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  1. With everything that’s happening with MUP, all are clear proof of a downgrade from what it was when it was still with Binibini…nwla prestige, glamour, even credibility. Join n lhat! Jusko, tanggalin n din age limit pra totoong may diversity and inclusivity.

      • Si Adam Genato pwede na ring sumali. With his square face shape and VERY PROMINENT JAW LINE, walang kalaban-laban si Margie Moran at Cecilia Bolocco. Pang Miss Universe talaga ang beauty niya.

      • @ paul HUWAG KA! Pugi si Adam. Matangkad pa. And with the JAWLINE, pam-pageant! 🙂

  2. Nebeyen. I think this is a wrong move. Competition means the “search for the superior” who will prove to be the best in physical traits and well-being. This is not an inclusion competition. Humans are naturally in search of the “best person” as an ideal for the improvement of the race. If this happens, it will remove the essence of competition. This will definitely kill the viewership. Hayst! Hayst ulet!

  3. Ang sunod wala na weight requirement!

    Puede na sumali ang mga plus size!

    Sino nga ba yung nagpa-screen 2016 ba’yon? Yung plus size na girl pero super-ganda!

    Sabi niya, “I see all of them and they all look the same, I see myself, I am different”

    Kaloka ang bakla!

    • Correct. Lahat na. Baka pati ang alaga mong aso at pusa pwede na ring sumali.

      • Why not? Isama mo n din mga engkanto, elemento at spirits para may totoong inclusivity Paul!!🤣😂🤣😅

      • Naku Sjeffie makakasali na ang maraming commenter dito. Sina Flor at Bong nagpakita na ng interes dahil wala na height requirement. Age restriction na lang ang hinihintay nilang mataggal para makasali na talaga sila. He, he he…

  4. Kung si Janine Tugonon believes Bella should have won MUP , sino ba Ako para tumutol?
    Ysabella Roxas Ysmael, 24, Philippines !!!

    • So qualified naka bong kay wala nay height requirement. pwede na pod ang trans… pero how about imong age kay murag mas tiguwang pa man ka ni Flor Tula (joke!). He, he, he…

  5. A great move! Pageants are becoming irrelevant, except in South East Asia and Latin America. It needs to evolve and be more inclusive. Focus should be more on the values of a modern woman, more than their physical attributes.

    • inclusive lahat na: pandak, pangit, overweight, half human & half science. huwag ng magpa-contest kung lahat na kasali pati unggoy.

      irrrelevant?! bakit ka nag-post ng message? idiot!

  6. ano kaya ang susunod?
    kung meron mang isang bagay n ndi ako aangal pag ginawa nila… ung pwede ng sumali mga 30 years old.

  7. Wow.. Maureen Wroblewitz is leading the polls… Followed surprisingly by Chelsea Manalo…
    I’m waiting for Tito Norman to feature these girls…
    I’d love to read comments about them….
    So far Apriel Smith is the prettiest black girl I have seen at our nationals… Chelsea could potentialy break that record…

  8. I guess it’s more of a marketing ploy. To set the internet abuzz with the pros and cons. At the end of the day, the most qualified and most deserving girl will be crowned

    • I hope so Cool Brew. Marketing ploy to earn more revenues for the organization. Can you just imagine how many pandaks in this country together with their respective APs will enlist in the coming MUP search. But we only need ONE tall, beautiful and intelligent contender to represent the Philippines in the 70th edition of MU this coming December. Thus the most qualified should be sent.

      • @Paul, exactly. Same thoughts.. Nothing queenly or commanding if your short and stumpy.. There… You have my stand on the matter

  9. I think the MUO standard is a constantly moving target. Pageant camps and organizations have gotten the pageant standard down to a science, such that the MUO is rapidly updating definitions of “beauty” and “confidence”. Simply put, MUO doesn’t want to be crowning the same types each year and decade. Like most organizations, it seeks to reinvent itself in each of its life cycles. 👑

  10. There should be some elegant compromise or answer among the extreme scenarios / examples being cited by commenters here. Some examples are really extreme and absurd : midgets joining, tall girls na mukha namang bakulaw winning.

