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  1. Please wag na Sumali mga pangit at yung hindi makasagot ng question na deretso mag english

  2. ang daming clamor emma tiglao… 2 times n yata sumabak abroad but never ng place… yung ilong niya ang jinx, sobra tulis parang di na ilong… wag n sana sumali..

  3. Ohmygattt I’ll expect a lot of mixed race come 2021-2030 decade since 2005-up witnessed a lot if interracial marriages, product of Skype, to dating apps, to working abroad and to prostitution. No shame for prostitutes it’s an honest work.

  4. Sa totoo lang regarding Modeling pageants, hindi magaganda ang mga candidates!!!!!! Minsan dati kong GF na nabase sa Singapore for a class auto brand nasabi ko eh di puro kayo magaganda. It was like a jerk that she said. Hindi sila magaganda!

    What I am trying to drive at is that if the mecca of modeling was not in Singapore but perhaps in the Philippines, the candidates will be beautiful. I think we came out with extremely cold concrete-like faces in Southeast Asia.

  5. Alexie is a Pinoy version of Zosi. Can she be reserve for later years? Give her speech training and all.
    Rina is beautiful, for me she’s more fit at MWPh.
    Nikki is still too young. Give her proper training, after 5 years, this girl can be another Catriona.

    • @ miss tissa Now that you mentioned it, MWP is, as we all know, a platform to scout for show business’ new pretty faces; needless to say, dapat artistahin at marunong pakisamahan ang fans. Whoever between Rina & Nikki that better fits that should catch Mr. ALV’s attention.

      I’m taken by Rina’s height, said to be 5’10”. ‘Pag ganyang katangkad, BBP na agad! 🙂

  6. It is quite sad that Ph pageantry mostly have to rely on scouting beautiful ladies who mostly did not grow up in ph.
    Yes they are still considered Filipina bec of their mother but i prefer ladies like Pia W. who mostly spent her life in Ph or Steffi w mix blood parents hailed fr Cebu. one commenter is right Bea do represents a Filipina beauty w a native diction. w good words fr people saying madali pakisamahan si Bea.
    I also noticed the half ladies representing Thai are fluent in Thai which is far fr the ladies joining

  7. @Lymaraina, @Thomas,@Fabian: When Miss India won MU, my work colleagues were unanimous that she indeed is from India- she looks and talks like many Indian women around. Unfortunately that is not the case when Pia, Megan and Cat won. They all say they are not of the same mould as the Filipino women they see. These Filipino women in my adoptive country are expats like me– skilled professionals– and they certainly do not look Caucasian. Yes, this is a beauty contest. Does that mean that the average Indian professional women fit more the beaucon template than the average Filipino women (who are mostly of Malay archetype)? If only Bea won, I’m sure they will tell me: “Now, this is your kind of beauty!”

    • Ang babaw, please! I am tired of reading and answering – -but since you tagged me in your comment, allow me then:

      Please re-read again for the 2nd time around the post of Alam Na This below (ayan ha, re-read na, again pa, 2nd time around pa! Lol). That is the most sensible comment here so far, bar none.

      Girls and boys and gays, can anyone answer with simplicity and sense (please): Anong problema kung hindi “Malay looking” ang representative ng Philippines kung Pilipina naman sya? And what is a “Filipino look” anyway?

      It is sad that you worry so much what your colleagues are saying. It is even sadder that you have the same sentiment as well.

      1) Why was this “not Filipino look” uproar not even mentioned when Venus Raj or Rabiya represented us? Don’t they look Indian? Shamcey and MJ can pass off as Latinas, why was there no caterwauling and chest beating about them not looking Malay?

      In short, why are you so obsessed and biased about mestiza looking Filipina candidates and winners?(Catriona, MEgan, and Pia). This reeks so much of reverse racism. Lol. If your reason is a simple, you get so much heckling from your “professional colleagues”, sorry..ang babaw nyo pare-pareho! Lol.

      2) What is a Filipino? So much hypocrisy when we all talk about beauty being skin deep and what matters is inner beauty ek ek when so many people (like your “professional colleagues”) still base their stupid judgement on skin color, how wide the eyes are.

      Let us just celebrate the diversity and beauty of our Filipinas! They may have Caucasian (Catriona), Latina (MJ), Malay (Janine), Oriental (Pebbles de Asis – OMG ang tanda ng reference. Lol), Indian (Venus) looks, but if underneath these looks beat a Filipino heart, then as Pia would say, I don’t see any problem with that at all.

