25 comments on “Photos of Miss Philippines Ahtisa Manalo during the Miss International 2018 Welcome Party

  1. She’s suuuuper beautiful. Siya talaga bet ko for Miss International. I believe she can win – though im not sure if they will let us win (a sandwich victory). but malay naman natin di ba?

    I just hope hindi nila i copy or i pattern si Ahtisa kay Kylie. like what they did to Catriona and Megan.

    at excited na ako sa michael cinco gown ni Ahtisa! ❤

  2. That was the hairstyle of Edymar Martinez when she bid farewell back in 2016. 🙂

    I recall now a comment by Fabian Reyes back that same year when Catriona Gray wore a pink trench coat at MW, and that was Fall (in Maryland or DC?) and that pink is for the Spring. Is this is a Western tradition? I imagine pink rhododendrons and azaleas in the Japan Spring; their Fall would have the intense reds and purples of Japanese maples.

    Anyway, MUY LINDA! I am reminded of the demure “Miss Kaouro” of the “Samurai X” series.

  3. Ganda. May kalakihan ang fez nya kahit natatakpan na ng buhok pero kebs na. Tama lang magpabebe at magmukhang bata siya noh, yan ang type ng mga hapon. India, Indonesia, and South Africa looks good as well.

  4. Hindi ako fan pero when I saw the pics, OMG ang ganda!
    Nagbago na isip ko! I like her na lol

  5. Umpisa palang pasabog na…
    Majority of Asian fans love her….
    Based on beauty alone,
    Without a single doubt,
    She is definitely in the TOP 5!!!
    And all her initial interviews makes you love her even more…
    For me…

    Ahtisa Manalo is Ms. International 2018!!!

  6. In fairness, on point ang styling ha! Hindi mukhang trying hard pero ang lakas ng dating. Good luck, Ahtisa!

    • Hi Fabulous Fabie dahlin
      I like a person when I like one regardless of race, color, built, color of underwear, color of teeth etc etc and when I say “like” I genuinely do. The same goes when I say “not my cup of tea”.

      Come on Fabie, throw more challenging lines to me. Not this lol
      I know you can!

  7. Sandwich victory? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssss!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ all the best Ahtisa, good luck!

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