23 comments on “Once a Mutya, Forever a Queen: 50 Years of Mutya ng Pilipinas


    • very wrong. Maaaward ni blogger to. Kung si blogger nga nakuha ibig sabihin ni Steffie. Kabobohan? Big word. Ang lakas maka self-righteous. Never nagkamali sa analyzation. Kahit pa taga UP ang isang tao, pwede pa ding magkamali kasi nga tao tayo. Lawakan mo ang pang-unawa mo bakla.

      • Thank you sis Jonalyn! Professor ata si manong sa Harvard or editor in chief ng merriam Webster’s. Hong lalim!!!!!Hayaan mo na. Pag pray n lng natin wag cya mgk COVID-19!! Di ba Tito norms???!!! 😇

    • o yung mga graduate ng UP jan per Pierro Rocco na perfect at very sensible ang mga post, bawal ang mga comments na may kabobohan ha. sisihin nyo siya.

      Pierro Rocco, fyi, bawal ang perfect sa blogsite na to.

    • Sige n nga patulan n kita sir/mam…what is this forum? Formal and legal? Are we in school or am I writing a news article to be of unwittingly correct and precise? Is this thesis writing? Kaloka. Typical Filipino, pag may ng english more than the thought and message grammar particular! Haha. Sige, next time pag may nag-ask s akin nang, “Do you speak English?” Dpat pala ang isasagot ko, “American, british, Australian, old or middle english?” Kaloka. I pity you. I’m sure your life is sad, lonely and unappreciated to be so hateful. I’ll pray for ur peace of mind and serenity. 😘

  2. Very MGI ang Opening Number. 🙂

    Naalala ko tuloy ang 26K…. May “Deal or No Deal” pa ba? Buhay pa si Banker?

    Mr. Tinio, 1) has Marc Nelson availed of permanent residency in Philippines? He is Brit-Burmese halfie, right?, 2) What agreement did KR arrive at with MIlo(2x) organization regarding her supposed-to-have-been plan to join a 2020 Nationals (instead she finishing RU and Rabiya and Karen Laurrie being sent instead)?, 3) Is Justine Teng related to the basketballer-er Alvin?

    Taga-Bahrain pala si Arienne Viado. Bakit Antipolo City si Cartasano; akala ko ba taga-Tanay (kung sa bagay, magkatabi lang, parang si Lemon na dati’y Pasig City at ngayo’y Taguig City)?

    Among Mutya’s, Legaspi, Aldana, and Dimayacyac are the ones that register to me..,..

    Does the “Overseas Community” titlist at least get some money, Blogger Boss?

    Akeel MUST join MWP; she will be good for Eco-International!

    Agatha Romero, what is still missing….? 😦

    • Akeel for Eco -international ? I don’t see the point . She’s already Miss Asia Pacific International. MUP is the only step that will make sense for her .

      • So KF girls cannot join MUP ?
        Idk why . She can change camps , can she not ?
        I’d rather rest on my Miss API crown than join those minor minor pageants .

  3. Hehe..dapat coinciding yung terminologies. If tagalog sna, tagalog n din. Kung taglish, taglish…One a Mutya, Forever a Reyna. Ang isang Mutya habambuhay na Reyna…hehehe. ang awkward lang. Super pilita corrales 😆

    • Para din lang “Once a Binibini, always a Binibini” na dapat “Minsan naging Binibini, lagi nang Binibini” dapat 😊

      • Ahaha! Daming kong tawa dito sa analogy mong ‘to, Norman!

        Like I can imagine na magkausap tayo face to face at super baklaan ang ganap!

      • Sjeffie Cheon di ba taga-UP ka? DAPAT ALAM MO ang PAGKAKAIBA ng Tagalog, Pilipino at Filipino linguistically speaking.

        TAGALOG (or pwede rin sa PILIPINO): “Minsan naging Binibini, lagi nang Binibini.”
        FILIPINO: “Once a Binibini, always a Binibini.”

        Filipino is multi-based. It is an amalgam of the languages in the Philippines. Foreign terms which have become part of our daily lives (conversations) are also part of the Filipino lexicons. That is the essence of the Filipino language which continually to evolve. Among the major Filipinos varieties are spoken and developed in highly urbanized areas such Metro Manila Filipino, Baguio Filipino and Davao Filipino.

      • Bakit parang galit na galit k? 😊 Bakit parang kasalanan ko? 😆😄😀😃😉🤩🤪

      • @ Pierro Rocco Bom dia, Dude. 🙂

        Talking about that “Filipino versus Tagalog”, naalala ko tuloy nu’ng first time ko sa Davao City.

        I was at the Sampaguita Hotel and watching the local news after a day of going around the city. There was at the time a move to restrict the movements (I think; my Cebuano grasp is awful) of “payong-payong”, a pedicab with a literal umbrella to comply with the definition of a “closed vehicle” in order to qualify as public transport. And it’s “pa-YONG”, not “PA-yong”.

        And now here in Luzon (Manila to be exact), we “angkas” on the “HA-bal”, which is (correctly?) pronounced “ha-BAL”, right?

        Finally, my first time to ride the “ha-BAL” was in Tagaloan, Misamis Oriental. I had told the jeepney driver to “lugar” at a road leading to a power plant I had to get to fast…. It was a LONG walk to the facility, said “ha-BAL” guy, so I got on. He snickered at this Manilenos’ clumsiness-in-fact-utter-cluelessness on the proper way to get on to the passenger end of a motorcycle (and I had a FULL backpack at the time). Anyway, in the end I got to the plant but not before we passed what to me was the PRETTIEST sight in all of Mindanao – a depression much like the UP Diliman Sunken Garden, complete with sheltering acacia trees, gurgling brook, and big rocks strewn about. I thought it would be nice to live there, to have a house there, and retire there.

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