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  1. Collette was not eligible to join miss universe kasi 17 yrs old lamg sya that time.

  2. Cyst, it was in one of her web interview where she candidly answered questions from fans. She confirmed about the offer, however, she graciously declined. Busy na sya sa showbiz at gusto nya bigyan chance ang ibang girls. Tutulong naman daw sya sa pag train ng ipapalit. She was 24 then. May laban sana sya kasi dalawa ang malakas nung 1998 (Wendy, Verushka). Anybody’s game na sa top 3.

    Same thing happened in 1999 when BPCI offered the BPW title to Charlene. The later graciously declined as well. And the crown was offered to BPI Lalaine Edson.
    Kaya pala hindi na offer kay Lalaine yung crown dahil attitude problems pala ang merlat. I remember nagtaray ang lola Pitoy mo on national television na ayaw daw nya ng spoiled brat (throwing shade to Lalaine).

  3. RUFFA G would have a good fight if accepted the offer of BB! Totoo ba yun mga sister na binigay kay Ruffa in silver platter ang pagrerrepresent ng Pinas sa MU?

  4. I think Tito Norms have three more exciting BbP throwbacks to post before he gives the best sound judgment on whether to feature the next nine BbP editions or not. Years 2001 to 2009 were the dark era of Philippine pageantry, and I lost my interest in following pageants within that period.

    That’s all.

    • Next: “The year a Bb. Pilipinas World represented us in Miss Universe”

      • What a nice guess, John. I also believe that that would be Tito Norm’s next feature, unless he goes back to Aileen Damiles’ batch. So, it’s Miriam Quiambao in the next post, my all time favorite Miss Philippines rep in Miss Universe. Her elegant pasarela on stage and classy styling are remarkable. And her poise, her poise!!! More than two years have already passed, pwede ng gayahin ng Philippine rep ang styling n’ya.

        That’s all!

      • What happened ba to the BbP Universe 1999? Bakit si Miriam bilang BbP World ang nag-represent?

      • @miss tissa, Jannelle Bautista, the BbP-Universe then, was dethroned due to citizenship and immigration issues. She was investigated by the NBI and (I read somewhere) was soon deported to the US.

        Miriam was asigned to replace Jannelle. Perhaps, SMA saw Miriam’s beauty as Miss Universe caliber, and it was a good decision ever. When Miriam bagged second place in MU, she was given a heroe’s welcome, as if she was the winner. Sinundo (parang ganun) pa sýa ni Jessica Soho sa US at kasabay na umuwi ng Pilipinas. Habang nasa himpapawid, Jessica interviewed Miriam. Tapos pagdating sa Pinas, agad nag-parade ang lola mo sa Ayala Ave. at EDSA going to Araneta Center. Ramdam mong uhaw ang Pilipinas sa Miss Universe crown that time, and it was long overdue na. Kaya nung nag-win ang Pia, kagulo ang mga buckluh, as in tumigil ang mundo.

        That’s all.

  5. THANKS NORMAN…sa mga nakakaaliw na throwbacks…kindly feature beauty queens who became sex symbols, kabit, pokpok, as well as porn stars…THANKS

  6. Good afternoon to all specially to our DEAR BLOGGER – Mr. NORMAN TINIO, representing the Royal & Pontifical University of Sto. Tomas! Flor maiintindihan tayo ni Mr. Blogger dahil tayong lahat ay naka-lockdown ngayon, kaya palagi tayo dito sa site niya.

    Okay FLOR isa-isa kung tutugunan ang mga katanugan/kaisipan mo.
    1. Both _lat and _isong are present in Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a, Boholano & other Visayan languages.
    2. SORRY Flor, Apples Aberin pala. Sa dami ng pangalan, nagkarambol na sa isipan ko.
    3. Kung hindi magkalayo ang edad natin, I presume ang first number ng SN mo ay 9. Pero pwede ring 89 ka dahil late 90s pumasok sa UP ang members ng Eraserheads.
    4. Yup, SGF is from UP Visayas and if she can nail the Q&A in the finals, she is a good alternate to MG for MUP. I also hope that CQ will raise the age limit to 28 for Mutya so that those who are already 26 and above can still join her pageant.
    5. Yang citizenship, residency, passport & visa concerns ay madaling gawan ng paraan yan, ewan ko ba dito kay SMA bakit siya masyadong mahigpit diyan. Si CQ, ALV & LS ay parang relax lang sa mga nasabing bagay-bagay. Other nationalities (beauties) jump from one country to the other just for them to be able to compete internationally.

    To SCORG, Yup I am an archivist in general, and an UP archivist in particular. Charot! I like to collect old things and I HAVE COMPILED volumes of magazines and newspaper clippings of beauty queens & pageants for more than 3 decades. Sorry nakalimutan ko ang ibang UP beauty queens from other campus sa pagmamadali ko. Ilene de Vera is from UP Cebu. Si Zora Andam nag high school sa UP Baguio. Angel Aquino is also from UP Baguio (puro mga lesbian ang friends niya noon). He, he…

    I also LOVE UST beauties. SOME of my favorites are Charlene Gonzales, Gem Padilla, Jeanne Therese Hilario, Gemith Gemparo, & Mutya Crisostomo Laxa.

