12 comments on “Not just another Manalo. She’s Ahtisa Manalo

  1. to the writer of this blog, your title not just another manalo” doesnt seem right. This sounds discriminating to other Manalos out there. Ahtisa is our kababayan and we are proud of her. But this statement of yours is quite offensive. Please be careful when writing things like this. Dont just write to grab people’s attention and increase readership. Write something with substance and be aware of the sensibilities of other Manalos which you seem to discriminate.

  2. I don’t know her personally and I haven’t seen the lady in person, but yes she’s a beautiful woman. But you people shouldn’t force her to join the competition. If she wants to join, then let her, but if she doesn’t then leave her be. Don’t over hype her. I’ve seen a lot of young women who joined big time pageant competitions before, and the transition of living from a normal and youthful life to the glamorous and famous one damaged them deeply inside. It’s, I’ll admit it, a little sad. I am absolutely tired of it. And it pisses me off when people judge a woman by her looks rather than her intelligence. ‘Oh I like her nose’ ‘Oh she looks fresh’ ‘Oh look at her eyebrows’ ‘She looks mature for her age’. It’s very disappointing. She’s not some sort of a fucking painting decor that you display on your house. She’s a work of art but don’t take it literally. Who wants to live a glamorous life anyway. A normal and peaceful life, sitting with your childhood friends, staring at the horizon as the sun goes down, talking about life and memories, and singing a song softly as if maybe someone could hear, and playing counter strike or red alert and stuff… Sorry I had to put that one in. For Mother Russia! But anyway I know she’s a smart girl and she’ll make the right decision for herself. Don’t judge her by her looks, I can tell that she’s like a hieroglyph, that smile holds a thousand words.

  3. Send here to MU Venezuela back to back courtesy of Stefania and Diana, Stefania is only 18 years old when she won

  4. MU 2015 audience pov. Pia was really ravishing on stage. Super captivating ang ating queen. You can also see the other lahi cheering for her, their support for Pia grew stronger as the pageant went on.

    Ps. Even though mejo naiirita ako kay Ari, i still feel bad. Look at her face after the mistake was corrected. Awkward…. Ang skit talaga nun shet.

  5. shes too young at age but she looks a bit mature and its says she is ready at pwedeng pwede na. i like this type of young lady at age with mature face even a bit of it thats okay for me. if i compare ko nga sya kay liza soberano this girl looks more mature than her. liza is more beautifull but i thinks reserved sya next years. mas ready ang girl na ito. if shes not finished her study yet butif she is smart enough or too smart and a good speaker well theres no reason to ignore her. any camp is okay but i want jonas to train her.

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  7. ano height nya tito norm?

    offropic :
    congrats ky Mrs. Phils for winning Mrs.Grandma Universe/Universal 2016

    Hanep Pinas

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