    > While I agree that an effective way to test or justify any argument is to subject it to extreme scenario case (I forgot that Latin term for that. Anyone? Lol), let us be rational and not over-react.

    > Having said that, I still believe that all things equal (meaning equally attractive, intelligent, articulate, etc) , a tall girl will still have an advantage. She will be easily noticed in the crowd, clothes looking better on her, good height being a sign of good genes, she would be more womanly looking [vs. girlish], etc. But Alas, all things are not equal in real world. It will really be an interplay of all the girl’s assets.

    > I agree that we have many, many sexy, beautiful, and intelligent girls (look at at showbiz) that are below 5’4”. Should they be NOT allowed to join? The question is why? Since when did height become a pre-requisite to be a good Ms Universe? The standard of beauty has changed a lot, and the aim of many pageants now has indeed evolved to not only promoting beauty of the face.

    But here lies the danger. When is it sensible and timely to change the standards, and when it is gimmicky and nakiki-uso lang? I am sure manganganak ng manga-nganak yung argument: Should we now allow someone with a big facial birthmark to win? Is someone wearing dentures okay to join? Can a beautiful, obese women join now? Walang katapusan yan

    Personally, let us just trust the wisdom and common sense of the organizers why they flexed the height requirement. At the end of the day, I am confident that our goal is the same : To send the woman that will best represent our country.

    World Peace.

  11. Mine is the 80th post. ISA lang…


    Bakit kailangang maghanap at mag-enlist ng milyun-milyong PANDAK na kandidata mula sa buong kapuluan ang MUP Org.? Uulitin ko, isa lang na matangkad, maganda at matalinong kandidata ang kailangan nating ipadala sa MU taun-taon.

    SAGOT: KAILANGAN nila ng MALAKING KITA. Sa madaling salita, gagawin lang milking cows ang mga PANDAK na kandidata sampu ng kanilang mga accredited partner (AP). Isang masakit na KATOTOHANAN na ayaw tanggapin ng iilan.

  12. Does this mean that even midgets with proportional body stats may join? There should still be minimum height requirement of at least 5’5″ or 5’4″ but removing height requirement is absurd!

  13. What’s the POINT of sending a short (& petite) candidate to MU like Balingit in 2003? Wala. Sayang lang sa pera because most in the top 5 were really tall. In fact, the winner – Miss Dominican Republic Amelia Vega was a six footer.

    • Amelia Vega stands at 1.88 cm (6.167979 feet/inches). Nagmukhang dwarf si Balingit.

    • Balingit was a low point (the rest of that batch 2000-2009 (even Manalo was disappointing even though she’s tall).

  14. Magpakatotoo tayo…

    Sa Pilipinas, madalang kang makakita ng matatangkad na babae. Kung meron man, hindi sila kagandahan. I have known and met several girls na more than 5’10”, pero malalaki ang mukha at mukhang bakulaw o kaya maganda ang mukha pero hukot o kubain ang postura. Rare lang ‘yung matangkad at magandang full-bloodied Filipina. Karamihan mixed o half-bred na.

    I know some stunning ladies at 5’4″. Sobrang gaganda talaga, as in Diyosa. Kaya siguro nag-decide sina Jonas at Shamcey to lower the height requirement para hindi sila mahirapan maghanap ng totoong magagandang dilag sa bansa. Wala namang problema dito basta ba matangkad tingnan ang kandidata. Anong ibig sabahin nito? Ang aplikante dapat ay may mga ganitong taglay: Una, dapat mahaba ang leeg. Pangalawa, broad ang shoulder. Pangatlo, balingkinitan ang katawan at sexy talaga.

    Sa bansa talaga na may maraming pandak nangingibabaw ang issue ng height. Parang walang pinagkaiba ‘yan sa mga bansang nakakarami ang minority, like blacks, ang issue ng racism ang number one.

