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  1. She is beautiful and have a banging body. The 1st runner up win was well deserved. The winner (Christy) is stunning and could have won MU as well.

    Halle had a successful Hollywood career for a former beauty queen. Same with Gal. Though I still can’t believe how she beat out Nicol Kidman for the best actress trophy.

    I read some of her interviews and she always find opportunity to raise the “color discrimination” card. I wonder if indeed her childhood was that bad.

  2. The hair!!!
    Women actually thought those big matronly hairstyles fashionable? 😖
    I hope that horrible fad doesn’t come back 😱

  3. Ang babaing 250k USD per boobs ang precio para lang sa 20 seconds seen sa Swordfish! Well, that’s one of my favorite movie of her!

    Also, my favorite movie quote from “Perfect Stranger”

    “It’s a world where you think actions have no consequence, where guilt is cloaked by anonymity, where there are no fingerprints. An invisible universe filled with strangers, interconnected online and disconnected in life.”

    And whoever thought that her co-star in “Executive Decision”, Marla Maples, whose ex-husband would be the future owner of Miss USA and MUO?

  4. She had a successful career in Hollywood but she her love life was not colorful as her flourishing career. She failed her marriage three times and ended up with restraining order.

      • Flor , she gets violent with her partners … very typical beauty pageant contestant behavior in the US and Canada . Idk why .

      • @ Fabian Reyes …. and Olivia Culpo being a “player”….

        Hhhmmmmm……. Points to something psyche and apparently the USA character at play, too….

        No wonder you said you don’t like (*)itches anymore.. * – can be either “w” or “b”. 🙂

        Yeah, you guys are right. If so, both Resham and SamLo would have made “not ideal” MUP’s.

        Mr. Tinio, is Halle Berry’s violence towards her partners a manifestation of whatever-the-opposite-of-misogyny-is?

  5. 1986 was also when the academic year was abruptly ended a month early due to (beep!). 🙂

    Obviously, hindi katangkaran si Halle Berry. And the BIG hair…. the single greatest fashion m_ss of that decade. 😦

    Pero, magaganda ang mga nanalo’ng MI nu’ng dekada’ng ‘to…. Blogger San, MI ulit, please….

    I liked her role in that Batman saga prequel – was it “Gotham City”? Her role was as a gun-toting criminal gang leader. I did not like her cast as Ororo in “X-men”. She’s too short and “pixie-ish” to be the claustrophobic Kenyan princess who commanded the weather. In the comics, Ororo was TALL, (she was Colossus’ squeeze), TONED (see her delicious back in that issue where they are misled into a Scottish castle ostensibly as a holiday romp courtesy of Moira McTaggart), her LONG hair swirling in the twisters she conjured….

    In that photo of hers at the 2002 Oscars, she looks like Nadege de Bosterus, a Greek-French top runway model who never became known outside Europe. Unlike most, she started only in her 20’s, in the middle of her university studies (Political Science, methinks). Btw, did you guys know that Claudia Schiffer was studying Law when she was snapped up for the Georges Marciano “Guess” campaign? Do any of you know if she finished eventually?

  6. Halle Berry and Gal Gadot treaded the same path towards Hollywood superstardom. Halle Berry made headline during 1986 Miss World because she wore a skimpy outfit during the national costume competition, a very big issue during that time. She revolutionized that trend which since then, has been commonly seen in the national costumes among South American delegates.

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