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  1. Tracy is back with Mango Yellow. Like it. Tracy is so relaxed in Puerto Rico. Hindi katulad sa kabila parang laging may tension. He, he, he…

  2. Flor may info ka bakit walang Thailand sa MW this year? O bakit hindi natuloy si Paweensuda? O siya ba talaga? He, he, he… Thanks.

    • I know MU country din ang Thailand. Just like most of the countries in ASEAN. What could be the other reasons? Thanks.

    • @ paul Sinagot ko na ‘yang tanong mo in an earlier post. Kaya lang, parang di-nelete ni Admin. Hindi ko na ulit nakita…. 😦

      (I will inhibit myself na lang on the matter. Pero malay mo, baka finally ilabas niya, but you’ll just have to look for it yourself.)

  3. Good luck once again Tracy. I envisioned you in a bright colored gown for the finals.

  4. Group 13 Head to Head:
    Ireland leads the pack;
    Rwanda, Curacao & Colombia – very, very good;
    Belgium and Finland – did very well as well

      • Flor bakit milya2x ang lamang ng ganda ni Miss World Colombia kaysa kay Miss Universe Colombia?

      • India, Poland, Colombia, Argentina, & Malaysia are five of the most facially stunning ladies in this year’s MW.

      • @ Colombia MAGANDA rin ‘yung Grand-Colombia! She’s like a stretch limousine version of Thia Thomalla. 🙂

        Sige! Colombia has been ‘tigang’ for a while. In my earlier 10-Pick, I said ‘either Brazil or Argentina’. Throw in Colombia, and I’ll let YOU choose who among the three will challenge Poland, South Africa, & Malaysia for the Blue Crown.


        (I’ve ruled out Venezuela, kasi sabi mo she’s tad overrated… YOU will be my spirit animal for MW.)

    • Truly the MW delegates are having fun in sunny and happy Puerto Rico. Thank you Serge. Good morning to you.

    • Serge how about sa kabila? Are they not enjoying their stay there? Bakbakan kaagad. He, he, he…

      • Every outfit pinag-aawayan. Buti pa si Tracy laging on point ang styling at wardrobe. Ty.

      • @ paul Imbento tayo – ‘pawikan print’. Initial issue in green, of course. Afterwards, in the colors you specified for Tracy above…


        You do realize MW will be the last to finish among the Grand Slam 3 this December. You will be able to keep this pace up for at least another two weeks? You are very strong!

      • Okay Flor ang iyong imbento – pawikan print in various shades. Go, go, go… Supportive ako dyan.

        Magbabakasyon ako for two weeks in gensan. Tingnan natin kung hindi ako masyado busy sa lamyerda. He, he, he…

        Thanks my dear.

  5. Group 14 Head to Head:
    India, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire & Costa Rica – Top 4
    Canada & Hungary – very, very good

    Facial beauty: India and Costa Rica

    • Manasa is the prettiest of them all. She is really facially stunning.

      Malaysia not far behind her.

  6. feeling at home in San Juan … that’s good , getting into your comfort zone

      • Is the Philippines the misplaced Latin country in Asia? Ano tingin mo Cool Brew? He, he, he…

    • Chile at the Eastern Side of the Pacific and the Philippines at the Western Side of the Pacific. The middle of the ocean is where the strong typhoons usually originate. But both countries are resilient and home to beautiful women.

      • Chile 1 Miss Universe winner
        Philippines 1 Miss World winner

        So fair lang. He, he, he…

  7. Latest MW Picks:

    Top 5 from Europe: Poland, England, Slovakia, France, & Wales

    Top 5 from North America and the Caribbean: Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, Mexico, & Puerto Rico

    Top 5 from Central and South America: Argentina, Panama, Honduras, Ecuador, & Venezuela

  8. Latest MW Picks:

    Top 5 from Asia: India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, & The Philippines

    Top 5 from Africa: Nigeria, Cote d’Ivorie, Cameroon, Kenya, & South Africa

      • @ paul Albania, not Estonia. Paraguay na lang, ceguro, over Uruguay… I’m not feeling Nadia F; dito na lang sila mag-place.

        Bakit ako? I’m honored (like Marian Rivera)…. 🙂

        (But Estonia brings to mind Carmen Kaas, a former runway model who became the face of J’Adore by Dior.)

      • Okay Flor Albania & Paraguay as replacements. Basta ikaw Flor vow ako. You deserve the honors. After all, you are our godmother. Maayong gabii manang.

      • Sorry, but no Miss Thailand in MW this year.

        Australia and New Zealand are absent too.

        Russia and Denmark are not also participating.

      • Countries which are back: Belize, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Namibia, St. Lucia, Serbia, St. Maarten, Uruguay, and Zambia.

  9. Wow! Bright colors definitely suit Tracy’s skin shade and personality. Beautiful sunglasses as well. And she seems to be enjoying a lot in sunny Puerto Rico. The other delegates too.

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