    That’s all.

    • @Ana: No one seems to admit that the average height of the Filipino woman is 4 feet 9 inches. Beautiful Filipino women of 5 feet 7 inches and above are rare– outliers! Even the global average height of women is 5 feet and 3 inches. Beauty pageants are not looking for fashion models where jeight is a prerequisite; they are looking for spokespersons where intellect and core values are important.

  15. Pwede na sumali si Ryzza Mae Dizon – former Little Miss Philippjnes winner.

  16. Millions na (pandak) na ang MAKASALI sa MUP. Malaki na income.

    PERA ang puno’t dulo ng lahat ng ito. GAHAMAN sa pera at PAGKAKAKITAAN lang ang mga PANDAK.


    • @ paul Pakisabi kay Mdme. SSL (through ‘channels’, aka Boss Comm VT) to increase the age ceiling in similar fashion – AT ONCE. Bring it up to 58, and I’ll forward my application.


      Single (never married). Waistline just exceeding the 30-day monthly calendar. Adept in Q&A! No ink. No ‘procedures’. All-natural.

      Talent : frying hotdog, boiling egg…. Hanggang dito na lang para may misteryo pa.

    • What do you expect sa mga walang integrity na Team Ahas and Kweens? Greedy Galema Maledictus. Eto ring Puspus nagpagamit pa. One of my ultinate faves pa naman. Tumanaw ng utang na loob but not to the point that you let go of your values.

  17. I wish to reiterate that it is not bad at all to eliminate, if not reduce, the height requirement in MUP. That way, many beautiful full-bloodied Filipinas may now show interest joining the beauty pageant. We have a lot of beauty-and-brain girls out there, especially in campuses, who are reluctant to try pageantry because of fear of being eliminated from the get-go because of their height. C’mon, we have to admit that Filipinas are not blessed with speakable height. Most of us are 5’3″ at the maximum. So, why the issue?

    Miss Universe Organization has fully embraced diversity and inclusivity in allowing a transgender to compete in MU, and why should it become a hindrance for a girl lacking in height to join MU? The funny thing is, that issue is now a debacle in a country full of midget Filipinas! Are we that fucking idiots and hypocrite?

    Now look at the Miss Earth Philippines candidates’ headshots. Two of them are considered facially beautiful, maybe because they have eliminated the not-so-tall beautiful ones or the latter did not have interest because of the height requirement.

    That’s all.

    • Sana rin i-embrace nila ang integrity at excellence. Hahaha. Facade lang yan diversity ek ek. They just need the money money. Galema Maledictus, magbago ka na. Sinisira mo pageantry.

      • Throwbakla dear,

        I have noticed so many times the shade you throw at Jonas Gaffud. You are consistent on your posts on that. Much as I would want to understand where you are coming from, or at least butt-in on your statements, I do not know your real agenda and the REAL YOU. If you hide under a pseudonym while continuously spreading hate on Jonas, you won’t expect us to cancel Jonas.

        Come out and speak the truth about why you have been doing that. You know why? Repetitious statement only gives us hint that you are suffering from mental illness. Sa panahon na nakakaranas tayo ng matinding hunos sa buhay, we would rather embrace each other by spreading love and understanding each other. Okay ka ba, beks?


      • Hug kita, dear.

        I feel your pains from within. Your response to me shows you are broke. Parang may emotional trauma. May hunch is, you formerly belonged to Aces and Queens Camp whose head then was Jonas, then you engaged in a scuffle with other gays there, and then you were ultimately kicked out.

        If you left the camp with clean slate, you would not end up like that. Mukhang matindi ang dinanas mo dun, beks.

        Pero kung wala ka dyan sa mga nasabi ko, matatawa na lang ako. Isa lang kase ibig sabihin nun, nakikidawdaw ka.


  18. With this NO height requirement, WALA nang pinagkaiba ang MUP sa mga beauty contest sa mga barangay o EVEN purok.

    Nakakasira ng ARAW ang post na ito.

