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  1. I have this feeling that the Fil-Italian may not be as compoised as she is currently projecting. She might be another representative who will break down under pressure. Just an observation 💐

  2. Annabelle can indeed be a frontrunner , with the following inputs for consideration:

    1) Fix her teeth. There is something unsettling about it. Please no veneers! Veneers will only worsen her already chunky teeth.

    2) I saw her casual / ambush interview at “MUP All Access”, and to my horrors, she grabbed the mike from the interviewer. Ladies, primary rule. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT grab or even hold the mic from your interviewer. Unless the mic was passed on to you. You look so rude and so eager to talk, girl. Give the control and respect to your interviewer. Can you imagine doing that to Steve Harvey?

    Wendy Williams (How you doing) never allows that as it is considered a mortal sin. Minor as this may seem, but as Imelda would say “appearance is everything”.

    World Peace.

    • Ganito rin naman banat nyo kay cindy, kesyo checklets ang ngipin , pero ng manalo abroad, tumahimik kayo..

      • Thanks WillYam for faithfully following / monitoring my comments and keeping tabs. I am flattered. Lol.

        (Winning does not mean my comments are not true).

        World Peace.

  3. For now, Annabelle McDonnell is my MUPH. She hit the perfect amount of publicity and hype that both Rabiya and Bea had, not to mention she has superior communication skills compared to the other “frontrunners”.

    Trailing not far behind is the polished Chantal Schmidt who you never would have guessed have had no pageant experience before. She effortlessly stands out in the crowd.

    I’m 100000000001% positive that Celeste Cortesi, with her super beauty yet subpar communication skills, will pull a Steffi Aberasturi and stop at the Top 5.

  4. Pasay City’s Celeste Cortesi is just effortless. So pretty in that salmon dress. She captured the audience without showing skin, same with Taguig’s Katrina Llegado.

    These ladies were striking when they came out:
    Baguio City’s Ghenesis Latugat – So chic in that white ensemble.
    Cebu City’s Chantal Schmidt – Comfortable in front of the camera. She’s very engaging in her interviews. She’s not afraid to expand on the topic.
    Palawan’s Angelica Lopez – Wow! Her pasarela, long legs, slim physique, her Ann Colis eyes, her roundish face similar to Ana de Armas … she’s a dark horse.
    Pangasinan’s IvyLou Borbon – Statuesque, nice styling and commanding presence. She needs to fix her teeth.

    Misamis Oriental’s Annabelle McDonnelle – I like her when she is being interviewed. Girl’s got gift of gab. I agree with the other comments, she needs to fix her teeth.
    Roxas City’s Pupa Divas – Super love her raw beauty. I hope she rises to the top soon.

    • And to think that we were probably expecting Celeste to show the most skin, right? And she surprised us all. The gallery was in awe!

      Didn’t like Katrina’s dress so much. The length was too granny-ish for me. But still in my top 4.

      I was excited for IvyLou. She commanded attention. So I looked at her Instagram. She reminds of Sam Panlilio, like twinning! That wasn’t a good thing for me.

      Francheska (Roxas) is a breath of fresh air. Yes, she’s very raw and unassuming. This will not be her year, for sure, and I hope she continues.

      I’m sure Annabelle can fix whatever they need to fix, come Miss Universe time. At this point, she’s my MUPh.

  5. @ SQ.
    It was the MU pageant I was exclusively referring to.

    To clarify, the intent was not to question the quality of beauty of KF’s recruits. The point was both MJ and Gazini had been overwhelmingly expected to finish in the top 5 but did not. In shocking disappointment they broke the top 5 and top 10 streaks respectively. The incredible semifinal placement streak which began in 2010 has yet to be broken.

    Thank you for your reply. It is highly appreciated.

    • A worst case scenario is if a future MUP beauty is crowned under the tutelage of KF and then at MU pageant pageant fails to place. It would be a grave disappointment to say the least.

