28 comments on “The Bb. Pilipinas 2020 Official Photos by Raymond Saldaña

  1. I prefer BBPs glamshots over to MUPs. The focus of the glamshots are the ladies but MUP tried o do it like they’re selling the gowns. The ladies’s faces were not highlighted that much. Plus the photoshop is so terrible.

    BBP on the other hand stick to what they know. “Don’t fix if it’s not broken” Their glamshots look classier, the ladie’s personalities came out. Plus vloggers, bloggers and pageant experts use these these glamshots for their reviews and predictions. And not to mention glamshots are being circulated on social media and being seen by people around the world so dapat lang nmn talaga maganda ang labas.

    Anyways, goodluck to all the ladies.

    World peace 🙂

  2. Oh dabah! Gogondah! Walang red carpet jan. Simple but very tasteful. Half of these women stand out.

  3. For some reason , Caucasian and Latina girls doing similar facial expressions look fine
    But Asians ? Oh , sluts to the highest degree . Sorry

    • @ Fabian Reyes You and Alvin Sebetero agree on the importance of a smile or so.

      The baring of shoulders might have ruined it for you?

      Those at Puteri 2020 look a bit more subdued, by comparison. But even Jihane (Jawa Tengah) looks what you said…. But Reski Dwi Octaviana (Sulawesi Tenggara) looks like Gabrielle Basiano, no? 🙂

  4. They all look like Asian sluts on a porn magazine
    Wouldn’t be a smiling face be more appropriate ?
    Who are these girls taunting ?
    Having said , the Kim Chu look a like is my favorite whoever that is
    I wish these photos had names on them

  5. Much better than the MUP “glam” shots. This set looks classy, MUP’s ones are very tacky.


  7. It’s clean which I like. I like how it looks more fresh though than overly made up ladies.

    • @ 123 Wala’ng ganyanan.

      Sabihin mo na kung sino’ng tinutukoy mo.

      Last year, pinulutanan nila si Emma Tiglao….. 😦

  8. My Top 8 for this shoot:

    Hannah- Whoa… now thats a model!

    Honey- Nailed this… no surprise there.. she had a lot of practice..

    Karen – Karen Mendoza is on the rise… I think we have a new front-runner… She’s really in it to win it… I hope she could speak…

    Samantha- One of her signature moves.. tried and tested… never fails.

    Patricia B- Wow, she’s definitely a headturner on this one…

    Maureen- Looks good but a bit safe..

    Gabrielle- Beautiful but I know she can do so much better than this…

  9. Parang iisang lang pose alam ni Vickie, yung may I hawak hawak my hair pose lol

    But compared to the MUP Glam shots, BBP wins by a mile!

    Kudos to the Team who produced these photos, very Miss World Philippines 2018 glam shots, but then again. Same stylists ka mejo hawig


  10. Tiquestiques….. BANG! 🙂

    TIGILAN ANG PAG-“OVERLIP” KAY BABISTA, UTANG NA LOOB! She looks like Paweensuda Drouin in a bad mood after her request tor her Mouawad endorsement contract extension was denied. 😦

    Basiano now leaves NO doubt that she deserves a CROWN.

    Carino, S-M-I-L-E!!! 🙂

    Sino ‘yung after ni Cinderella, na mala-Chinita and hair pulled tightly back?

    Now, THESE are GLAMshots.

    Camel is back! So 1990’s….

    Raymund Saldana MUST now receive from The Office of the President a LIFETIME monthly stipend for ELEVATING Filipinas pageantry photography….. Putochop done correctly. Only masters can.

  11. Oh diba! Tatak Raymond Saldana!

    Hands down! Wala na ko masabi!

    Hay naku! Mawawalan talaga ng interes ang mga fans sa MUP kung sasabayan nila ang Binibini sa Glamshot!

    • Ang gaganda nila. Wala akong masabi! But drawn ako sa # 5, 12, 23 and 29. Mahihirapan mga judges nito. 🙂

  12. Ano po ang palabas ni Hannah? Sabi isuot ang coat, sya lang ang nakalabas ang braso. Mahirap ba yung instruction?

    • Sinuot naman nya e…
      I love that she’s thinking out of the box… and it made her standout…

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