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  1. Yvethe Santiago is not fit for this pageant. If the placements of Bianca, Kris Tiffany and Yvethe are interchanged, Yvethe being sent to MI, Kris Tiffany to Supra and Bianca to MIntercon, then placements of our 2014 queens would be better.

    Yvethe is more fit for Miss International, but since reigning si Bea nung 2013, back to back is impossible, but she could reach top 10.

    Bianca is more for Intercon. She could have ended up in a runner up placement.

    Kris Tiffany being sent to Supra will not give us a back to back win but she will give us a runner up or at least a top 10 finish.

    si MJ Lastimosa lang ang tamang placement nung BBP 2014

    • I never thought MJ was MU material .
      Nor did I think of Yvethe as MI material .
      If Pia had won MUP and Kris Jamison MIP , the year would have been more successful
      I was never a fan of Bianca G or Yvethe so I donot know where to pace them

      • @ Fabian Reyes Now that you mentioned it, oo nga, no? 🙂

        Pia would have been good either 2014 or ’15.

        She would have been up against Dieppa, Harkusha, Sanchez, and Fennel, a line-up not too far-removed from Jordan, Gutierrez, Cocqruel, and Radulovich.

      • @Flor but Paulina is much much stronger than Ariadna, and it was still Trump Era. Even if Rolene Strauss chose to compete in MU instead of MW that year she still wouldnt be able to topple Paulina off that crown. Pia won over Ariadna because she possessed something that the new owners were looking for and that was not very evident to the still very much Trump Era template of Ariadna. But if Pia competed in 2014 at best I think she would be 1st RU. No matter how strong of a performance Pia or any other woman gave, 2014 was still all about beauty of face and unrealistic body proportions which Paulina was so blessed to have even when she was still entering puberty.

  2. I like that both pageants get to send their (recent) winners to many different countries, and that they put a lot of effort to level-up the entertainment value of their pageant. I don’t believe a pageant really has to have a specific advocacy. Giving women the platform to showcase what they have to offer and having a nice prize package are enough for me.

    The Philippines has a nice semifinal streak so far in Miss Supranational. I hope we get to see another Pinay getting at least a runner-up placement there.

    MGI started out nicely for the Philippines. Then 2018 happened, when the relationship between Filipino pageant fans and MGI really got ugly. While many Pinoys can be very nasty online, Nawat responding to trolls and throwing shade against Pinoys and ME really made it worse. I wish he had just taken the high road, and remained quiet. Let’s see if the relationship between Pinoys and MGI will be repaired in the future. I’m not quite optimistic, maybe unless a Pinay wins. I find it funny by the way how many Pinoy fans cry out that MGI is a “cooking show”, yet they call out Nawat to hold true to his “promise” that next year, Philippines will win. 😛

  3. Nasa Indonesia at Thailand na ngayon ang mga mata ng Miss Supra Org kaya huwag na muna kayong umasang magkakakorona tayo dyan. Swerte na kung makabalik ulit sa Top 5. Chweh!

  4. Kahit walang advocacy kemerlu ek ek yang MGI, kahit naman papaano, entertaining siya. Alam ko naman kung bakit galit na galit mga peegnoise dyan kay Nawat eh dahil sa takot na masapawaan nila ang Miss Earth. Yun lang. Ganun lang kasimple. Kaya ang ginagawa ng mga peegnoise, todo bash sa MGI. Magkakalat sa FB ng kung anu ano. Kesyo ganito, ganyan. Cooking show, walang advocacy hindi kagaya ng Miss Earth, comedy show at kung anu ano pang mga below the belt na panlalait. Blah blah blah. Tapos reresbak at patol naman si Angkol sa kanila by mocking ME o kaya magpaparinig sa mga peegnoise. And peegnoise be like “unclassy owner, pumapatol sa fans”. Like seriously, sa kabastusan nilang yun hindi sila papatulan? Bashers ang mga pinoy pero iba kung makabash sa MGI kung ikukumpara kapag sa Big 4 pageants sila nalotlot. Reason is mortal enemy nga ng Miss Earth ang MGI sa popularidad kaya ganun na lang sila makabash. Chweh!

