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  1. Miss Malaysia (a doctor) is doing health and nutrition programs & initiatives for indigenous children in her country as her BWAP project. In cooperation with various NGOs, the project has benefited hundreds of kids in indigenous communities.

    • Miss Malaysia will go far in this competition. Very pretty, articulate with likable personality and impressive academic credentials, I am sure she is up for the crown. Right Flor?

      Good morning to all.

      • Having Malaysia as a winner will do good both for the MW brand and world. She is a doctor so she can help in the pandemic initiatives of the org. in various countries.

  2. Miss Nepal’s BWAP project is part of the world’s build, build program. She spearheaded a bridge construction project in a remote village that benefited around 12,000 locals.

    • Flor baka ito yung sinasabi mo na suspension bridge. Hindi ko pa napanood ang kay Nicaragua. Ty.

    • Panama’s BWAP project focuses on the welfare of the indigenous children of her country. She implemented literacy and other educational assistance & initiatives.

      • Educational assistance is always a good initiative specially for developing countries. Kudos to Miss Panama.

      • Panama is a top 40 aspirant. I hope she will do better in coming challenges. Good luck.

  3. I absolutely love it!
    One of the best BWAP I have ever seen.
    I hope she wins!

  4. Flor:
    Manasa Varanasi is the prettiest in this batch. India is the most facially stunning. Tall, sexy, likable personality, and very articulate as well.

    • Followed by Poland, Colombia, Argentina and Malaysia. With India as the prettiest, sila ang aking top 5 most facially stunning.

      • O sige flor ikaanim si Gibraltar kay favorite mo siya.

        Pasok naman si Tracy sa Top 20 most beautiful faces.

      • Top 5 Most Beautiful Asians: India, Malaysia, Phlippines, Japan, and Indonesia

        Top 5 Most Beautiful Africans: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Cote d’lvoire, and Cameroon

      • @ paul Kung Poland, Colombia, & Malaysia for Final 3, OK sa ‘yo? Halinbawa, ilaglag ko si Shudu?

        I’m quite tempted to put the spotlight on Buenos Aires. Their recent reps to ME/MGI & MU (2020) were facially stunning. But what info do we have on their ND’s/country franchisees? Will a crown be sustainable to the Argentinian general public, meaning is pageantry viable there somehow?

        Is Osmel Souza still working for Argentina? Which franchises is he focused on?

      • Okay Flor. No problem. So ganito ang kalalabasan:

        Miss World – Poland
        1st Princess – Colombia
        2nd Princess – Malaysia

        Basta Top 10/5 si Tracy. He, he, he…

      • Kawawa kasi ang Argentina Flor. Poor country acting like First World. Manalo naman sila para ma-uplift naman nation spirit/morale nila. Thanks.

      • Flor tama ka. Super ganda ni Miss Grand Colombia. Very pretty din si Miss World Colombia.

        Anong nangyari kay Miss Universe Colombia? Bakit siya? He, he…

      • @ paul Good Friday, Dong.

        I’m quite certain the rehabilitated suspension bridge was either Nicaragua or Mexico. In any case, thanks so much again for your dedication towards monitoring this edition of MW for us. 🙂

        Nepal’s efforts are in line with the ‘build (3x)’ of China’s Belt-&-Road Initiative? SHE SAID THAT??!! Kung sa bagay, the CCP is alleged to have the policy of befriending India’s neighbors… 😦

        Wasn’t Nepal with Group 1? I’m sure napanood ko ‘yun. I don’t recall her saying that. Are you sure?

        Valeria Ayos…. Ang nangyari sa kanya, she was Colombia’s rep to ME 2020. Kaya lang, she caught Covid19. I know what you’re thinking. Kaya, I prefer Michelle Colon (Puerto Rico) to her. But I want to say, Valeria reminds me of a dusky Corinne Abalos somehow. At kung ako lang, mas OK siya sa akin kaysa kay Nadia Fereirra (Paraguay) who just comes across as TOO MUCH.

        For me, ang puwedeng pang-Grand Slam ‘yung ‘Antioquia’ nung MUColombia 2020. Mulatta beauty! And the current MG-Colombia but, of course, Angkol will have the final say…

  5. Mexico’s BWAP project focuses on poor and migrant children. She engages with various stakeholders to attend to the needs of the children by implementing literacy & health education programs, food, shelter and the like.

    • I hope she continues her project even after her reign. It has already benefited more than 4 thousand children in Mexico. Ty.

      • @ paul ‘Yan ba ‘yung may ipinaayos silang suspension bridge?

        Or, was that Nicaragua?

        Si Mexico, Karolina (?) Vidales, I recall telling you yesterday that she is like a ‘softened’ hybrid of Natalie Glebova & Edymar Martinez’. Am I accurate, in your opinion?