    Ikaw SCORG ano ang student number mo? He, he, he… Thanks.

    • @ Pierro Rocco Geraldine “Pebbles” Asis.

      Patay na patay ako sa kanya. I don’t know why….

      Mr. Tinio, Singapore, thanks in large part to their experience with SARS, seems well-equipped to deal with nCoV19. They should ALL CLEAR ahead of most here in Far East. When will JG convince them to host MU again, po?

      Guys, always remember….

      THE MASK WAS ONLY A SYMBOL. — PM Lee, Singapore. What matters is COOPERATION.

    • @Pierro Rocco (or Peter the Rock?): you forgot to mention Nelia Sancho as another UP-bred beauty queen who won an international crown. And among the outstanding UST beauty and brains package, Janine Tugonon tops my list.

      • Thanks Scorg for reminding me. I love Nelia Sancho. She is the BEAUTY QUEEN TURNED REBEL (AMAZONA) TURNED WOMEN’S ADVOCATE/LEADER. She is one of the founding MOTHERS of the Gabriela Group. And she is originally from Davao. Nelia – Queen of the Pacific 1971.

        Yup, Janine Tugonon. The girl who gave a brilliant answer to the question of the necessity for a MU winner to be a fluent English speaker. And it reminds me of the UST alumna first runner up to another UST alumna first runner up pageant story – Miriam Quiambao (1999) to Janine Tugonon (2012). They ALMOST BECAME our (another) two Miss Universe winners. Sana anim na ang ating winners kung nagkataon. Sayang… move on na. He, he, he…

  7. If I’m not mistaken candidate # 5 was Patricia Javier. Naging Patricia ng maging artista…not really sure of.

    • @ Adrienne Honga! Panoorin mo ‘yung Part 1.

      Genesis Canlapan.


      Incidentally, this was the centennial of Philippines Independence, pala. Thanks to Inday Ruffa.

      On that year, Madonna released what many argue to be her BEST album ever. One of us said he/she blogs about music. Dude, see for yourself, if you agree.

      • Genesis Canlapan and Sarah Jane Ritter both tied for the first & only Miss Magica Cosmetics title sponsored by Mondragon…. I don’t know if they split the 1 million peso cash prize

  8. And of course, who can forget Rizza Padilla in this batch who is one of the younger siblings of the Padilla brothers and the sister of BB Gandanghari!

    • Yuh, at parang may galit at nagdadabog sa paglabas as swimsuit!!😁

  9. Collette Centeno unfortunately became one of Derek Ramsey’s ex!

    Tisha Silang unfortunately didn’t end up with Geoff Rodriguez (one of the “kili-kili” boys because of their locker room commercial!)

    Nevertheless, both of them are happier now!

    • @ ClaiRe ibbeTson Both are happier now…..

      Collette and Tisha? Or,…

      Derek and Geoff? 🙂

      • Ahihi!

        Ikaw talaga, Madam Flora!

        Siempre yung mga babaita!

        Mga lalaki, hanap lang yan ng ibang puday!

      • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson HELP also, @ Pierro Rocco & @ Cool Brew. Or anybody else who can clarify….

        1) _uday is Waray/Bicol?

        2) _ilat is Cebuano?

        3) _isong is Waray/Ilonggo?

        And, maraming salamat ulit sa sasagot. I just like learning languages. 🙂

  10. Flor HERE are my thoughts on this batch of BPP winners. Starting with RACHEL SORIANO. Rachel is ONE of THE UGLIEST IF NOT THE UGLIEST Bb. Pilipinas-World winners (BPP Miss World franchise). Aside from being so-so looking, Rachel is also an ATTITUDE GIRL. In other words, hindi rin siya KABAITAN. These TWO might be the reasons why SMA did NOT hand over to her the Bb. Pilipinas-Unverse crown when Tisha was dethroned. Bad girls watch out because pageant organizers are very much concerned about attitude (reminder for Alaiza Malinao Mr. Tinio). And as expected, Rachel also did not place in that year’s Miss World competition held in Seychelles.

    Tisha Silang also looks very ordinary and is short. She primarily won the plum title for her excellent communication skills. 1998 is a year that the BPP chose comm skills (plus intelligence) over physical beauty.

    Colette Centino is the prettiest of the three titleholders. She was chosen as one of the semifinalists in that year’s Miss International competition.

    BUT the first runner up who eventually represented the country in the 1998 Miss Universe (later) became the MOST CONTROVERSIAL of them all due to issues & problems with her previous marriage to a very popular public figure. Nananahimik na siya ngayon katulad din ni 1996 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe winner.

    Anong masabi mo dito Flor? He, he, he…

    • @ Pierro Rocco Lunes na Lunes, ‘eto bumungad sa’kin. TALAGA’ng AKO, ‘ah. 🙂

      Admin/Blogger(?), thanks for the designation, nga pala. Got the hint. LOLS. Ganern?

      Fine, may as well….

      “Very popular public figure” is the eldest son (panganay?) of an esteemed/respected Senator from NorMin? If so, I personally knew a sibling of his, a LOOONG time ago.

