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  1. On another note, it’s so heartwarming to know that Miss Israel Universe 2004 and now Wonder Woman Gal Gadot was so supportive and approving of the victory of Jennifer Hawkins immediately after the latter’s crowning. What a Gal indeed!

  2. Uhmmm is it just me who noticed how drool worthy the fiancé of Jennifer Hawkins is? That guy can easily be a frontunner in any alpha male pageant. They really complement each other!

    • @ Aron He is a celebrity in his own right. He starred in that reality-based dance contest TV show in Australia.

      Which brings to mind…..

      Go look at Andres G. Muhlach, the 19 year-old unico hijo of Charlene and Aga. Talk about “complementing each other”! 🙂

  3. She’s so down-to-earth! I don’t know why she reminds me of actress Sienna Miller.

    Donald Trump is disgusting 😦

  4. If Tito Norman finished med school and a residency training in psychiatry , he’s a psychiatrist . The word does not apply to any other circumstances
    Now I’m f he has a PhD in Psychology , he can be called DR. Tinio .e
    But here in the US , psychologists with a PhD are addressed by their first nam

  5. As I said earlier, 2002-2005 produced one of the most beautiful MU winners in history.
    Though she had a strong competitor going into the finals. Things could have gone either way.

    It was also obvious Trump adores here. He was like a smitten high school boy when in her presence.

    Please stop comparing her to Oxana. Both ladies may have looked different now. But you can’t deny the fact that they were super beauties the night they were crowned. Oxana may be different since she obliterated her competition and turned it into a battle for second place.

    • @ Johnny Hhhmmmmm……

      There’s some interesting numerology going on, here, in Mr. Tinio’s post. I wonder now if it is intentional….

      2002 was Oxana FeDOrova (stress on second syllable) as you said “obliterating competitors,… (relegating them to)… a battle for second place”.

      It’s 2020, same digits rearranged. I will take this to mean an MUP candidate will do the same.

      I wonder who she is…. 🙂

      I finally saw the Siera Bearchell video on her Fast-Pick-Five for MUP. I now know why a number of commentators are peeved at her.

      They misinterpret. It’s an IMPRESSION-BASED selection. If their “chosen one” did not make the cut, it should be taken to mean SIMPLY that she needs to do something to be noticed more.

      Their griping is not consistent with their bet’s “sportsmanship”. She will have to remind her supporters about this virtue. But yes, it’s Good Friday. This can all resume in due course.

      • Hello Flor.

        It is impressive when you see finals performances like what Oxana and Angela did. On the other hand, it is also exciting when two outstanding candidates go neck and neck til the last call (Ex. 2004, 2005).

  6. In this era of almost rabid preoccupation and conformity with political correctness, what was once considered as comedic routine to keep audience engrossed, onstage bantering as employed by Trump is now unfortunately viewed as a misogynistic behavior.

    Many may have hated Trump, but the guy is a New Yorker. Same thing with Riyo Mori. Trump may be a difficult employer or boss, but just remember. The leading character of “Devil Wears Prada” was “allegedly“ based on NY Vogue editor: Anna Wintour.

    • It can’t be denied that nowadays throwing labels to anybody is way all too commonplace. That it’s just a matter of perspective whether to give credence to such labeling or not.

      Just to be fair, the labeling of misogynistic behavior only started immediately prior and persisted after Trump’s unexpected victory. Fact of the matter, before Trump’s campaign for presidency, majority of these so-called critics were lining up and way too eager to be part of Trump’s “circle of friends.” Even the Clintons had Trump attend Chelsea’s wedding.

      Regardless, let’s give credit where credit is due: Trump is first US president to ever appointed a Fil-AM as Solicitor General-Federal (Noel Francisco). Also the first US president to ever appoint an openly gay Filipino (Patrick Bumatay) as Judge in the US Circuit Court of Appeals.

  7. Boyish lang kasing maglakad c Jamaica pero kagabi, pinanuod ko ung pageant… sa video nya… para cyang c Lara Dutta. Gusto ko sila ni Paraguay.

    Jennifer Hawkins… panlaban tlga niya ung lakad nya… alam mong dancer. Hindi ako against sa mga black pero (cguro dahil kasama sa mga judges c Wendy) ndi ko maintindihan kung paanong naungusan ni Trinidad and Tobago ung ibang kasama sa Top 10.

    • I agree, Jamaica over Trinidad and Tobago!

      Quality yung top 10, especially facially, hanggang sa mag pan out yung camera kay India. I’m sorry, anyare? Bakit sya nakasama sa 10? Parang bumaba yung camera, dahil sa height plus facially limited din. Opinion lang!


  9. I’ve had this kind of boss, tease-humiliate employees openly. It all depends on how much you can stomach. They are loose cannons, but know exactly what they want. They hate being disobeyed.

    It may seem Mr. Trump was quite fond of her. The disrespect was admiration in disguise?

    Mr, Tinio,in your opinion as psychologist, could misogyny be mistaken for fatal attraction?

    As far as Australians in pageantry are concerned, the one that comes to (my) mind is MI 2016 1st Runner-up. Forgot her name, though…. LOVE her nose!

    Sophie’s dad is cute. 🙂

    • This kind of behavior does not usually last long
      If your boss is the owner, he gets sued for all his worth
      If he is not , he is fired or demoted

    • Flor, I think Tito Noman is a Psychiatrist. A licensed medical doctor with specialization in Psychiatry 😊 Correct me if I’m wrong Tito Norms. A psychologist is a bachelor’s degree only

      • Ok tito norms. I stand corrected po 😊 A blessed friday to all of you….en day…..tenchu!!!!

  10. This girl is now in my top 3 most beautiful MUs along with Pia and Amparo . Oxana just didn’t grow old gracefully .

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