18 comments on “Aces & Queens for Binibining Pilipinas Part 2

  1. Since this is Binibining Pilipinas, I would shortlist Stacey Gabriel (actress) for one of the crowns (except perhaps for MGI since she’s only 5″6). I’ve seen her project well on camera and speak fluently with a slightly distinguishable Australian accent (?) via her Youtube channel. She’s more articulate in English than Diana Mackey (although that’s hardly a requirement for MI). She’s a bit too naturally quirky though for MI, although that could be easily tempered and she can be “dolled up” to look the part. Nonetheless, she may be a good follow-up to Cindy at Intercontinental. Tamondong is a little too dusky and too fierce for MI, so she’d probably end up with the Miss Globe PH crown. Her demeanor and her way of talking are reminiscent of Nelda Ibe. She can also be a prospective MGI candidate – pretty Malay-Asian face and tall. I’m on the fence though because she’s full-figured and too timid for MGI that go for playfulness, high energy and show-womanship (this will prorably again be given to another KF girl). That having said, she would fit better for Supranational but that’s on the other side of the fence at MWP. The MUP timeline, if that’s her medium-term target, will take a few more years to hone and prepare her properly.

  2. For this batch, my choice is Roberta Tamondong.

    And while the outline of her lips was obviously beyond the natural contour (to make her lips appear fuller and bigger – which kinda looks clownish. Temper the exaggerated make up girls and gheys), at least her face looks natural. No enhancement — just exaggerated lips make up. This can easily be remedied.

    World Peace.

  3. Dumadagondong si Tamondong
    Definitely one of my favorite beauty titlists.
    Love her!

  4. Tamondong should try MUP. She is still young and can use BbP as part of her training in preparation for joining MUP in the future.

    • BBP as stepping stones. Lol. Even if she wins one of the international crowns, that will not stop her from joining MUP.

    • You have a powent. Roberta sounds siga and Tamondong sounds so tribal. Hmm.. Let us make her name sexy. How about

      Bherta Tamod-ohh? Lol.

      World Peace.

      • Rob, Robbie? Forget the last name. What is her middle name? She is beautiful. And will be “beautifuler” with right branding.

  5. Roberta Tamondong should join MUP. Her sultry beauty is a standout.

    Gwendoline Soriano’s face is beaming. Her IG shows more of her natural beauty. Freshness overload.

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