    Norman mag-POST ka na (PLEASE) ng beautiful pictures ng Bb. Pilipinas Candidates. Yung mga MATATANGKAD LANG HA. Thanks.

    • @ paul Battle lines are drawn. BBP will be the literal-figurative stomping ground for the willowy. MUP & MPE will accommodate the ‘rest’. MWP will be a smorgasbord, neither here nor there.


      Angkol, Mias, and Shimomura Akemi all prefer them on the tall side. ‘Tall brands’ are with BPCI!

      If I were BPCI, I’d use this to my advantage. THIS IS TIME TO BE CREATIVE in terms of IMAGE.

    • @ paul


      LOVELY day wear on Czarina Guiao and Princess Guanzon! Very fraiche, light, and young. 🙂

      Alex Faith Garcia’s boldly-printed dress fits her wonderfully.

      The rest were borderline boardroom formal… It’s so hot! 😦

      BUT, if there will be a Parade of Beauties, the Domz Ramos ‘farfalle’-inspired Swim can be…

  19. With the no height requirement, ibig sabihin ba meron silang napupusuan na hindi katangkaran at bet ng organizer isabak?

    Sana lang talaga isapuso ng organizer ang no height requirement. Hindi yung para makakuha lang ng maraming participant at makumpleto yung targeted number of ladies. Kasi in the end, kawawa naman yung mga makakasali na maliliit kasi ang standard pa din ng judges at organizer ng beauty is matangkad pa din.

      • @ paul Is this Chelsea Anne Manalo?

        May hitsura naman ‘yun’g bata. 🙂

        What her AP/handler/manager should do is STOP with the tribal/ethnic/African/’70’s Disco-queen-with-big-frizzy-hair styling. This perpetuates stereotyping, and not really the best kind. 😦

      • @Flor

        Chelsea Manalo is Half African-American…
        The aspiring Aeta candidate is Judith Manap..

      • @ Closer2Fame Thanks for the correction.

        Itutuloy ko lang ‘to’ng point ko re black/dark-skinned… And NOT necessarily related to height, for that matter.

        (‘Yun naman ‘ata ‘yun’g point ne’tong post – height is immaterial.)

        When Anna Wintour asked American Vogue readers to embrace the issue with Kiara Kabukuru on the cover ‘not because she is black, but because she is beautiful’, the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section received plenty of hate, calling out the seeming racist tone of such a statement.

        (In hindsight, I wonder if it might have been a deliberate publicity on the part of the magazine. After all, even bad comments are considered traffic. And traffic is taken as sign of progress nowadays.)

        (So, seen in this light, is ‘peace-&-quiet’ made worthless? That which is ‘not traffic’?)

  20. Although height matters, there are handful of relatively shorter ladies who were able to win crowns in the past
    Apasra Hungsakula- 1965 MU- 5’4
    Shiela Mae Santarin(RIP) – Bb Pil-Int’l 1993- 5’4
    Sheryll Santarin- Miss TourismInternational 1996- 5’4
    Sovietskaya Bacud- 1st runner-up Miss intercontinental 1992- 5’4
    Lisa Manibog- Bb Pil-Int’l 1982- 5’3
    Sarah Jane Areza- Asia’s continental Queen of Beauty during 1982 Miss World- 5’4
    and recently Sophia Senoron and Isabella de Leon

  21. Grabeh! Natulog lang ako… Pang-38th na ‘ko today. When I logged out, I think I was just 3rd. 🙂

    Boss Blogger, si Boss Comm (VT) ang kukuha ng feedback, no po? I’ve had this idea..Do tell him.

    During the Screening, DIVIDE INTO ‘HEIGHT CLUSTERS’. Meaning, assess/judge together as :

    1) Group A – 5’0~5’3″
    2) Group B – 5’4″~5’7″
    3) Group C – 5’8″~above

    As per @ scorg’s comment, I think it’s safe to assume we can expect no one less than 5′ to show up.

