michala Rubinstein, for me, was the STAR of the 2020 Elemental Court. Was she sashed ‘Netherlands’ though of Israeli origin? Was well-traveled, polyglot, & probably the best European last year.

      2019 had arguably the best European campaign, with two GREAT BEAUTIES – Manyenook & Vavruskova – penetrating the Final 4.


      There’s eight (8) before the Elements (4). I would…

      Virreina Norte – Pervij of Belarus
      Virreina Oriental – Alshorbaji of Philippines
      Virreina Sur – Wagner of Belize, &
      Virreina Occidental – Linnet Lau of Cuba

      (My rationale being that as MEO emphasizes that the four Elemental rankings bear equal weight, then why not apply the same spirit to the remaining four?…)

  4. My bet to win is Belarus … but if not, Malaysia would be a breath of fresh air ! likely Belize is a spoiler

  5. In fairness kahit Virtual daming Beauty!
    I go for Romina (Chile).New face, blonde and well rounded !!! She is great follow up for Queen Lindsey, the best Miss Earth winner!

    • Paquita ever since naman marami talagang maganda sa earth since 2001. Ang layo if you compare it to the other pageants we have now like mgi or supra.

      • MGI and Supra can never be compared to Miss Earth which is already an established pageant org and definitely belongs to the the real big 4 not the self-proclaimes MGI and Supra.
        ME earned its placement in the pageant world by its own merit and not through self-proclaimed press releases and gimmicks.
        I hope though that they will come back with a bang next year for their live finals.

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