    PS: Lahat ng mga UNPLACEMENTS natin dyan sa MGI eh deserved naman nila. Walang angal dun.

    • Si Vina Yu ay example ng engot sa pageantry. Yung may konting alam, feeling expert na.

      • @ CatrionaFan The TRUE reason behind the animosity between ME & MGI has already been mentioned here in the blog, right? I know you know what it is. 🙂

        Ang tanong ko sa’yo? Is it justified? Because while it may have been imprudent, technically no agreement was breached, no law broken/disobeyed. Was there even an agreement, to THAT effect? I know you know what “THAT” IS….

        The score YOU have to settle is, being “CatrionaFan”, is Coco Araya Supakrul’s comment. Hindi ko na lang sasabihin.

        You would not happen to ALSO be supporting MTIG’s bid for Universe, would you? Kasi kahit paano, your idol’s journey was not too different from the one the QC rep is treading now.

        @ VINA YU Was Coco Araya Supakrul’s comment useful in uniting #CatrionaFans and #Earthlings against my dear sweet Angkol? And now that MUP is a separate entity, will the former still care?

      • @CatrionaFan. Susme, mas malala ka naman. Buti ako may KAUNTING ALAM eh ikaw? ISA lang alam. Si Catriona lang. Huwag mo akong mapagmarunungan vakla dahil sa ating dalawa, mas engot ka; in denial pa. Chweh!

        @Flor Tula. Of course it added fuel to the fire. Both sides were wrong. Pero kung mapapansin niyo kasi, mga pinoy talaga ang hindi sila tinatantanan. Kaunting kibot ng MGI, may kritisismo agad mga peegnoise. Share dito, share doon. Sila din ang nagbibitbit ng pangalan ng MGI dahil sa pagkukumpara nila nito sa Miss Earth. Tapos kapag niresbakan naman, akala mo mga inapi. Kaya ang ending, napagtutulungan ng lahat ng lahi. Take this as an example bakit ko nasasabing mga pinoy ang hindi tumitigil sa pakikipagaway: go to the official fan pages of these two pageants, obserbahan niyo ugali ng mga palakang pinoy. Nagkakalat sa MGI page samantalang wala namang nagkakalat dun sa isa.

      • @CatrionaFan- parang ang dami mo namang alam. kaya andito ang blog na to para lahat tayo ay makapag exchange ng points of view and info about pageantry. Malaya naman tayong mag comment pero maging mindful lang sa choice of words and adjective. Baka ma-award ka na naman ni Tito Norms. Yun lang!

      • Note that I am trash only to those who are trash. Vina Yu and Fabian are mga basura. So Jonalyn, step aside. Wag sumabat okay?

      • @CatrionaFan- nakakatrash naman talaga yung energy mo kaya ka nga na-award ng mismong blogger tapos magagalit ka. haha. aber!!!

      • Ooooow. Award from Tito Norman? Di yun award actually. Natuwa pa nga ako coz he just proved my point. Di yan papatol if hindi guilty. Never yan nag-comment kahit gaano pa ka-vile ang statement. But in my case, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Kasi naman TOTOO. 🙂

      • CatrionaFan. Coming from you na isang bulok na vakling? Mas vasura ka. Chweh!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson As much as we need to be discreet, I have gotten not a few hints that a vaccine might make this rumor no longer. And somehow, folks in the pageant business know… 🙂

      • ‘Ay, sorry! Na-rate up ko sarili ko. It was intended for @ Fabian Reyes.

  5. I do NOT share the sentiment that advocacy is mandatory for beaucons. 🙂

    It’s roots were NEVER charitable; @ Closer2Fame has shared enough on this. The association with socio-civic efforts only came later, and only as a supplement and to get sponsorship. It is primarily a SHOW, and the organizers do it to make money. That’s it.

    BPCI does its best to source the best possible pageant brands available. I am sure not a few upstarts would be delighted, if not honored, to have them as Filipinas franchisee, notwithstanding the various controversies and grievances…. Conversely, there are (also) good reasons why BPCI has not taken in titles that might seem promising at first glance. They know things we do not.