    Parang height-weight divisions sa boxing. Para ‘mango-to-mango’ ang comparison.

    The best three in each Group will make the Roster. Siyam (9) na kaagad ‘yan!

    • @flor. I disagree with your suggestion. There should be no height grouping. Regardless of height, if the girl has the potential, she must be short listed.

      • @ Serge Which brings us back to my earlier point about the AP’s.

        They’ll say, “well, I’m paying (franchise). Why can’t I send/field whom I like”?


        Cool. No height considerations. BUT, WE SHOULD EXPECT EVEN MORE PARTS OF THE COUNTRY TO BE REPRESENTED, kung gayo’n.

        That being said, because the idea behind the HUCC’s scheme was that this assured the best support at the home town level, some really captivating rural lasses who were “taller than the other girls in the village” were discovered last year. ‘Di ko na lang sasabihin kung sino. I’ve mentioned them enough. At kung ayaw pa rin ng MUPO na i-recognize sila, it’s their long-term loss.

  22. Allowed na ang vertically challenged beauties. Ano ang kasunod? The “horizontally challenged” girls, as in those chubby, mataba, tambok, overweight, etc. Pwede na rin sila sumali sa MUP. Sabagay naging 2nd runners up na rin si Michelle Gumabao.

  23. Common guys this is not new. In the 70s 80s even 90s maraming candidates sa BbP na 5″3 5″4 lang. Yun lang parang fillers ang drama nila. The shortest ever na na crown was Sovietskaya Bacud at 5″4. 🙄 🙄. Baka ganyan rin mangyari sa MUP. May short girls nga hindi NAMAN mananalo.

  24. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get inclusivity, but it seems that organisations and companies use it because they’ve been forced to, or it gives them a good image, even if privately, they actually believe that crowning a five-foot 2 midget is suicide.

    I’m an old bitch (I’ll be 45 in a month) and I’m thinking, even with all these ities – inclusivity, diversity and other woke-related stuff, why is the world crappier than ever?? It’s because we focus on stupid gestures like this – a token, that doesn’t change the aesthetic fact that someone taller always nearly has the visual advantage, or that having a height requirement wasn’t wrong to begin with!

    In our effort to be ‘inclusive’, we actually become more divisive – the proof? See all the comments below.

    • Correct. Very GOOD Points. But you are NOT old my dear. 45 is the NEW 35. Good morning to you.

      • I am Paul, but it’s fine because I don’t live in the Philippines where La Mer disintegrates on your skin and I have the means to buy as much of it as I want so…who wants to be young but stupid and poor?? (and there’s a damn lot of these ratchet bitches..😅)

  25. Salamat sa Diyos at mapasali na ang mga kababaihan na hindi pinagpala ng katangkaran. Hindi naman siguro patas ang labanan kung hindi tatanggapin sa patimpalak ay yung nagparetoke, naanakan, naiwanan ng asawa. Kung gusto nila dapat lahat ay puwedeng sumali sa kahit anuman ang kanyang katayuan sa buhay.

  26. Alam ko na ang dahilan dito. PERA, PERA lang ito. Dahil pwede nang sumali ang mga pandak (kahit 3’9″ ang height), LIBU-LIBO na ang SASALI sa MUP. At pwede na ring maging accredited partner (AP) ang mga municipality at barangay. So TIBA-TIBA sa income. Napakaraming datung ang MUP Organization. Bongga!

  27. Baka isang araw magulantang na lang tayong lahat at sumali na si Jonas Gaffud sa sarili niyang Miss Universe Philippines. Sa mga kadahilanang sumusunod:

    1. wala ng age restriction so pwede pang sumali ang mga nasa perimenopause & andropause stage
    (with permission from MU Org.);

    2. bayot pwede na ring sumali KAHIT hindi pa dumaan sa sex reassignment surgery (talian lang ng
    maraming adhesive tape; at

    3. maaari na ring sumali KAHIT may-ari, officer, director o staff ng MUP Organization.

