34 comments on “Sunday Specials: Dairy Queen’s 100th with the Queens

  1. The Earth is indeed listening and it knows how to separate between “background noise” and “honest suggestions”.

  2. OT:
    idk if all of u guys noticed, rachel’s new set of photos released in IG has an aura of a Miss U. may something talaga ako nararamdaman with just her photos. How much more if in motion. especially the latest event she attended wearing a white gown. kahit simple, may dating pa rin.

    • I love her new look. I mean her Red Charity Gala look? now that’s what we are looking/waiting for! better styling, better wardrobe… wait na lang natin ang chikka na nililiitan daw ang kanyang veneers kasi nalalakihan din sila. LOL

  3. Its official!!!! Elizabeth Clenci backed out because of MGI Nawat’s shady comments toward the Philippine fans.

  4. Bagay kina Kat at mariel mag endorse ng Dairy Queen dahil tabain sila hijiji 😗
    DQ=Dairy Queen
    DQ=Dambuhala Queen hihihi😋

  5. Mister Universe Tourism 2017 Grand finale

    Thailand Wins First Mr. Universe Tourism!
    1st Runner-up Mr. Canada
    2nd Runner-up Mr. Korea

    “TOP 10 Semi-Finalists”
    1.MANIPUR, INDIA Landjeet Karam
    2.MYANMAR KM Philip Philip KM
    3.VIETNAM Vu Linh
    4.KOREA Jin Stewart
    5.THAILAND Richard Ricardo Carter
    6.INDIA Ritesh Shetty
    10.PHILIPPINES Jayarr Agustin

    Best In National Costume: YANGON, MYANMAR

    Both of the Philippines Representatives (Mr. Philippines JR Agustin and Mr. Republic of the Philippines CJ Querol) won the Major Awards
    Best in Swimwear – Mr. Philippines
    Best in Formal Wear – Mr. Republic of the Philippines

  6. Ibe and Chanel look ready
    Katarina has not changed . Well, Sri Lankans like a lilttle belly
    Mariel looks classier in darker clothes

  7. Congrats DQ on your 100th store in the country. Thanks for the continued support for Bb. Pilipinas. 🙂

    P.S. Unang tingin akala ko si Ted Failon yung pari. 😛

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