      Mr. Tinio, have you just designated/instructed my schoolmate as clickbait? As back-up to @ Will/@Miswa? Forget it. ‘Di niyo malalaman first two digits ng SN ko. Hihihih….

      • Colette Centeno…and Sandra Lemonon have seemingly similar vibe..Sweet,mixed- race and endearingly Girl- nextdoor- type.

      • Ganito na lang Flor dahil ayaw mong sabihin ang first TWO numbers ng UP SN mo, please choose among the choices (groups) written below kung sinu-sinong mga beauty queen at celebrity ang nakikita mo sa campus sa kapanahunan mo (PWEDE RIN ITO sa mga SCHOOLMATE ni FLOR na pumupunta sa site na ito.). Okay, Game…

        1. Maita Gomez, Vida Doria, Peachy Veneracion, Dang Cecilio, etc.

        2. Sarah Jane Paez, Tweety de Leon, Myrza Sison, Pebbles Aberin, Joyce Orena, Benjie Paras,
        Ronnie Magsanoc, etc.

        3. Bea Lucero, Candy Pangilinan, Maricel Laxa, Eugene Domingo, Harlene Bautista, Michelle Aldana,
        Eraserheads, etc.

        4. Zoraida Andam, Nina Ricci Alagao, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Jonas Gaffud, etc.

        5. Lian Andrea Ramos, Anna Theresa Licaros, Carlene Aguilar, Atom Araullo, etc.


      • @ Pierro Rocco Anubey?! Sin-olo na natin ‘to’ng blog. Nakakahiya kay Blogger from UST. 🙂

        Pebbles? Apples! (UP pala sila….)

        Sorry, Dude. ‘Di ako gala sa campus noon. I did not qualify for dorm kasi both ‘rents were government employees and Manila-kid-through-&-through ako. Immediately after afternoon class, either straight home kasi ma-traffic na nu’n sa Katipunan Ave./Aurora Blvd., or the library to sleep/study. As a result, ‘di ko alam ang famous batchmates ko. BUT, I can tell you that one evening after dropping by SC to buy “midnight snack” (I was doing OT at our Lab at Bulwagang Palma), I chanced upon a concert of the E-heads at the Main Library steps. Pa-graduate na ‘yata sila nu’n… Sila Ely Buendia.

        But c’mon. I already told you our ages are not vastly disparate.

        Btw, I was thinking again about your recent proposal for SGF from The Land of the Howling Winds as option for MUP, aside from MTIG. UPV siya, right? Uhm…. I’ll put it this way. If you will argue that Maureen, SamanthaB, & Vickie should finally crown para maka-graduate na sila, then GOW. SGF!!!

      • @Pierre Rocco, the alter ego of @Paul (?): I did not know you moonlight as UP Archivist. Lol!. Being the White Lady of UP Diliman, @Flor may have gone to UP before SNs were assigned to each UPCAT passer. Lol! Lol! Lol! Anyway, you forgot to mention those coming from UP Cebu, UP Iloilo, UP Los Banos. The likes of Ara Arida, Lucy Torres, Lizbeth de Padua, Winonah Buot, Cassandra Chan, Sigrid Flores, etc. But if there is an Archivist from UST, I have a hunch that UST has the most number of pageant winners and celebrities among the universities.

  11. I don’t understand why BbP accept ladies who are illegible. Tapos pag nakoronahan na saka i-dedethrone, ilan na ang nakoronahan na pinalitan?

    • I am inclined to think that BPCI did not have a more persnickety legal team back then who would laboriously scrutinize the documents and citizenships of the candidates. Of course, if we are to inject the case of Samantha Lo, then that would set them back to square one and insure a more investigative approach to everything.

    • @ miss tissa & @ Norman Kung ganu’n, and I am sure the other side of the backyard will encounter it eventually if they have not yet done so, WHY NOT FULL DISCLOSURE, NA LANG?

      Wala na’ng citizenship/residency/scandal-free requirements, BASTA EVERYBODY OWNS UP to both their provenance and past FROM DAY 1.

      Then, give organizer and their sponsors FULL PREROGATIVE as to whether or not to accept for whatever assignment….

      If the Legal (Team) guys are unable to do their job, get rid of them. They’re just dead weight.

      “Do. Or, do not. There is no try”. – Master Yoda.

    • They have not learned their lesson. Nangyari na before nangyari ulit, at naulit pa… ano ba yan?
      If I understand it right there are qualifications to be a candidate. Ito namang mga applicant na to nagpupumilit na sumali, nagbabakasakali makalusot?

  12. Kahit sino pa sa kanila ang ipadala, unplaced pa din for sure. Muchachahin kasi ang mga feslak oh. Mukhang matangkad lang yung Soriano pero waley pa din talaga. Parang taga bitbit lang ng bagelya ni Verushka. Chweh!

  13. Rachel is tall, but will not have a fighting chance against Wendy and Verushka. She is a Bulakenya as well. Lots of tall ladies coning out of that province as of late.

    I understand why Madam is reluctant to give Jewel the crown. She underperforms, no fire.

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