    Kaloka! SO IBALIK NA SA Bb. Pilipinas o kay SMA ang franchise ng MUP.

    • True Paul. Pera pera na lang. Nasisira tuloy legit gender sensitivity issues.

  28. So what’s NEXT with this inclusivity thing?

    1. transgender/woman to transsexuals,
    2. single MOMS,
    3. differently ABLED,
    4. half human, half science,
    5. ano pa?

    lord of charings please HELP us!

  29. Australia 2020 was one in a million shot … she is obviously very well spoken and the obvious gym body abs … well, this announcement is just for screening applicants, I sure do hope that it does not turn out to be that the tallest official candidate will end up being 5’5″ …. that would be a disaster!

    • Typical opinion of a geriatric boomer with his old world 20th century mentality 😅
      If it’s any consolation, your generation is on its way out.

    • Uyyy! Triggered ang mga boomer tanders.
      Downgraded na po kayo sa sidelines and you’re not the target market of anything anymore 😅

  30. The ideal height of MU should be between 5’8″ to 5’10” … Ano ba tayo? Paurong?

    One important qualities of a beauty queen is having a towering height.
    Kaya nga pag nakakakita tayo ng maganda at matangkad, agad natin sinasabi, “pwede syang maging beauty queen!”.

  31. “No minimum height requirement” seems to be catch-all, and it implies that girls below 5-feet who dream of joining the prestigious national pageant may troop to the venue and get screened.

    While lifting the minimum height requirement is attuned to the “inclusivity” and “diversity” campaign of Miss Universe, it nevertheless removes the eliteness of the MUP franchise whose inaugural search for the most beautiful girl in the Philippines has become monumental in Philippine beauty pageantry as it successfully launched the beauty pageant at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    If there is one thing that the MUPO’s bold move would favorably bring—it now gives space to many beautiful girls whose short height has restricted them to try pageantry. We have to admit that there are more beautiful Filipinas at 5’4″ height, most of whom have joined showbiz. So, with the advent of the MUP’s relaxed requirements, we will now see more starlets troop at the screening venue of MUP. I am sure their managers would field them in there, so they’d be visible and get a market surplus while showbiz work remains uncertain at these trying times.

    I don’t have violent reactions to this new requirement set by MUPO. I don’t have problems with not-so-tall girls joining beauty pageants, so long as they look tall, are well-proportioned and beautiful. Emphases must be on these three, ergo.

    That’s all.

  32. I agree to this. Regardless of height, as long as she is pretty, charming, smart, well-proportioned, and has nice pasarela, then she is qualified to join. Maria Thattil and Patty Kerkos are examples of vertically-challenged candidates who did well at MU. Although, compared with shorter girls, taller girls have bigger chances of winning the MU crown.

  33. Wow, it does not indicate specificaly that you have to be a “natural born” female….

    I’m not discriminating against “little people” but to me, height is more important than being born of a specific gender which in my opinion is actually a wide spectrum…

  34. I am happy to see if Miss Universe Philippines Org. will crown a deserving lady with the height of 4′ 11″ at the pageant. I hope that they will stop wearing a stilleto heel at the pageant as well.

  35. Driven by the desire for inclusiveness or not, here are some facts on average women’s height that pageantry may have been pondering on: globally it is 5 ft 3 inches; Asia including China it is 5 ft flat; Philippines it is 4 ft 9 inches; USA it is 5 ft 4 inches; Europe it is 5 ft 6 inches. If the candidates are to represent their respective countries, why send an outlier? Is height really an element of physical beauty? Just something to think about…

    • Height is important for a fashion model who has to sell a design in the length and width of a fabric. This is not so for a beauty queen who has to sell her advocacy via the depth of her intellect and breadth of human compassion. After all, the average height of her global followers is 5 ft 3 inches. If she is a Filipina, the average height of her fans is 4 ft 9 inches.

