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  1. Miss Philippines Michelle Dee vs Miss Venezuela Diana Silva …. our bet is many times better and should outrank a weak Venezuelan at MU2023 in El Salvador

  2. MMD delivered at the end. She deserves it.

    Baguio was so close if not for her answer on the transgender question.

  3. Ang mga baklang bisaya kumukulo yung mga dugo. In fairness kay Dee maganda ang sagot nya sa Q and A . Yung damit Ng Bohol parang kurtina namin😂 Dapat yung supranational napunta sa Baguio kasi aurahan duon.

  4. Hahahaha 😆
    Dee nila halata na c Ms D talaga Ang bet Ng MUorganization. But I’m happy that Ms D won. Dafat last year fa Ang MUcrown na Yan for her and Cortesi this year sana. Opinion ko lng nman Yan😆 hihihihihi

  5. Happy Michelle won, she deserves it and will be a competitive delegate. However, they MUST drop the “Harvard Business School Online” bit from her story/achievements…sorry, anyone can pay a couple thousand dollars to take Harvard’s online classes, it’s just a matter of whether you have the resources to do so. De La Salle, where’s she actually holds a degree from, is quite impressive already as is. No need to force an elite brand name if it isn’t authentic. Instead, they should emphasize what type of entrepreneurial ventures she is engaging in (Web3 is not enough, that is already being replaced by AI and was only in the news for a few months). She has what it takes, if her team faces some hard truths and pushes her – rooting for you Michelle!


  6. Pauline’s EG styling is trying to channel 💯 oxana of Russia

    An unplaced MU 2022 will pass the crown to the rightful winner of MUP which will be unplaced again in MU 2023 ( Pauline and MMD ay for sure unplaced sa MU). Let’s fasten our seatbelts, Simula na ang pasahan ng unplacement crown.

  7. She should have won last year to begin with…..she did way better than the previous winner. This year would have been Pauline’s turn (just saying)…..I’m happy between Michelle or Pauline to get the crown.

  8. If Vera was only younger …
    If Sam was only 3 inches taller…..

  9. Congratulations to the woman who conquered both the World and the Universe! Eh DEE ikaw na talaga MICHELLE!

  10. Krishna Gravidez would be perfect for Supranational…
    She reminds me of Mutya Datul…

    Congrats Michele.. Weĺl-desserved.

  11. I don’t understand the hype about Michelle Dee. Here evening gown presentation was more for Miss Grand than for Miss Universe.

    I like the quiet confidence of Pauline’s presentation over Michelle’s. She really looked ethereal.

    Michelle Dee seemed too rehearsed and her answers to the questions were borderline condescending or arrogant.

  12. Congratulations Michelle on a well-deserved win.
    I was rooting for you since day 1 even last year.
    Baguio should be Supranational and Pauline is Charm

  13. My blood is pumping. I am pumped again. El Salvador becomes worthy of the grand anticipation in Dec 2023 ! Michelle Dee, Philippines !!!

    • Agreeeeeeeee! Excited ako for MU202 threeeeeeeee!!! Let the show begiiin!!!!

  14. Though embarrassing, mistake do happen even in a major event like this. MUPH has to release an official statement in the spirit of transparency.

    Anyway, congratulations to Michelle on a well-deserved victory. Congratulations as well to to the rest of the finalists.

  15. I am happy with the results. To me it was a toss up between Pauline and Michelle overall. Michelle at MU stage has a good fighting chance. And if Pauline will be sent to MS, she will definitely be a formidable rep. That means we are sending our two best bets to the world’s two top branded pageants.

    • I don’t think so Scorg
      It was a toast between Baguio and Michelle for the MUP title.
      I don’t understand the hype over Pauline eversince she joined pageantry and I’ve been very vocal about that.

      • toast talaga? But anyway, wag ng nakikipag-away, kung si Michelle nga ang bet mo, oh di siya nga! And I am happy for her.

        And I think she’ll do us proud in El Salvador.

    • Well, that’s my opinion @JustPassingBy. Krishna might be a close contender to the top 2 but I find her answers a bit sub-par in depth relative to Michelle’s and Pauline’s.

  16. For a change, it’s pleasant to see that the judges gave the responsibility to represent Philippines to the candidate who did very well at the last segment of the competition.

    Any of the last five candidates could confidently secure a semifinal spot in Miss Universe provided the closed-door interview is not an elimination round by itself. Both Baguio and Zambales were a breath of fresh air. Both exudes the exotic X-factor that’s hard to ignore.

    With the new selection format for Miss Universe, it was Pauline’s crown to lose. Still, glad to see that Michelle rised to the occasion and practically owned the stage.

    • Pauline is over-hyped by pinoys
      Nothing special about the girl IMO not even an xfactor
      “Last segment of the competition” ? Michelle did well in all segments; swim and gown included.
      She was the best in long gown and I believe second to Baguio in SS.
      Your favorite Pauline looks constipated in her SS and her gown looks like a lingerie or a sleeping gown. And where was her excellent communication skills that everyone here were raving about?
      Nagtago na lahat? Lol

  17. Just happy to see CJ make it to top 5
    Congrats to Michelle Dee for the well -deserved win .
    Grabe ang galing ng dating nya sa EG

    • Ano na ang nangyari sa “Vera will be MUPh” prediction mo? Way to navigate from your pain, Fabian! Your fakery is so obvious!

  18. Just happy to see CJ Opiaza make it to top 5 . This is the story of tonight

  19. Based on the answer alone to the final common question, I knew right away that our new Miss Universe Philippines will be MICHELLE DEE!

    Very impactful sa umpisa pa lang yung sagot niya — yung hindi ka mabibitin at talagang mapapa-cheer ka kaagad. With the others even Pauline medyo naghahanap ka pa ng oomph sa sagot nila as in “sige pa may maibibigay ka pa.” Kay Michelle transformative and ralllying kaagad ang dating ng sagot with the perfect flourish to her final statement, “This is what makes me always proud to be Pinoy.” Parang “confidently beautiful with a heart” ni Pia!

    Pauline is not so far behind as the second placer in my book. And in fairness ang lakas ng Oxana Fedorova vibes niya as in your eyes are drawn to her magnetizing onstage presence and ethereal beauty kahit hindi pa siya ang pumagitna.

    With Michelle naman swak na swak talaga ang kasabihang “if looks can kill” dahil project kung project talaga with her usual regal fierceness kapag nasa kanya ang spotlight. She will definitely be formidable with both her communication and catwalk skills come Miss Universe 2023.

    And oh she’s the second double title holder of both Miss World Philippines and Miss Universe Philippines after Catriona Gray.


    • She’s the second MWP to become MUP next to Catriona..But Catriona is runner up in MW and a winner at MU.
      Let’s see if MMD will surpass her placement at MW?

      • @miss tissa

        Just for perspective, let us be reminded that Miss Universe 1999 Mpule Kwelagobe from Botswana competed in Miss World 1997 and didn’t place but went on to win the first-ever Miss Universe title for her country on their first ever participation.

  20. Congrats MMD! Ang daming nagsasabi na kaya di nakapasok si CC sa top 16 kasi kulang sa advocacy. Yung nanalo ngayon sobra sobra sa advoacy ang dami pa ring nagrereklamo. Hehehe.

    • I know … MDee will be a force to reckon with in El Salvador
      If Pauline goes through to Supra and does not resign in order to join MUPH 2024 , then she might win our second Supra crown after Mutya , and Baguio , wow ! She has to join again and go for MUPH !!!! but she also can win Miss Charm …

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