20 comments on “Anie Uson of Manila wins Miss Chinese World 2023

  1. MUP gain:

    Bakit hangga ngayon may alingasngas pa rin sa naging resulta ng top 10?

    Nagsalita na si Madam Shamcey at ang pamunuan ng SGV pero hindi talaga malinaw kung ano nangyari. Ayaw nila pareho magbigay ng detalye.

    Kung gusto talaga nila ng transparency, sabihin na lang nila kung sino talaga yung kasama sa top 10. (Hello Emanuelle) Then mag-apologize na lang sila na nagkamali sila sa tabulation. Alam naman natin sa umpisa pa lang may top 5 na sila at naniniwala ako na formality na lang yung pag-announce ng top 18 at top 10. Pero para sa mga kandidata, yung makasama ka sa top 18 ay malaking bagay na… lalo na pag nakasama ka pa sa top 10 – na ibig sabihin naka-advance pa sila from top 18. Unfair talaga sa mga kandidata. Sana may matutunan ang MUP org sa nangyaring ito… nakakahiya!

    • IKR, Miss Tissa?

      I think there are no questions anymore on the winners and Top 5. All are deserving winners. So I don’t know kung ano ang hanash ng ibang commenters saying let’s support na lang the winners. Let us be clear, we are supporting the winners. Go Michelle. Go Pauline!

      What is disturbing is the lack of transparency from the organizers and SGV on what really happened that night which they just lamely called “technical issue”.

      As of last night, MUP and SGV released a no-explanation-explanation joint statement WEEKS AFTER the incident. Which really explained nothing. Lol.

      You know you have a bad communication statement if you have to explain the explanation. Lol.

      I agree with your theory Miss Tissa. The Top 5 were already pre-determined. And I think there is nothing wrong with that. It is the prerogative of MUP. Nabuko lang sila and they can’t explain it well. A quick and simple apology would have sufficed.

      (Let’s see if next year it will still be SGV as their auditor. Or if the succeeding years, it will still be Jonas and Shamcey. Lol)

      World Peace.

      • Tama na Mang Tomas (Thomas)! Do not hijack this thread with your whining. Nobody cares about your thoughts, because if they did- they would have made you an MUP jjudge😀😀😀Your useless whining will not change any of the decisions already made, not one bit 😊So there, move on na baklang Mang Tomas 😅😅😅

      • Tulog ka na Jonas. Lol.

        I am sorry if you failed in your reading comprehension class. Or if you ever attended school at all. I am not questioning the result. I am happy with the results dear. Let me know kung kailangang tagalog para ma intindihan mo.

        Yes, no one cares about my opinion thats why I got a total of 44 reactions in my first post, and 33 in my next post. Lol. Probably much, much more than the TOTAL reactions to your comments since this blog started.

        Yup. If one can not argue intelligently and logically, just call the other “bakla”. Lol. Ang talino mo.

        World Peace.

      • Tahan na, baklang Mang Tomas🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Talo lang alaga mi eh!!! This thread is about Miss Manila, not your stupid whining hahahaha

  2. Anong math ba Ang dafat kuentahin sa MUP.
    My Gehd🫣 Di nyo vah napanood Ang QandA, EG at SS competition 😂
    Nilampaso Yung tiyanak divahhhhh. Ahihihihihi.
    Wala n vang bagong ganap sa vayoti pageant😍

  3. I am amused by the number of reactions about my post below asking what really happened during the tabulation of Top 18 / Top 10 during MUP. It seems no one can give a satisfactory and logical answer. Lol. Except for “Shamcey’s Love For Math”. Hahaha.

    Voltaire, aren’t you the communication “expert” in that organization? The least you could do is to protect your bosses and MUP as a brand. It seems the strategy is “let the issue die a natural death”. I find this really pathetic. As any decent communication practitioner worth his salt would know. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. When you stop talking, they’ll start talking. Lol.

    Oh well, the many “dislikes” flatter me no end. And no matter what the blind followers would say, the staging of this year’s MUP was really bad. Someone has to say that the Emperor indeed has no clothes.

    Some of us love Math. Me, I love Logic.

    World Peace.

    • Me, I love truth and transparency. Unfortunately, we’re not getting either one, except for the obvious explanation that 1 + 1 = 2.

      I agree with you, Thomas. Where is Voltaire when we need him? Considering that he’s always available to take selfies of himself with the candidates yet he’s keeping mum when he needs to COMMUNICATE. Fire him!

    • The best in Long Gown for me is Zambales, or even Baguio or Pampanga. But not Makati, sorry.

      Best in SS, I agree with their choice.

      In the QnA, I agree that Makati delivered the best answer.

      Let’s just support MMD in her journey to Miss Universe.

  4. “Ang respect hindi ‘yan ini-impose, ine-earn ‘yan. Act your age!”

    Beatriz Saw

    Anie resembles Beatriz, another Filipino-Chinese. Are they related?

  5. Cebu Province’s bet Emmanuelle Vera revealed that she was part of the “unannounced top 10” at this year’s Miss Universe Philippines.

  6. Congratulations!!


    Now to a TOTALLY unrelated topic (since it seems Norman’s blog will not feature the explanation of Shamcey re: brouhaha in MUP).

    1) Why is Shamcey the one explaining and not SGV?

    2) What love for math is she boasting about ? Kala ko naman may na discover syang bagong formula when a simple 10 x 12 is not equal to 106. Lol. Medyo mayabang din ang dating e simple math lang pala.

    What really happened dears? How could a poor internet connection be related to all these? How come the “esteemed” CPAs of did SGV not see this? If MUP /SGV think that by not giving a proper explanation weeks after the pageant, it will be forgotten, they’re wrong. If any, this incident adds more critical incidents how incompetent the show is being run.

    Apat na taon na, palpak pa rin. Where is Sandra Lemon when we need her? Lol.

    World Peace.

  7. WOW! She was Top 12 Finalist in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2018 and then appointed by Mutya ng Pilipinas as Philippine representative at Miss Chinse World 2023. Congratulation Architect Anie Uson Chen for bringing home the crown. Hopefully after your commitments at the Mutya ng Pilipinas, you will join MWP or BPCI not MUP.

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