  36. Good. Bat ang raming bakla na ayaw , ano tayo Scandinavian? Dutch? Mga hunghang we’re austronesians malamang MALIIT tayo. Kaloka

  37. O Norman asan na si Voltaire Tayag para mag-explain sa kabobohang ito ng MUP?

  38. I really don’t know if this is just a gimmick or a real movement towards inclusivity. The problem with beauty pageants is that there are still “norms” in place on what candidates should be (age, height, etc)… So are they going to keep on raising the age limit as long as the girl is single, has not been married or had a child? I mean what about those gorgeous 30-40 somethings that are late bloomers? I think inclusivity and pageantry will be continue to face this sort of issues….

  39. The people (officers & staff) behind the MUP Organization have become IDIOTS!

  40. Excited to see stubby-legged applicants wearing their hilariously ginormous tacky platform shoes 😅

  41. Why? Are they going to accommodate the likes of Sophia Senoron, Kimi Mugford and Isabelle de Leon? Mga pandakekay. Uminom muna ng Gloxi. Hay na lang.

    • Hoy infairness NAMAN sa india before in the 90s they weren’t very tall pero they make it sa cut. Celina Jaitley 5″5 Sandiya Chib 5″6 Nafisa Joseph 5″6 Neha Dhupia 5″5. I think okay na 5″4 for me basta good proportions in MUP.

  42. Personally, i think there is some kind of abuse in using “inclusivity” as the “in” thing nowadays. To the point of diverting from the norm, I mean i don’t have qualms to changes as a form of development but why fix something that is not broken?

  43. Our very first MUP was petite by Western standards but towering by local – GAD, at 5’5″, in 1969.

    “… She has black hair and black eyes”. Talaga’ng BOTH eyes? Boxer ba siya? Lolz. 🙂

    @ JustPassingBy Bakit desperate? Wala ba’ng ‘de-kalidad’ na matangkad na applicants atm? If anything, what could be seen as cheap is the possibility that some bossy-pushy AP’s are insisting that their wards (read : petite) be accepted. 😦

    At least, ‘di na lang sa MPE ang option kung small-ish ka.

    Pero, ‘yun nga. Our neighbors are pushing the LOFTY business paradigm. Puteri Indonesia is usually the taller one in the Final 3. Amanda Obdam was herself asked at the Judges’ Table of her thoughts on the fact that she was among the shorter candidates (against the likes of Cheraim Chaiyanthus and Praveenar Singh). MUVietnam is almost always model-esque. My point : if we continue on this path, we might find ourselves the ‘odd woman out’ even within ASEAN.

    I recall one of the very first comments I made here in Norman’s Blog. I shared about a ‘study’ which found that the average height of MU winners has increased over the years owing to better global nutrition and advances in health sciences. Should MUP reflect this trend?

    • Paurong na desisyon Flor. Ang mga pandak in the 60s (Thailand 5’4″ & Philippines 5’5″) and 70s (T&T, 77). Sa 80s mga 5’8″ karamihan. In the 90s ang medyo pandak lang sina Norway (1990) at Mexico (1991). 2000-2011, karamihan 5’9″ pataas. Olivia Culpo is 5’6″. IMG era si Catriona ang pinakamatangkad; Demi is the shortest. Mas mainam pa rin if we send a tall girl, at least 5’8″ or 176.784 cm sa MU.

  44. Inclusivity..in paper..but THE EXISTING NORM STILL REMAINS!!… Don’t expect 5’3″s getting crowned…….NOT JUST YET!!

    • Correct. Bakit ka magpapadala ng pandak sa Costa Rica? Baka mapagkamalang PA kundi man yaya.

      • Pwede ng sumali si Ryzza Mae Dizon – former Little Miss Philippjnes!😂
        Sali na rin si Kiray Celis!

  45. Not sure if this has something to do with inclusivity or a desperate move.
    Hmmm let’s see..i smell cheapness. Sorry

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