5 comments on “Martha Chloe McCully: Is it a deal or no deal for her Bb. Pilipinas bid?

  1. i’m sorry but i don’t see her winning any of the titles this year or even in the semi finals.

  2. The best Chloe can hope for is a chance at BBP International or Globe- even then she will have to do some massive upgrades. I won’t hold my breathe- but we’ll see.

    There is no doubt in my mind that even with a slender figure she would be a clapper at Miss Universe. I mean, look at Bianca Manalo- even with the body trim she still didn’t place.

    Do you know how close Bianca was to placing in the top 15 at MU? I know that MU doesn’t publicly post their prelim results, but maybe you heard through the grapevine?

    ❤ Daniel

    • I’m not privy to Bianca’s exact ranking but she was rumored to be in the Top 30 – so anywhere between 16th to 30th places.

  3. chloe maganda ka sana pero yong katawan mo ang laki laki na,sana magbawas ka ng timbang,magbawas ka ng taba sa katawan mo medyo malaki at hindi masyodong magandang tingnan pag sumali ka ng miss universe…..good luck sayo magpapayat ka lang maganda ka sana chloe….

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