24 comments on “Sunday Specials Photo Blog: The Boracay Wedding of Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry and Rico Ammann

  1. sosyalin na venue din ang crimson ha. malayo yan sa pangmasang area ng boracay…at mura na kung maka book ka dyan ng 10-15k/night.

  2. A future KF and Miss Earth….hihihihi Bilis na gawa na ng baby veks…hihihihi But seriously Congrats to the newlyweds..hihihi

  3. I saw some clips of Katarina’s performance in MIntercon and sobrang galing nya. Pasarela, beauty, brain, confidence, appeal,lahat masyado ginalingan. I was thinking, if she was sent to MU nasa top 3 sana tayo.

    • I hope she tries Miss World Philippines. Baka sya pa ang mag uwi ng korona. She would be a major major upgrade to Lehman.

    • Obvious naman ang filter in the pic that you shared. In the pic posted by Norman, kita ang pinipig crunch nyang face. Lol

  4. I don’t find the wedding ceremony venue/set up as charmingly attractive..masikip na at di kagandahan ang view..

    • How about just being happy for the newly weds? Everyone has distinct tastes towards various things 😉

    • Marvin , I agree
      Just based on pics above. The ambience was not fit for a queen.
      We have to realize though that former beauty queens don’t make a lot of money . Unless they marry a millionaire ( like Shamcey etc) , we should not expect a grand wedding .

      • Bong puede ka bang na-satisfied Kung wala kang pera? Hindi makakain manood ng sine at makapag-aral?
        Ang plastik tse hihihi

      • JawsKuh naman fabian ang standard ko ng walang pera which is acceptable in today’s life is yung tama lang ang kabuhayan at hindi ka nagugutom hijiji 😄

  5. Karen looks like a classy chinese ,yung alam mong expensive at mayaman ! Goodluck sa trip mo sa Vietnam Gurl, Show them what you have got!

    • She is beautiful inside and out!! unlike you!!! So judgemental!! She did our country proud and its her wedding day!!! You are such a party popper!!!

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