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  1. A couple of friends from Spain, Italy and Denmark have asked me why so many Filipinos are posting negative comments about Marian Rivera. I told them it’s just a knee jerk reaction, that she is a very well known actress/celebrity here.

    I guess we as Filipinos should show support for fellow Filipinos, should they be given grand opportunities like these. Let’s not be the first ones to bring down a fellow Filipino. 💐👑🕊️

  2. The pageant will be held in an open-air auditorium , which reminds me of the Folk Arts Theater type , but this year is much more like a tent. Very very interesting and exciting and for the delegates, they should put on their A+ best during the wee hours because the show starts at 2 A.M. Israeli time 12/13 !

      • Paquita Miss Portugal this year is a Miss Venezuela runner up in 2018 ( the year they sent the winner to World Isabella). So she’s a pro. I think she’ll be the next Laura Goncalves ( 2011, Portuguese Venezuelan) and Natasha Borger ( 2002, German Venezuelan). Abangannnn

  3. Napansin ko lang? Day 3 na ng Miss Universe ang suot pa rin nilang sash eh yung local sash na bitbit nila? Nasan na official sash nila from Miss Universe?

  4. I wish hindi sya magkalat doon hihihi… but anyway tayong mga pinoy lang naman ang mahilig mamintas ng mga mali maling english grammar sa kapwa pinoy. Beauty-wise panalo si Mariane, pwede syang ihanay sa mga MU winners.

  5. I’m already happy sa ?Globe at Intercontinental hindi na ako nangangarap sa Miss Uni at Miss world basta maka pasok lang sa semis happy na ako.

  6. So what happened with the Fil-Am tranny who joined Miss USA?
    Stop this non-sense inclusivity thingy that gives people like her the feeling of entitlement to join a pageant for naturally born woman. It will never work so stop the craziness!

    • We’d rather you stop making a fool of yourself, expressing your sense of entitlement to spread nonsensical, outdated and hateful beliefs.
      It will never work so stop the craziness 🥴

      • Craziness? Don’t get me wrong.
        Every individual has the right to do what they want to do or wanna be but in this case, it’s an utter craziness if you think that is it rightful to join a beauty pageant and compete with naturally born women wherein they have their own platform created exclusively for them.
        Sanity and naked truth are and never will be outdated and non-sensical belief and principle my dear Anon.
        That’s all!

  7. Since di afford ng MUO si Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot.

    They got the next best thing, si Darna.


  8. I received a lot of funny and bashing messages regarding Marian’s ability to speak English. Well, for one I’m told she speaks Spanish – I may be wrong. If so, she won’t have any problem sitting beside Dayanara. And I happened to watch her being interviewed in Vietnam, and she could express herself quite clearly in English. Watch out Sushmita 🙋🏼‍♀️👑💐🕊️😁

    • Unfortunately, Marian doesn’t speak fluent Spanish. Inuwi sya ng nanay nya dito at 3/4/5 years old. Nag divorce ang tatay nya at nanay nya when Marian was very young. Her dad remarried. Mulatta woman probably Latina.

  9. Journee Collection footwear pala is the new footwear sponsor for the 70th MU edition. That’s why I was wondering why Bea could not get heels despite her lost luggage. Lol.

  10. Almost Every Philippine pageant pages announced that Marian Rivera is one of the judges but outside Philippines I saw none of the news posted about her and MUO hasn’t announced the full list of judges (members of selection committee).

  11. Ganda ni Marian. Beauty na pang MU. But for Bea, I still believe that she’s gonna perform well and land better placement based on her own merit. Laban Bea, laban Pilipinas!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  12. Marian has a history of being threatened by women having work relationship or being close with Dingdong. I’m curious sino type niya. She’ll have a bias I think sa pareha niya ding mestiza.

  13. Bea will have sweet victory if she gets into semifinals… if it so happens that she reaches the Q & A session, anything can happen, magic can happen for her regardless of whether there is Marian or not

    Reaching the Q & A is key … but let us not get ahead of ourselves, this year’s batch is so competitive

      • Bea has a story to tell , a reflection of the current times , can make history if she wins … that is why if she makes it to the Q & A session, she will be in a unique position that can stand out in the eyes and minds of the judges …

    • Well you sound like Bea is the only one who answers well. Anything can happen talaga. Miss Peru had the best answer pero ligwak last edition. So giving the best answer is not the guarantee of winning. Take note the Telemundo is the major player right now..

  14. nangangamoy 3rd runner up again para kay Bea.

    10 years after magjudge si Lea Salonga and maging 3rd runner up si Shamcey.
    Mexico rin ang reigning winner!

    Good luck, Bea!

  15. Kuh Ledesma
    Manny Pacquiao
    Josie Natori
    Emilio Yap
    Pia Wurtzbach
    Monique Lhuiller

    Did I missed someone?

  16. Oh ,,, they chose GMA , but ABS broadcast the MUP … ? kind of inconsistent

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