33 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Tansu Sıla Çakır of Turkey

  1. Itong si Miss Turkey, Barbados at Argentina maganda talaga sila nung umulan ng ganda nakasalo talaga sila ng sobra. Wish lang sana ma-train sila ng maigi, napaka-strong contender nila facially.

  2. maganda sya. looks taller enough. but with proper make up. styling and pasarela then a top 5 would be possible.

  3. This lass will add surely excitement and butterflies in my stomach come MU2016. I will definitely watch out for this girl. So gorgeous, her face alone overflows sexiness. But in reality there are numerous exceptionally beautiful in MU but didn’t win, and many of them didn’t place too like Desiree Cordero (Spain), Amy Willerton (G. Britain), Deborah Henry (Malaysia), Illiana Papageorgieu (Greece), Olga Storozhenko (Ukraine), to name a few. So that only means complete package talaga, hindi lang sapat na sobrang ganda. At isa pa, kung pinaghirapan mo sa maayos na paraan ang pangarap na korona, the stars have their way in giving it to you. #JOURNEYOFPIA #FAITH&FATE

  4. Ito yong sinasabi kong mala dyosa ang ganda ng fez, at may kasama pa itong isang dyosa si Barbados. Katawan palang ni Barbados pamatay na sa SS. But still max is MU2017 for me.

  5. Ang ganda nya dito, pero marami syang mga bulinggit pics hihihi
    Professional training lang kailangan nito para kabogera.
    Maganda cya pero let’s see the final result sa training kc marami cyang mga di kagandahang pics.
    Definitely A&Q can make her win kung naging Miss Philippines sana sya hihihi charot.

  6. I love this girl. Im looking forward to seeing her in motion as well as france, panama, Aruba and Ukraine.

  7. I would love to see Maxine in the top five. I would love to see her ace the first question and make it to the final three. While the ultimate fantasy would be a back-to-back, I don’t think it will happen just because the odds are against this type of thing. Maxine is most deserving and I would have no qualms if she becomes the new MU. However, top three (or top five) is an honor and continues our streak at MU.

    That said, if Maxine doesn’t win, like @Paul Rivera, I would LOVE to see an unexpected country, that does well throughout the competition and on crowing night, win. Countries that have won like Greece, Angola, Germany, Chile, etc. have given so much hope to other countries that do not have a consistent record of making any of the cuts. It makes MU even more interesting when unexpected countries makes the cut along with the “regulars”.

    Miss Turkey surely is a head turner and just from pictures alone, is a front runner. I wish the best for her and that she does well in all aspects of the pageant. Miss Turkey as the next MU? Why not? Every country deserves a chance at the crown.

  8. Very pretty. Her best features i think are her eyes and nose. I want to see her in the top 10. Gusto ko iba naman countries sa top 10 , not the usual ones (except the philippines of course). For example, israel, hungary, egypt, myanmar, romania, kenya, nigeria, peru, greece, germany, iraq etc etc.

  9. She looks like Salma Hayek na mala-Priscilla Mireilles, pero ‘yung look n’ya ‘yung madaling pagsawaan. ‘Di rin OK styling niya… ‘Yung ganda ni Maxine eh hypnotic. Basta, ‘di n’ya makakabog si Maxine.

  10. What a sexy bitch!?!.. She’s so pretty,
    I’d totaly date her and bang her brains out..
    We could make lots of goodlookin kids… a bit confused but definitely goodlookin kids!

  11. Has Turkey won MU? If she wins i won’t mind at all by the looks alone. Hopefully she’s got the personality and wit to match that beauty. Good luck!

    • I love Turkey, as well as Barbados and US Virgin Islands. I just hope countries with weak sash factor will make it in the Top 15. MU should consider Top 20 instead of Top 15.

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