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  1. Just Surprised Me …. there is no Venezuela and no Belarus in the top 12 , or at least in the top 20 …


    • We should, also, bear in mind that pageants, big or SMALL, have their own way of doing things in place. Kanya-kanya’ng sistema; each has its own set of partners, sponsors, suppliers, they are businesses in & of themselves. As such, habits can be deeply entrenched & change while generally accepted as vital can take time. Basta, support!

  3. am VERY VERY happy with top 2 !! , …Palestine shined on stage , applause applause

  4. I’ve been hearing some drama on the final question. hihihihi

    Did Tita Boy Abunda ‘right’ this question? hihihii

  5. Congrats to Miss Korea! I didn’t get to watch it but the top 4 deserve to be there. It’s a very strong batch of winners and Miss Earth better utilize this court to better its presence this year.

    With Vietnam hosting next year, I have high expectations from the production side. Finally, I wonder if Carousel would be interested in having another Asian country co-own the brand? I think Vietnam would be a great partner to increase its global presence.

  6. Dahil mahilig ako sa QnA ng pageantry, sinilip ko ang QnA portion ng Miss Earth. Sino kaya ang nagsulat ng final question? “What is one thing you would want to right in this world, and how would you correct it? “To right”, seriously? Should it not be “to make it right”? Dahil d’yan, nalito si Colombia at hindi n’ya natumbok ang tanong. Ang intindi n’ya is “write”. Dahil nag-explain pa si James na ‘yung right means correct, lalong nagulo ang isip ni Colombia. Naku lang, lagot kayo sa Latin people, pagkakaguluhan kayo sa social media. Korea is wise, she asked James Deakin to repeat the question kasi nalabuan s’ya. Kaya hayun, natumbok n’ya ang tanong. Dasurve! (In fairness Korea ha, galing mo sumagot, walang ka-buckle buckle.)

    That’s all.

    • What is one thing that you would want to correct and how would you correct it?

      Parang hawig ang question kay Venus Raj 2010.

    • I am reminded of my employer~boss long ago… Bawal kami mag-e-mail directly sa mga (foreigner) counterparts namin sa mga principals. Ang protocol, we draft the e-mail, ta’s he will revise. Kasi, daw, the way we Filipinos articulate, baka hindi ma-entiendehan nila.

      Tulad niya’ng ‘… to right’. We get that from the British way of using ‘right’ as a verb, ‘to right the wrongs’, no? Ta’s nu’ng kay Paweensuda, hashtag ‘millennials’. ‘Millennials’ doesn’t seem to be universally used~understood; did Filipinos coin this word/term?

      Said our boss, “simplehan niyo lang, kasi tandaan niyo, baka hindi matatas mag-Ingles sila”.

      I agree with @ miss tissa. It’s easily~simply rephrased to the pageant-patty, ‘if you could change anything in the (Earth), what would it be’? But, maybe, MEO deliberately rephrased it, to see who could mentally process quickly… ‘Process’, here, is used as a verb, but a non-English speaker would be bewildered, I imagine. 🙂

      I’m not saying all must perfect their English, which is impractical~unreasonable. My point is we should learn to master an economy of words… ‘Economy’, used here,…. Get it? 😦

  7. Jusmio, Marimar! Que Barbaridad! Lalo kong napagtanto na wala palang karapatan ang Miss Earth na mapabilang sa Big Four pageantry in the world. Kaya walang Miss Earth Finals akong nakukumpletong panoorin kasi hindi ko matagalan ang pangit na pageant production. Poor stage, lighting, camera works, girl hosts (is it Karen Ibasco, Angelia Ong and Nellys Pimentel’s version of Magandang Buhay Talk Show? Kakalokah). Si James Deakin lang ang okay sa pageant na ito. Even the evening gowns and the pasarelas of the candidates, ampapangit! KF’s Rogil Flores ang nag-choreograph, diba? Que horror!

    We are bragging na we are the pageant powerhouse and the Filipinos are the best pageant fans in the world, and yet our own home-based pageant is not something to be proud of. Sa totoo lang, maganda pa ang national pageant sa Indonesia, Vietnam at Thailand. So, it looks like we don’t have talented TV production people that can run a decent pageantry.

    Sana, sa mga national pageant organizations natin, makipag-team up na lang kayo sa GMA or ABS-CBN sa pagprodyus ng coronation night. Iba pa rin ang mga production team nila. I am sure, they can come up with and run the pageant coronation process beautifully para hindi tayo nalalait ng ating mga kapitbahay.

    That’s all.