      Just call me Debbie Downer. Lol

    • Philippines started placing in MU because partly of the Trump tower in Makati. Let’s not fool ourselves.

  6. After watching the live stream, below are my favorites:
    Llegado (she has the most polished walk)
    Palawan (Sultry but sweet face)
    Michelle Dee (sophisticated)
    Annabelle (she reminds me of Mutya Crisostomo)
    Chantal (tall and lanky)
    The lady in red jumpsuit
    Cortesi (pretty face but lacks energy)
    Latugat (Palawan’s rival)

    I don’t get the hype for Saubier eversince she started joing pageants.
    She simply is not cut for pageants. Her face and body are horrible.
    I thought that her comeback this time would prove me wrong pero wala talaga. I mean if you are not beautiful, you are not beautiful. Period!

    • I agree. Hindi talaga matatakpan ng achievements and credentials ang ganda coz it is still a beauty pageant after all.

    • I agree with you about Saubier. She’s so polarizing (but more on the bad side). I will see a good enough picture of her one day, then a not-so-good-one the next. It’s really more 1 step forward, and 2 STEPS BACK. And she looks like she’s trying so hard to look good that it’s having more of a negative effect. I know she’s brainy, and I love her voice! But like we agreed, this is in fact a beauty pageant so her credentials and achievements will have to sit idly in the back burner, until her beauty is noticed.

  7. OMG. Watching “MUP All Access”. I will have to eat my words. I limited my choices to three when there are so many beautiful candidates up close and personal. Baguio is beautiful , so is Chantal and a host of other girls too.

    Watch how these girls talk and be further impressed. Congratulations to MUP. I think you have a good batch this year. Sayang there is only one title.

    World Peace.

  8. Anabelle needs to unfix her teeth. She was much prettier during Miss Millennial.

    • Nasabi ko na din yan dati sis nung provincial level ung napalunan niya. Kaso parang mali pa yata ako nung napansin ko yan dati. Di ba nakakaorkot pa zinoom…paano pag nanalo siya ng MUPh…eh di bash kaliwa’t kanan…anyway…ito naman eh kuru-kuro lang…spread more love!!! ❤

  9. And let’s not forget Precious winning in 2005 after the longest time 😜😜😜😜😜😜 she’s from KF too. The last major crown from the Philippines since Mimilanie. Huwag tayong mayabang po. Osmel’s queens today is not winning na din. What works today may not work in the future.

      • May commenter dito ang yabang kaloka para namang level na ng Aces si Osmel na nagproduce ng winners at Semifinalist di lang sa miss u kundi miss world at miss I din. Diva? Hangyabangg. Wkwkwkwk

      • @Namrata Shirodkar- sino yan sis. Iisplok mo na…charrrizzz!!!

    • Iba po ang international sa miss universe. Miss universe po ang topic 🙂

    • Miss Universe po ang pageant hindi Miss International. Peace.
      Sa facts lng tayo po

  10. My Top 6:

    Celeste Cortesi
    Michele Marquez Dee
    Katrina Llegado
    Pauline Amelinckx
    Julia Saubier
    Lou Dominque Piczon

  11. Marami ring palang maganda dito sa MUP eh, di lang ma-appreciate ng karamihan dahil mga hindi kilala sa pageants karamihan. Palawan, Pangasinan, Baguio, and Quezon Province have huge potential

  12. Michele and Annabelle top my choice for now for MUP
    Chantal and Pauline follow
    Then Katrina and Julia
    Any of these 6 can easily make top 5 at MU
    I hope Jonas does not experiment this time and crown the really deserving girl .

    Vanessa needs to de-emphasize her round face if she wants to be considered for the top post .

    • Palawan reminds me of the Miss India Universe 2014 kind of beauty … Palawan has so much potential

  13. She speaks fluent english hinde rehearsed… misamis oriental rin para sa akin ang pwede coronahan.

  14. I was entranced by Miss Palawan’s beauty and impressed by Miss Misamis Oriental’s stage presence. I also like Miss Quezon’s face.

