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  1. Katrina is the prettiest indeed
    How tall is she?
    Pangasinan is so beautifully exotic she could be a hit in the runways of Milan and Paris
    Other exotic girls that I like:
    Ghenesis Latugat
    Angelika Lopez
    Marilit Katipunan Ilagan
    If MU will be held in Paris, the above ladies will be applauded.

  2. Katrina .. she is the face of MUP 2022! I think her comm skills are fine . She just needs to be more confident like Lou Piczon

  3. We need to find the right styling for Annabelle
    That brown hair cheapens her look
    And some of her facial expressions are very provincial … just lacking sophistication
    The Classy persona of the other La Sallistas Michele and Katrina … Annabelle should take a page from their playbook

    • I think that is her natural hair color. I want to see her with dark hair… but are we going to make her look oriental? I don’t know. Even Gazini got criticized for appearing tanner than she really was.

    • Don’t count on it yet. Ang mga naka-pulang Annabelle na alam ko, hindi worthy ng korona:

      1) Annabelle Rama
      2) Annabelle Doll


      Anyway, I think she can be a frontrunner indeed. Just fix her teeth and NEVER grab the mic when being interviewed. Very rude. Imagine doing that to Steve Harvey.

      World Peace.

  4. Chantal is so endearing and likable. Katrina is in my top 4, always have. But I’m starting to believe people’s comments here re: communication skills, or maybe quick thinking skills. I was prepared to give numerous answers to the question (how do you prepare) given to her yet parang nahirapan pa sya. I will always have love for Ghenesis. She is so relatable. Parang kabarkada mo lang!

    Who are the hosts? They honestly don’t look like they know how to hold their own microphone. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Chantal is so pleasant, and very likeable. Katrina is undoubtedly beautiful but her comm skills need improvement. Love Ghenesis as well.

    • I know, right? Hindi man lang nila itinama?! The winners should have said something. Ano ginagawa ni Voltaire, Communications ek-ek 🙂

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