        Very important sa ating mga ‘old school’ ang FACIAL BEAUTY. As we approach the Finale of MW, do give us your 5 most beautiful candidates of this batch. ‘Yung tipong Rolene Strauss na ganda, na kailanman ay dili mo malilimutan at comes to mind whenever the brand is mentioned/discussed.

      • Yes Flor. Agree with you with Mexico. Tama ang assessment mo sa kanya. Papadok siya even sa top 20. Thanks again.

  6. Indonesia’s BWAP is very timely and relevant. Carla Yules addresses the problems and concerns pertaining to vaccine coverage, access to electricity and livelihoods in a remote village. Truly a remarkable feat.

    • Not only that, the BWAP video is also well made. Both content and form are worth emulating.

      Congratulations to Carla and her team

      • Indonesia most likely will be one of the BWAP finalists this year. And might win eventually this challenge.

  7. Her Advocacy is sincere and inspired by personal experience. One of the best advocacies of a beauty queen so far.

    • Good morning Serge. Thanks for such positive and encouraging remarks. Please continue to support Tracy’s journey in MW. You are always pleasant. Ty again.

      • But I think the MWP Org. should learn from Indonesia how to make BWAP projects, and videos as well. Thanks.

  8. She somehow resembles Catriona on this pic and the bwap is amazing. Hope she will surpass the top 11 finish of Michelle. Godbless Tracy. Keep up the good work to bring home the elusive bacon.

    • Thanks for the very positive review and inspiring message to Tracy. Good evening to you.

      • Oo nga, may hawig siya kay Cat sa picture. I hope makaabot siya sa Top 5. I hope the stars will align for her.

  9. I think Philippines will be awarded with the Best BWAP video and she will reach top 5. Hopefully she wins the crown.

    • Thank you so much for your positive and wonderful remark. Sana magkakatoto ang mga sinabi mo. Good evening to you.

      • She has a unique BWAP. Something that is close to her heart and life experience. Good luck to you Tracy.

  10. Ang ganda nya sa photo above. Kudos to her handlers. Hindi “bina bakla” itsura nya. No offense to to the baklas. Hehe.

    And watching her BWAP video confirms that she is beautiful even without make-up. Minor correction lang, her advocacy is not for Solo Parent. All throughout the video, it was for Solo Mothers.

    Pano naman ang solo father? Who will breast feed the children? Lol.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Tumira ka naman, P’re.

      Ganito. Makinig ka.

      Magpa-implant ka ng ‘dibdib’. Ta’s, mag-inject ka ng estrogen para mag-lactate ka.

      Ipunin mo milk mo, for donation to an infant milk bank (Tracy’s advocacy group can link you to the right folks, probably). Para may silbi naman kayong mga lalaki. Dili lang sperm ang i-donate!

      • Flor naa may usa ka lalaki nga naa sa video nga nakasuot ug blue t-shirt. Murag myembro man siya sa group as solo parent.

      • @ paul Good morning, Dong.

        Laura Lehmann’s BWAP, if I recall correctly, was with the pediatric or neo-natal Unit of the PGH in Manila. I remember that, among other things, the place served as a bank for human milk. Mothers donated their ‘surplus production’ at the place; it had facilities/capability to store the stuff.

        Mdme. JM, Catriona, Mirea Llalaguna, & Rohit Kandelwahl visited. Uncle even blogged about it!

        Anyway, I realize now these are the kinds of programs Angkol (!) should be pouring his money into. The Grand Finale draws near… May his new queen become as glamorous as Mdme. JM’s.

      • Thank you flor for your historical notes and wonderful suggestion to angkol. Oo naman. Maayong buntag.

  11. I don’t know why but this video is really heartwarming. Isee her true desire to uplift solo parents because she has experienced the lovw of a solo mother as well. No matter if she wins the BWP or not this is a true advocacy.

  12. Somehow I have a feeling that I saw MU 2018 Catriona Gray in Tracy. Wishing her good luck in the MW pageant.

    • Top 5? Sana magkakatotoo ang sinabi mo. Maraming salamat. Let’s continue to support her.

    • Sana kol makaabot siya ng top 5. Kol please vote for Tracy sa mobstar and MW website. Salamat kaayo kol.

  13. Beautiful Tracy Maureen Perez!

    I have observed that Tracy likes the shades of violet. Magkasundo kami rito. He, he, he…

    Maayong hapon sa tanan.

      • Mabuti pa rito peaceful and generally agree that Tracy’s styling is great. Sa kabila bakbakan na naman sa animal prints.

      • At bakit nga ba laging tinatakpan ang leeg? Ano ang itinatago roon? Tingin mo flor… He, he, he…

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