    I think this year’s winner will again come from the province.

    How is Anabelle’s comm skill? She’s just so pleasant to watch. To me, she’s the real front runner.

    • She speaks fluent english hinde rehearsed… misamis oriental rin para sa akin ang pwede coronahan.

    • Misamis oriental speaks fluent english, na impress ako noong presentation nila, siya lng ang natural mgsalita… sana siya manalo..

  15. Agree with you very much Ben.. A lot of beautiful girls but Chantal has the superb comm skills, height, and X factor. Watch her interview with Luis Portelles and you’ll know why.

    • @Mark, yes I did. She’s very philosopical as well – her thought process isn’t mundane and shallow (it’s not everyday you see models talk that way – pardon the stereotyping). She just has to pump more energy though so that her audience are more drawn to her. She already has the goods. Doing that will also assure the fans that indeed she wants to win the crap out of that crown. It can be done and I’m sure she’ll step up even more.

  16. I was looking back at the high res videos posted by Empire.ph and I could not take my eyes off Cebu City the entire time. She didn’t even have to try to stand out – she was just chilling there as the cameras panned out across the stage. First of all, the girl is clearly towering over the others (it seems she’s the only one who’s actually honest about her true height at 5:10 and the girl that’s listed as supposedly taller than her is in fact shorter). The girl is classy with a glowing alabaster skin which popped out even more against her silver blue latex (?) gown. Her small rectagular face (which reminded me of Iris’ elongated facial profile) in proportion to her body makes her a camera magnet. She did tend to stoop down a bit which was perhaps her way of “equalizing” her height in relation to others. I say, fully embrace your height girl – you’re gorgeously tall and that’s one of your definite assets. Never dim your light for others – it’s a competition and the brighter you shine, the closer you’ll get to that crown. I watched her interviews posted on line as well and yes, she’s calm, colllected and articulate. Thank heavens she’s not being overhyped which will spare her from the claws of the rabid pageant fans.

  17. The heavily publicized and overwhelming favorite Michelle Dee stands out here.
    That unique outfit makes her look like a human lava lamp.

  18. budol yung benguet , ang ganda sa picture ng ina announce winner sa kumu, di nmn pala, ang baba at yung legs kipi, pingki, basta hindi straight… naka budol..

  19. Cebu Province and Iloilo Province both have that tired look … and very common face look ; they should not be elected to top 10 ; stop at top 15 or just clappers … Iloilo City is much better than Iloilo Province ; and of course Cebu City is in my top 10 and is miles ahead of Cebu Province

  20. Let the streak extend to 13.

    Mary Jean Lastimosa failed to crack the top 5 and broke the four year top 5/runner-up streak. Gazini Ganados embarrassingly failed to advance into the top 10 and sadly broke the nine year top 10 placement streak. Ironically both are products from the KF beauty camp. The only thing left to break is the top 20/16 semifinal streak which I hope will not happen in a long while.

    That said, let’s hope that the winner not come from the KF beauty camp.
    Just thinking out loud that’s all.

    All the best, ladies.

    • For me, let’s not give up on KF yet.

      They are still able to scout some really beautiful faces (have you seen some of their delegates at
      Bb. Pilipinas this year?)

      And while there’s this perception that their candidates have weak public speaking skills, I don’t know if that is entirely true. I mean their winners at Earth are all good speakers.

      But, yes, this is definitely an area for improvement for their camp, but we’re already seeing KF women like Emmanuel Vera and Samantha Panlilio who are great at the mic.

      And if someone from KF wins MUPh, they will still undergo further training with Mama J. So if the best and most deserving is from KF on MUPh’s coronation night, then I have no problem with a win for their camp.

    • Zora Andam Gionna Cabrerra Lia Ramos Teresa Licaros Jennifer Barrientos are all from Aces. Let’s not forget that po. 😜

    • id like to think its both the girl and the camp. Rabiya kung tama recollection ko is aces. Top 20 din lang.

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