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  1. I like it. I think the design fits the MI brand and japanese culture- subtle, understated but elegant.

  2. The vintage crown looks more regal.
    I guess the organization wanted a new crown that’s easier to wear.
    So, Ms. World is blue, and now Ms. International went with pink.

    • Honga, no. PINK.

      There’s ‘sakura’ of THAT color, white with just the most subtle hint… From afar, you get the color difference beside ‘true white’ trees, but up close you’re astonished to realize it. ❤

      I imagine this 'Long Beach' pearl of theirs is their 'pantapat' to our golden 'South Sea', & named after that stretch of coastline. Ma-Google nga!

      (Now I wonder if this is a Mikimoto tie-up with a Viet counterpart.)

    • Yes to the vintage ! … we should have honored tradition & kept the original crown … why not just refresh or refurbish the old crown instead of ordering an entirely different one … they should have done the same thing with the MU crown last worn by Quinones in 2001 … history and tradition should count , not just enriching a brand new sponsor …

      • Attention, Mouawad & Mdme. AJKN.


        Si Dayanara ang naaalala ko as far as that crown is concerned. Sa kanya, talaga, bumagay!

        That means an all-white-diamond affair for the most part. They’ll probably have to take out that ‘canary yellow’ central stone… Why not turn it into a medallion?! ‘Di ba, nu’ng sinauna, when you were crowned, a medallion came with the crown & scepter?

      • 2002 – 2007 Mikimoto crown
        2008 Vietnamese crown
        2009 – 2013 Organic jewel crown
        2014 – 2016 Empire Bldg crown (made by Czech)
        2017 – 2018 Mikimoto crown (brought back)
        2019 – 2021 Mouad crown (made by UAE)

  3. Oh, I love the new crown. It now looks more pageant crown, and not royalty crown. Medyo hindi lang maganda ‘yung dalawang line na pearls sa ilalim, cheap ang dating, para silang ninakaw na kuwintas ng mga nagni-ninang sa mga kasalan sa probinsya.

    That’s all.

  4. Finally, MIO changed ita crown. Very beautiful. Bagay ito sa pink evening gown ni Hannah.

  5. Great to see Bint again. ❤

    'Theme was 'cherry blossoms welcome Spring sunshine', but as the maker of the crown is Viet, I think peaches are more synonymous with that part of Indochina… OK na rin. They're closely related, anyway, being both drupes. And both bloom in the Spring, though ' (late) winter peach blossoms' can get a head start in reminding people Winter's grip is at an end.

    ('Ampogi ni Boss Stephen!)

    @ jaretwrightlover Ang nawala, 'yun'g tali. Mas gusto, mo, 'yun'g 'de-tali'? I just imagine this new one is like the 'coronitas' they give the Runners-up, na 'de-pihit' ta's kakabit sa ulo. 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      Plum, pala ‘ata… I’m now confused. In any case, drupe pa rin, meaning a hard single~central seed within the fruit proper.

      Does this mean Vietnam got MIO’s nod to host next year? Kasi, ‘di ba nga, they were considering several countries in the neighborhood (Philippines included) for the 60th edition? So kung totoo, TATLO (3), na, ang Vietnam next year – MI, ME, & MGI. Lagari. 🙂

    • the original MI crown is unique , just like the MW crown is unique … and the original MU crown is unique. When you see them, you know which pageant they represent

      The crown above ? the likes of it are everywhere … I am afraid MW will follow and change their crown too … what a shame !

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