28 comments on “Katarina Rodriguez for Miss Intercontinental 2017

  1. ha! i do love the 80’s sensibility of the photo, just how others have noted

    it’s, like, totally awesome!

  2. GANDA NI ATENG!!!! etong photo pa lang na to, kulang nalang koronahan na! She really has the face na panglaban! sana pati ang body. hehe 🙂

  3. GORGEOUS ! ! ! WInner ! ! ! my only curiosity, is she short ? or is she really tall >? sometimes she looks statuesque but sometimes she looks as tall as Clenci

  4. This is an example of a photo to be sent to the pageant orgs. More of these kind of photos will also be nice to increase the talks for our reps. Not just a close shot but full body and half body shots as well. Katarina looks great ❤️ Hope more of this quality gets published and circulated online. It after all showcases an evolution of a good class of Filipinas.

  5. She definitely has the pretiest face among this year’s representatives. It’s impossible for her not to standout in Sri-Lanka.. From her face to personality, all the other Asian contestants pales in comparison.

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