12 comments on “Blair Berisha: The son also rises

  1. Isn’t that royal blue gown on the upper right the one Pia wore for her MU glamshot? It looks über fab naman pala in a full body shot. It came off as somewhat drab in that Fadil Berisha upper body shot – fortunately Pia effortlessly owned it with her now trademark smize.

  2. If he is still single and Pia is single…hmmm.He is a good lookin’ guy for Pia. I hope she will find true love in New York. Leila Lopez indeed found Mr. Right during her reign….

  3. Impressive creations I must say !
    Pia would look super fab wearing and modeling those haute couture for B & B.
    So happy for our very own Miss U. Blessings are coming her way one after another !
    And I could just see the glow and the aura … just simply captivating ♥♥♥ 🙂

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