      World Peace.

      • Thomas you are indeed ignorant. Our fascination of mestiza beauty is a microcosm of what has been instilled to us by the Spaniards and Americans, that looking white and having white features as beautiful. I’m not shocked at all. In Venezuela 10 percent lang naman ang white only population pero majority ng candidates nila eurocentric. Si Carolina Indriago ang typical Venezuelan beauty.

      • @Yna, you’re absolutely correct. The point is that if someone is to represent the Filipina at all, she preferably should be within the beauty mould of the majority of the Filipinas, not the Caucasian-looking types who comprise only a very small percentage of the population. Why do brown beauties like Bea Gomez, Katrina Dimaranan, and Leren Bautista seem to be exceptions rather than the rule for a beauty title? As you said, it is due to the Filipino “fascination for mestiza” that “looking white and having white features is considered beautiful”. Vestiges of colonial mentality? And so when we crown Caucasian-looking beauties, we make a lot of effort styling them to look more Asian because they may not stand a chance in a sea of Caucasian-looking Latinas and Europeans.

      • Aghast and amused at the level of stupidity, narrow-mindedness and parochial thinking this thread is shaping to be. Lol.

        It is as if you (scorg and Indonesian (?) Putering YNA are saying that MUP , Bb. Pilipinas, Ms. Earth Philippines are INTENTIONALLY (operative word : INTENTIONALLY. Capital na yan ha!) looking for mestiza beauties to win. Pia, Megan and Catriona won not ONLY because of their physical beauties (which happen to be “Caucasian”), but because of so many other factors.

        Your remarks not only insult these women who brought so much honor to our country but also the organizations that made them win. Pia, Megan, Catriona won fair and square in ALL aspects: Beauty, intelligence, attitude, x-factor.

        These organizations also saw the winning of very “Malay beauties (whatever that means. Lol)” of Miriam Q., Bea G., Janine T. The very Indian beauties that are Venus and Rabiya. The Latina face of Shamcey. The oriental vibe of Karen I and Carlene Aguilar. The middle eastern face of MJ and Gazini.

        Who are you to say what a “Filipino look” should look like? Simple lang…mag-tayo ka ng sariling mong pageant with your limited idea of what a Filipina beauty should look like.

        I rest my case and I won’t even be bothered by how many thumbs ups or thumbs down your elk will generate.

        “If ten thousand people say a stupid thing, it is still a stupid thing.”

        World Peace.

      • Thomas that’s why I’m very supportive of interracial marriage. I’m curious how Megan’s parents met. Her dad is an American GI and her mom from Olongapo. There’s a chance her mom is a p_kp_k?? I hope I’m not wrong. Pia’s mum has fascination with white man too. After her German dad, she married a British man. Pilipina, iwagayway mo ang bandila! Charottttttt

      • omg…I LOVE YOUR reference (PEBBLES….my all time favorite Bb Pilipinas Universe candidate) she was fierce during that event.

  8. Of course , our rep will not look like your next door neighbor . It’s a beauty pageant !!! She will be taller slimmer and prettier than your average OFW nurse or DH!

  9. Alexie’s short hair instantly reminded me of Grace Jones.
    I love Grace Jones back in the 80s. So edgy and fierce!

  10. Nikki de Moura all the way! That Face!! Ughh 😍😍 Kaso ang bata pa niya at iyakin pa. Kahit sa SMM na wala pang mga bashers eh ambilis madistract at madiscourage pano pa kaya sa pageantry na andaming toxic bashers. But give her more time to prepare and be ready, she’ll definitely slay!!

  11. And just like that, many gorgeous girls cropping up as early as January that will compete for one title. We have indeed an embarrassment of riches here in the Philippines. I have yet to wrap my head around Victoria, Maureen and Steffie giving it another shot, and here we are have another set of girls that can give them run for their money. And it is only January.

    For me, there remains to be Top 3 Pageants : MU, MW and MI. While ME is considered by many to be among the Top 4, the fact that it is (almost) always been held in the Philippines (nothing wrong with that per se — MI has always been in Japan), with the Philippines always placing high (and winning) kinda taints its reputation.