    These two are the ones that have not been too shy about expressing their desire for separate Filipinas nationals; they probably feel BPCI is not doing enough to make them more known in the country. I also wonder if “fee wars” are at play….In any case, BPCI would have already dropped both by now, given all that has happened. That they haven’t is also surely NOT without reason.

    Classy Clenci would have been a GREAT kween for Angkol. Her green column (Mak Tumang or Nat Manilag?) would have complemented the green central gem of the MGI crown. Bit sad, me.

    • Roots were never charitable ? Im sure you are familiar with Oprah’s evolution .She started shows that resembled The Jerry Springer Show . Look where they took her . I believe most people ( Orgs) have the capacity to change for the better .

      • @ Fabian Reyes And so, she and they have. 🙂

        There are individuals, too, that hoped pageantry would bring brighter days and clearer trails for them. Now, they are doing their best to get back on track. May they run into folks who can help.

        But back to the subject of this post….

        @ VietnamesePinoy hit the nail on the head!

        My dear sweet Angkol, END THE MADNESS! For branding purposes, keep your pageant within Thailand and use it instead to highlight the very best your country can speak of. This way, your brand gains traction in the domestic audience, something your competitor across the SCS is STILL working on despite two decades’ worth of earthly advocacy.

        GPVL seems to think he can make shortcuts…. A strategy also adopted by the Deliart Association? Maybe what he needs is a truly global partner-brand, the way MW had L’Oreal? It is very noble of him to promote spots in Poland that have tourism potential, but ask him – WHAT POLISH BRAND IS KNOWN AROUND THE WORLD? Why not co-brand with them? Be creative.

  6. Give Miss Grand at least 3 years… malamang ndi n aabot sa 40 ung contestants nila. kahit pa sobrang laki ng ginagastos mo sa production kung JOKE TIME lang ang tingin sau ng ibang bansa… wala rin. ultimo sa Thailand… ndi cla sineseryoso eh… lalo p ngaun at meron n silang Miss International at Miss Supranational titles. At sino sa mga titleholders nila ang naaalala ng tao? wla!

    Miss Supranational is like a copycat of the Miss France pageant… try nilang lumihis dun… bka mas maging OK.

  7. I am not a fan of Supranational so I could care less if our country does not send a rep ever again .
    I like MGI for the entertainment value . But they better put Philippines back in the top 5 or I I ain’t watching no more . I looked back at MGI and I realized Sam had among the most gorgeous faces of the competition . That alone should have given her a spot in the top 5 .

    • Most gorgeous face, but the worst pasarela in the history of Pinoy pageantry.

      Plus why forge a passport when it’s so easy to get one the legal way—? Samantha was justifiably left out.

      Pinoys just can’t be objective—we are so entitled. We dismiss MGI as a “cheap” pageant and yet are butthurt that we’ve never won it.

      Nawatt actually has so much respect for Philippine pageantry. Take note of our high placements in MGI up until Eva (who was facially gorgeous but was poorly packaged & had a bit of an off-putting personality).

      Nawatt has actually attended Bb Pilipinas coronation night a few times. That’s how highly he admires our queens & he even had Xian Lim & Nicole Cordoves host MGI one year (his way of recognizing & appreciating Pinoy pageant fans & our pageant culture).

      The fallout started when Eva was shut out (deservedly so, in my opinion). So many Pinoy fans declared war on MGI & started trolling Nawatt. He trolled back. And it’s been downhill ever since.

  8. Sayang si Nicole C! Kung walang advocacy ang MGI and Nawat was just really looking for a speaker, they should have crowned Nicole instead. I think he knows it too. Did she really lose the crown because of the “Trump choice?” I think she explained her reasoning clearly.

  9. Honestly speaking this two pageant has no clear advocacy. What is the advocacy of Miss Supranational? None as in nada. What about Miss Grand International? They have the ridiculous advocacy. I just hope Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisi accept the reality that he can’t not stop the war, peace can’t be achieve by sending the winner of Miss Grand International to the war zone.
    I just hope Madame Stella should stop sending a representative to this 2 pageant. Just waste of time and money,

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