    • I really don’t understand why we can’t stage a production as glossy as our neighbors… hihihih

      I say just copy and paste how they do it and be done with it!

      • O dili kaya i-hire nila ang mga tao sa likod ng Miss Sultan Kudarat, Miss Toledo and Miss Cebu pageants para sa sound, stage and lighting, at ‘yung baklita dun sa Paro Divas para sa camera works. Nakakahiya itong Miss Earth, 21 years ng nagpoprodyus ng pageant, ang chaka chaka pa rin. Haizt!

        That’s all.

    • I agree, pangit ng production, pangit ng stage, pangit ng lighting, pam-baranggay level! Ngayon lang talaga ako nanlait ng ganito. Kaya nilalait ni Nawat yang Miss Earth kasi talaga namang pangit.
      Maganda na sana yung backdrop na mga pictures, kaso biglang nagbabago habang naglalakad ang mga candidates sa swimsuit competition. Tsaka nakakadistract yung mga Spotlights na iba iba kulay na umiikot.

      • Dasurve malait ng Miss Earth, para pagbutihin nila sa susunod. Pero hope springs eternal kasi for 21 years, ganun at ganun ang pageant nila. Unbothered pageant org na talaga sila. Kung ikukumpara dun sa pageant ng kapitbahay, milya milya ang agwat. Sobrang glossy ng pageant ng kapitbahay nating ‘yun, ‘yung owner lang talaga ang sobrang pangit (mukha at ugali combined). Lol.

        That’s all.

    • Agree. The production is not topnotch. But the winners and other finalists are all pretty and fabulous.

    • Ana, yung puring puri mo na glossy pageants will die eventually. MU is heading towards the Victoria’s secret route. MW boring. MI meh. MGI is a tv show.

    • Hi Ana,
      I know you would say that.
      Your previous nice comments about Miss Earth were just a prelude and you were just waiting for the finals to be done to show to the whole Earth your true color which is Miss Earth’s number 1 basher. I would advise you not to watch any future ME pageant at all and stick to the ones you like like MGI.
      I know you’d deny this but even if I go back to all your previous comments in the last 5 years or six years, you actually haven’t said any positive thing about Miss Earth. So yeah, you are just a lonely basher who only appreciate the superficial things and not the impact and value of things.
      I am proud and content of what Miss Earth has achieved this year.

      • Dear JPB,

        I am sorry to disappoint you, but your guess that I haven’t said any positive thing about Miss Earth for the last five years or so is as bad as Madam Auring’s (SLN). The truth is, I kept myself off from commenting about Miss Earth until the MGI brouhaha recently. In fact, after my disappointment on MGI, I started to rally behind Miss Earth. Did you read my comments recently, really?

        So, please stop insinuating that I am Miss Earth’s Number 1 basher if your bases are only my comments tonight.


        That’s all.

      • I am not disappointed, I’m actuallu disgusted of your hatred towards Miss Earth.
        Sorry whether you like it or not, Miss Earth will always be up there along with MU and MW.
        You are a senseless basher otherwise you could have at least mention some positive comments i.e. the fabulous semi/finalists etc.
        Mentioning Miss Earth does not deserve to be in the Big 4 is just reeking of hatred.

      • Dear JPB,

        I don’t know where did you get your guts to tag me as a “senseless basher”. I have been a resident commenter here, and only last night did I criticize the Miss Earth because of its gross stage production. I did that out of disgust!

        Now, if you are continuing your advocacy to defend Miss Earth of its ugly production, then so be it! For now we know how classless your taste is. Duh!

        That’s all.

    • The Ana I know from this site remains objective, intellectual and classy even in a situation where she needs to critique. What happened to her?

    • Going from 20 to 12, the Americas managed 100% penetration. Still very much the standard!

      • (Cont.)

        Dito ko na, lang, ilalagay. Hindi na natapos ‘to’ng usapin on whether or not ME deserves the BIG labeling/branding…

        Kung LONGEVITY rin lang, Intercontinental should be BIG. So, why is it still a minor title at BBP?… I don’t recall any move~effort on the part of that organization to ‘stand alone’, which is usually taken as an indication of ‘BIG-ness’. We should ask them why they’ve chosen to work under the current arrangement. But, c’mon! A Lara Dutta becoming MU.

        So, ME is BIG because, 1. at more than 20 years, it is older than Supranational & Grand, 2. the environment, as many of us have said, is the most logical pageant advocacy nowadays, & 3. it is steered by a nation that is proficient~competent in pageantry. Ano pa?!

        They are on a roll. May they stay the course.

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