25 comments on “The Miss Scuba Philippines 2017 Send-Off

  1. Ganda niya! Pwedeng pwede kahit sa Miss U. With other aspects honed, we’re looking at a winner.

  2. Your beauty pageant experience will surely achieve what you really aspire.

    Mutya ng Pilipinas (Northern Mindanao) 2015
    Miss Silka Northern Mindanao 2015
    Miss Cagayan De Oro 2016
    Miss Philippines Earth 2017
    Miss Scuba Philippines 2017

    Good luck Miss Philippines!

  3. Hmmmm I really like her. She should join Binibini and if she wins MUP, she could be in the mold of Janine Tugonon and Ara Arida.

  4. KF ba camp ni ateh? Ang V E E N E E R S S S S S S S !!!!!! Ganda nga ng mukha. potential for a higher pageant

  5. she was ignored in ME maybe she can take the same route of ara and venus 🙂 she looks lovely and seems to have a fun personality. goodluck to her!

    • Jeremi she’s ok
      Kulang lang ng ‘it’ factor . Kailangan May ‘ cheerleader type of personality rin like Wynwyn Megan and yes Pia and Laura too.
      Big hopes for Laura !!!!!

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