    Oh well, another year, another set of girls. A thing of beauty is indeed a joy for …. exactly one year. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • Lol. Lamang lang ang MI sa tagal but remove that, ME trumps MI. As for MW, walang CREDIBILITY.

    • FYI: Miss Universe was held in the US for 19 years and in the first 20 years USA won Miss Universe 4 times and always places (compared to Miss Earth, the Philippines missed the cut 3 times in 20 years).

      So if your basis of top 3 is if the host country always placing high, then Miss Universe is at the bottom.

      You should also know Miss World was held in London UK for 39 years before Hong Kong hosted in 1989.

  12. All three would have something different to offer but I do love the youth in Nikki. She has the western accent which helps.

    I might be sentimental to Alexa- she has the confidence when she speaks. She will break the MUP mold and send a half-black this time. I can embrace that diversity. I think it’s time.

    The middle girl could do well at Miss World or MI. I think she should pursue MWP.

  13. How I wish to see more full blooded Filipino and less mixed race contestants at the most prestigious Miss Universe Philippines pageant.

    • Widen your mindset and cut this crap about halfies and so-called full-blooded Filipino dichotomy. This is pure ignorance of our rich history and diversity, and in a global transmigrating community, this does not make any sense at all. At this day and age, no one can medically define what Filipino blood is – even well-researched genealogy cannot be accurate about it. First of all, the term “Filipino” does not refer to a race, it is but a nationality which is legally defined under Article IV, Section 1 of the current Philippine Constitution. We have been a melting pot of races (Malays, North Asians, Mongols, Polynesians and Europeans, etc.) and continue to be. These mishmashes of bloodlines are shared by our neighboring Southeast Asian neighbors. For argument purposes (again noting that Filipino is not a race), the closest scientifically sound determining process would be racial DNA testing and all of us might be surprised (but should not be) that we are after all products of a cocktail of races. If you mean, a Malay looking contestant is your preference, then say so. Otherwise, just stop.

      • @ ALAM NA THIS You are on (Kuya) Kim Atienza’s research staff, aren’t you po? 🙂

        @ Miss Queen Wannabe Isn’t Bea Malay enough for you? Mukha nga daw Puteri. 😦

      • @ALAM NA THIS, while you are correct about what a real Filipino genotype is, I think the issue being raised by some quarters is the propriety of Caucasian-looking titlist to represent a generally Malay archetype nation. In my own experience in my adoptive country, every time I proudly tell my colleagues about Filipinas winning international beauty crowns, I always get the flak that we only win because we send halfies. Why? The usual answer: “How come they don’t look like the Filipina women we see around? They look European…”

      • @scorg, I feel bad for you that your colleagues are stupid. My advise is for you to quit your job immediately if the group think is like that lol.

        Below is a long essay / article that we were made to memorize in our Speech Class way back when. Long read but believe me, worth it.

        Summary :

        You may have a Caucasian looking face, a Spanish last name, or you speak in English….but when your heart thrills when you hear Lupang Hinirang being played, or when your blood rises when you see our flag fluttering in the breeze, then you are a Filipino.

        World Peace.

