7 comments on “Looks like Mercegrace Raquel is Barbados-bound

  1. Mercegrace Raquel was one of my personal favorites at this year’s BB Pilipinas. I’m still somewhat bewildered as to why she didn’t make the cut. I’m hoping she’ll venture to compete once more next year. Good luck to her!

  2. This dusky beauty seems to have the X-Factor because she could also impress a lot,if not, everyone like she’s a Supermodel! 🙂

  3. I still believe on this girl’s capabilities. I placed her as my 2nd runner up. Nice to know that despite of her unsuccessful attempt in BbP, she never lost her self-confidence. It’s not only Ara who’s getting more beautiful each day, Raquel, too, seems to be on her best element nowadays. Hope to see her in BBP 2014. Goodluck Merce Grace!

  4. A well-deserved appointment.
    The competition is over, give her the crown, karakaraka!
    This is a blessing in disguise, I would prefer a pageant to be held in North America, rather than those China-made pageant or Malaysian-based.
    Raquel is one of my bets for the Universe crown,aside from Parul and Hannah, but until now, I can’t understand why she’s unplaced and defeated by Punzalan,Nakpil and Nazar?
    Btw Ninang, who appointed her, is it the BPCi?

  5. Tall, dark, beautiful and she also has brains, and she’s barely 20 folks! She’s got a very bright pageant future ahead of her by the looks of it. In the meantime, I wish her luck in beautiful Barbados. Have fun girll!

  6. The traveling and the international experience in Barbados will surely benefit her in future nationals!

    Even if she wins the Miss HUMANITY crown, she would still be eligible to compete, again, in Bb. PILIPINAS or MWP or MPE as she has not won any national title as yet!

    Mercegarce is definitely the One-to-Watch in the coming years!

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