10 comments on “Christi Lynn McGarry: The Mutya ng Pilipinas and Bb. Pilipinas winner who represented us in Miss Intercontinental twice

  1. 2015 is too strong.. of course pia and janicel. We even see the likes of kylie and win being unplaced…

    • @ Rj1609 But, of course, destiny had other plans for both, in Japan and Bolivia. 🙂

  2. Sigh, with the current pandemic and possible cancellations of national pageants, Christi could have been the perfect appointee as MUP. Her killer body and beautiful, almost bordering exotic face, coupled with her impeccable comm skills would have been a killer combo in Miss Universe. Sadly, she’s 2 years overaged for the title.

    And I agree with some observations that she could have been sent to MI instead, I can definitely see her doing really well there. But the Pia-Janicel combo was just too strong in 2015 that they already barricaded the Top 2 titles as early as Press Presentation.

  3. HAYNAKU, Mr. Tinio! This (McGarry’s participation at TMotW) confirms it.

    You MUST CONVINCE JG et al to endorse MIG of Sorsogon to Mdme. CQ for appointment as our next rep. WILL WIN.

    Personally meet with the First Couple Escudero, if necessary to ensure this happens. Your intervention as eminent pageantry blogger in the country will establish your dominion forever.

    Mdme. CQ and Ms. Ongpauco-Escudero can take in the delights of a lavender plantation-distillery in the South while Sorsogona “gives face” (as Lu Sierra is wont to say) at the Riviera.


  4. Next entry should be name of halfies winner in the Philippines who are proud to be Pinas but after their reign returned to their countries.

  5. What are her plans in the future ? Is there a man waiting to marry her ? Maybe she can fulfill her MU dream through her daughter

  6. Sana sumali ulit sya the following year… I would have loved to see her in MU pageant.

    • She would have joined again if she was allowed to . Maybe she can join a Mr. pageant in the future
      It’s a pain knowing that Thailand has at least 3 stunners waiting to be named MUT … and I donot see any Filipina who can come up to that level.

  7. McGarry should have been sent to International . I think she can go to any pageant and be noticed . Her feminine and queenly aura and great comm skills would have been a hit on the MI stage .

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