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  1. I don’t know why a lot of commenters and pageant fans in general do not like Netherlands 2014. She was so hot that night! Super sexy!

  2. so many gorgeous lovely candidates that year … a can name a few who did not even make the top 15… Serbia, Lithuania, Guyana … it was a pretty steep climb for MJ but it was aggravated by the wrong choice of gown in the top 10…. maybe she could have landed top 5 with the right gown but … then again, even Spain did not have a chance for top 5 !

  3. for some reasons, mas bet ko ang awra ni ariadna..i find paulina somewat a bitchesa..e db to this day, di sya close sa mga co candidates nya..just thinking out loud.

  4. Mj looks too short with that white gown. Nagmukha syang pandak and bulky. I prefer a gown something like Shamcey’s during the finals in 2011.
    Well, Paulina deserved the crown and her country must be very happy for the long wait. Kamuntik pang magback to back the following year.

  5. To add to the trivia on Doral: (1) it is the site of Trump’s resort golf course, the Trump National Doral Miami; (2) Doral is also known as “Little Venezuela” as the city is the largest community of Venezuelans outside of Venezuela; (3) that Colombia won in a Venezuelan “territory” is noteworthy considering the long history of political tension and cultural rivalry between the two countries.

  6. It was a very well deserved win by Colombia . She was Uber gorgeous that night . I wanted USA to win but I found her Q&A performance surprisingly weak . I also wanted MJ to take the #5 spot instead of the Netherlands . Maybe , it was a saving grace for MJ knowing her not so great comm skills . Even her prepared video narrative made me cringe.

    • I was cringing more during her introduction, wearing that awful natcos!

      • Yup that too . MJ makes me cringe when she talks .. just like Gazini
        Not their fault .. just my preference

      • @fabian, yes! Gazini and MJ! They don’t open their mouth when they talk. Or product ba yun of “too much teeth?” It’s not much the content but it’s more the way they do. Para lang ventriloquist ang peg. But I love them both!

  7. if I were a judge in MU 2014, I will vote for Spain as the winner. 1st RU is Argentina and 2nd RU is our very own Philippines.

  8. How I wish sinuot ni MJ ang allegedly pink gown nung finals at hindi nung rehersal. Sana ginulat na lang nya si Madam. But I wonder ano kaya nangyari kay MJ. what i heard may written documentation ang binibini na dapat pirmahan? Deds sla kapag iba gown na sinuot? Tito Norm may mga ganap ba in the past na sumaway mga kanditas at ano nangyari?

  9. Juices! GANDA ni MU-Lithuania, at dibdib pa more. She looks like Giselle Bundchen and Scarlett Johannson combined. 🙂

    @ aj Yep. MU-Georgia is carrot-top. Her beauty is very 1980’s MI, imo the best so far from Tokyo.

    May nakita ako’ng comment dati na neither Paulina Vega-Dieppa nor Evelina Papantoniou are the Top 2 best bodies in MU history kasi the former has no _its while the latter on top of having no _ss also has a “boy bod” (meaning, waist is not tiny or not hourglass), so the Grecian goddess had to twist her torso in her Swimwear pose to give the illusion….

    “Doral” is like that apartment building with the name combined of the inaugural MU titlist and her first (Filipino) husband, no, Mr. Tinio?

    I will repeat what @ Fabian Reyes said. Pia could have just as well won 2014.

    Currently, Colombia seems stuck in a rut. After 2017’s DYNAMITE Laura Gonzales-Ospina, they have crowned stereotypical modelesque-blonde-ish cerebral-Amazona…. Not really working…. But why did it work for Puerto Rico last year?

    I WANT MTIG in a “boy-cut”. Not Kaci Fennel, but the real McCoy “barber’s”. Let’s see, please.

    KF, for me, is “STRIKE 3, YOU’RE OUT”, as far as MU is concerned. The Camp, let’s see, too.

    • I agree with you about Miss Lithuania. Aj also mentioned below about Miss Georgia.

      It was so nice to “stargaze” especially during the Trump era. The stage used to be much smaller. In every crowning moment, we were able to see the gorgeousness of the other failed contestants, and their reaction. I remember din nung 2013, Ara and Gabriela’s year, when I noticed how pretty Trinidad and Tobago was, just from the background. Ngayon, the stage is soooo long, since ginawa na nila itong rampahan. Di mo na sila ma sight! ** Not being mean, but Pamela Bianca was a bit distracting back then in 2009.

      I think 2014 was one of the years when 4 out of 5 (except for Netherlands) could have easily been crowned Miss Universe; so much so Kaci!

  10. IMHO the biggest injustice of Miss Universe 2014 was not MJ failing to make it to Top 5 because admittedly the gown did her in and there were a few other better competitors. Rather it is the travesty of the über gorgeous, modelesque and smart Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell being relegated to 4th runner-up. The ensuing boos and jeers plus the loud cheering for her by a much bigger number of candidates after the crowning of Paulina Vega speak for itself.

  11. I didn’t see MJ winning back then and it happened. Partly, her gown ruined her chances. Buti na lang din niremodel pa ng mga pinoy designers natin yung gown. Even Spain outperformed her during that segment. Nawala din yung spark niya nung gabing yun. Her styling was off. Yung big curls niyang sana sa gitnang gitna na lang hinati during the EG segment. Tatak KF talaga. Halos ganun din nila grinoom si Rachel. Hindi na nadala. Spain or MJ could’ve taken Miss Netherlands’ place (CORDAID thing- Trump pick). Kaso agaw pansin din kasi yung EG ni Miss Netherlands nun. Basta all in all, MJ didn’t shine that night as the brightest star in the Universe. Chweh!

    • if Kris Tiffany Janson was sent here instead, panis yang si Paulina. We could have our third MU that time then a back to back win courtesy of Pia.

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