        The Anatomy of a Filipino By: Prof. Felix Bautista

        All: I like to think that I am a Filipino, that I am as Good, a Filipino as Anyone.
        Girls: My heart thrills, when, I Hear, the National anthem, being played.
        Boys: And my Blood Rises, when, I see our flag, Fluttering in the breeze.
        All: And Yet, I find myself asking, How Filipino Am I, Really?
        Boys: My First Name is American.
        Girls: My Last Name Is Chinese.
        Boys: When I’ am with Girlfriends or more correctly, when, I’ am with my Friends, who happen to be girls
        – I talk to them in English.
        Girls: If they are thirsty, I buy them, a Bottle of American coke.
        Boys: If they are hungry, I treat them, to an Italian Pizza pie.
        All: And when, I have the money, I give them a real Chinese Lauriat.
        Boy (solo): Considering all these, considering my taste, for many things foreign, what right do I have, to call myself, a Filipino?
        Girls (solo): Should I not call myself, a culture orphan? The illegitimate child of many races?
        All: Rightly or wrongly, whether we like it or not, we are the end products, of our history, fortunately or unfortunately, our history is a co-mingling, of polyglot influences.
        Boys: Malayan and Chinese.
        Girls: Spanish and British.
        Boys: American and Japanese.
        All: This is historic fact, we can not ignore, a cultural reality we can not escape, form to believe otherwise is to indulge in fantasy.
        Boy (solo): I must confess, I’ am an extremely confused, and Bewildered young man. Wherever I’ am, whatever I may be doing, I’ am Bombarded, on all sides, by people who want, me to search for my national identity.
        All: Tell me the Language I speak should be replaced, by Filipino; they urge me to do away with things foreign to act and think, and buy Filipino.
        Girl (solo): Even in art, I’ am getting bothered and Bewildered.
        All: The Writer should use Filipino, as his medium, the nationalists cry.
        Boys: The Painter should use his genius, in portraying themes purely Filipino, they demand.
        Girls: The Composer should exploit, endless Possibilities, of the haunting kundiman, they insist.
        All: All these sound wonderful. But Rizal used Spanish, when he wrote, Noli and Fili.
        Boys: Was he less of a nationalist, because of it? Must the artist, to be truly Filipino, paint with the juice of the duhat?
        Girls: And must he draw picture of topless Muslim women or Igorot warriors in G-String?
        All: And if the composer, desert, the kundiman, and he writes song faithful to the spirit of the Youths of today, does he become Unfilipino? We are what we are today, because of our History.
        Boys: In our veins, pulses blood with traces of Chinese and Spanish and American, but It does not stop, being a Filipino, because of these.
        Girls: Out culture, is tinges with foreign, influences, but it has become rich therely.
        All: This mingling, in fact could speed us on the road, to national greatness, look at America, it is a great country, and yet it is the melting pot of Italian, and German, British, and French, or Irish and Swedish.
        Boy (solo): Filipinism, after all, is in the heart.
        All: If that heart beats faster, because the Philippines is making progress, if it Fills, with compassion because its
        people are suffering, then it belongs to a true Filipino, and it throbs, with pride, in our past, if it pulses with awareness, of the present , if it beats with a faith in the future, then we could ask, for nothing, more all other things are Unimportant.
        Boys: I have, an American First Name.
        Girls: And I have, a Chinese Last Name.
        All: And I’ am proud, very, very proud, – because Underneath these names beats A Filipino Heart…

      • @ THOMAS ‘Topless Moslem women’?! With all due respects to Prof. Bautista, but I think that’s a stretch… 😦

        I initially wanted to say this separately, Pero, dito na lang para isahan na at quota na ako for the day, hence what follows is for the ecosystem in general.

        A&Q seems to be using MUP as the retirement format for their trainees/wards who are aging out. Examples were Sandra Lemonon & Michelle Gumabao. And with @ Fabian Reyes commenting earlier that Patch Magtanong ‘moved the glass’, they are like KF except KF looks for pageants to which their ladies can be appointed. With Ruffa Nava out, next to monitor is Shane Tormes. 🙂

        We also need to bear in mind that MUP also has its own circle of talents (through Mercator*) & handlers/agents who inevitably become AP’s. My point – you have to be ‘in’ to get far.

        The three presented here, we assume will sign up with A&Q if they have not already done so. On the other hand, we still await what The Camp has to offer this time, whom we know will be classy.

        * – Maria Isabela Galeria, Kim Crizaldo, Adelma Benicta, & Alexie Caimoso (here) are Mercator.

      • Dear Flor Tulo,

        The piece was probably done by Prof. Bautista in the 70’s – in short, it was a different time and he was of different generation.

        Instead of you being petty and focusing on short “topless moslem women” phrase he used, (but not on Igorot warrior in g-strings. I wonder. Lol), focus on the MESSAGE instead. He is saying :

        Wala sa itsura!! Wala sa pananalita!!! Wala sa pananamit ang pagiging Pilipino. Nasa Puso!! Nasa puso ang pagiging Pilipino!!! Walang himala! Nasa puso ang himala!! Katarungan para kay Dencio! Mabuhay ang uring mangagawa! Lol.

        World Peace.

      • @scorg that is so so TRUE. Some white people I know laughed ( or giggled) when they saw Catriona winning Miss Universe. Not only she doesn’t look Filipina at all, she grew up in a predominantly White state of Queensland, Australia. Moved here when she was 18 to model. It’s just absurd. And by the way, this halfies raised abroad doesn’t even speak the language growing up ( Filipino or the mother’s mother tongue). I prefer the likes of Pornthip or Katrina, na kahit hindi dito lumaki ay marunong magsalita ng Thai at Filipino.

      • @Thomas, what this experience amounts to is that from the eyes of foreigners, who are used to seeing typical Filipinas with short to middling height, brown skin, pudgy flat nose, and black eyes, our international beauty titlists are more Caucasian-looking than typical Malay archetype. We can argue that our winning queens are Filipinos by heart, but that just reflects the reality that Philippine beauty contests seem to be a domain of Western beauty stereotypes, not the Malayan looks which comprise the overwhelming majority of our women.

      • @Lymaraina, I had the same experience when Cat won. I was jeered when I boasted of another MU title for our country: “Are you sure she’s from Philippines? Her English doesn’t sound like she came from your country”.

      • @scorg, of course there are exceptions. For instance, the mestizas of Spanish- Filipino mixed like Margarita, Abbygale Arenas who’s grandpa is American, Lalaine Bennett same, and recently Karen Gallman, born and raised in Bohol. Im not a fan of girls who was raised abroad (especially the mixed race who doesn’t look like Filipina at all) and just came and then eventually go back to their countries. I’m still supportive of candidates raised abroad by Filipino immigrants who still know the language and their culture, Example Tisga Silang in 1998, and recently Katrina


    • Have you seen Bea being in the frontlines to help her fellow Cebuanos after the typhoon? Rabiya was already helping the frontliners even before she became MUP. FYI, we only have two winners pa lang with MUP org considering it was held during a pandemic. How can you discredit these ladies?

      • As MUP winners not as themselves. Anong nagawa ng MUP title to make them phenomenal? Wala. Chakang org. Pera2x. Walang integridad.

  15. Alexa is a Mercator model. 5’9″. 20 years old, did I hear correctly? Nikki, naman, 5’7″ (ka-height ni Taty Austria; I got the info from TPP’s Fb post) & 18 years old. No stats for Rina?

    Haarnaz is 21. Are we seeing MUP skew this year’s winner towards the younger end of the range?

    Won’t Alexa’s preparation for the 31st SEA Games (Vietnam, in May) suffer if she joins MUP?

    Nikki’s hair may suggest a genetic underpinning that codes for ‘frizzy in the MisOr genome. Katheryn Tan-Guipetacio & the two M’s of MK 2022 – Manticao & Magsaysay – are more proof.

    Rina, imo, is nothing special facially by now, with all the Eurasian halfies we’ve seen & yet to see.

    • Nikki looks like that because her dad is Brazilian. Interestingly, her dad looks like a “white Brazilian” but she said that one of his grandparents ay mulatta. Alam naman natin ang history ng Brazil.

      • @ Lymaraina I have no problem with frizzy~big hair. I love it! I recall a pretty classmate back in college. She was distinctive with her mane; at that time, no one else in our corner of the campus had it. 🙂

        ‘Mulatto’ is (black) African x (white) European, right?

    • (Cont.) Now I know why I’m not warm to Rina. Hers is a generic-type ‘blank canvass’ look therefore commercial. I prefer someone with a look that is unique/distinct. One that will stand out, not blend in.

      ‘Yang mga tipong ‘can be either Western or Eastern, depending on styling/make-up’ are a dime a dozen by now. Pia is that. But she nailed a blend that worked. That being said, it can’t be easy & surely not every Eurasian will meet with success as she did. Might be a hard sell…?…

      May as well go DEFINITE. Kung black, Alexa can be… Kung ASEAN/Malay, Galeria. Kung ‘putih’, Nikki or Chella (huwag sana sila magsabay). Kung chinita,… Any suggestions, guys? 🙂

      From Lavinia, BETHANY TALBOT. ‘Eto, pu-push ko. She’s like a blossom that broke through the snow, a sign that Spring is on the way… Maka-Top 5 man lang (sa MUP), happy na ako.

  16. May pagka-Leila Lopes si Alexi Brooks lalo na kapag mahaba ang buhok n’ya. If ever she wants to join MUP, I hope she would not be in that pixie hair cut. Kumita na kasi ‘yan talaga, lalo pa’t magiging copycat lang s’ya ni Zozibini Tonzi.

    Rina Maier and Nikki de Moura can do a bloodbath for the crown. If they are both ready to conquer the universe, then they both have the chances. Basta they have to undergo the rigors of pageant training.

    That’s all.

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