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  1. Disclaimer: I am not from your country but have been a pageant fan for quite sometime now. This is also the very 1st time I have seen the ladies. Here are my standouts during this event in no particular order (with side comments to boot):

    Honorable Mentions: Bohol and Misamis -Stealth bombers making a quiet but elegant entrance.

    Makati -Wow, is she the Universe Next Top Model!
    Palawan -Vavavoom. I’m here to make a statement !
    Pangasinan -Her eyes speak: “watch out for me bitches”
    Pasay – Hail to the queen. Here I am for my coronation.

  2. Tito Norman, Anong height ni Palawan? Camp affiliation? I think that she’s one of the brightest that night.

  3. Chantal, Michelle, Pauline, Katrina, Celeste & Julia stood out for me. I believe the winner will come from this group of ladies, with the eventual winner to be determined by how they fare & nail the Q & A segment. Let it be known that most of the recent MU winners were all eloquent speakers and one even won with very unconventional beauty. Having said that, I still believe that facial beauty and catwalk skills aren’t enough to win it all. The winner must also be relatable, mentally strong and mature enough and be ready to show grace under pressure where it matters most especially in the final Q & A. Good luck to all the 32 final candidates. You all are beautiful in your own unique way, and I am so proud of you all. Congratulations for making it this far. God bless 🙏❤💚💙👑💄💍👠

  4. Annabelle and Makati look a lot better in motion . These two will do us proud on MU stage
    Chantal and Pauline are next line for me
    Celeste is gorgeous in motion ! Just like Katrina, I’m worried abt her comm skills . It’s really better to send someone who is comfortable in English
    Lapu-lapu, if they can find the right hair and make up for her , will be formidable at MU . Same with Julia.

  5. My Fab Four: Makati, Misamis Oriental, Pasay City and Taguig. Alternate: Lou Piczon. The moment she smiled, she’s giving me the Janine Tugonon vibe. I was sold!

    Michelle was sophisticated. Finally, I’m not hatin’!
    Annabelle is MUPh worthy.
    Katrina didn’t stand out here. Her dress was ok, and the length of it was grandma-ish. But the face!
    Celeste surprised me the most. As much as she’s the siren of this batch, she came out with a “simple-salmon-colored-almost-conservative-but fun-party dress.” She’s showing me that she will serve us versatility. Plus she looks endearing here. Did I hear a silent gasp from the attendees when she walked out?

    Side notes:

    Pauline always serves the same look; Filipiniana inspired terno/dress. EVERY TIME!

    Can we stop the cur”train” trend on the dresses? I’m not sure kung kurtina sya or a train. Extra tela na unnecessary! (Albay, Quezon Province, Victoria City).

    Palawan is future! Although I’m not fond of the round-ish face but she’s such a dusky Filipina.

    San Juan reminds me of Marjorie Barretto 😦

    Enough of the hideous shoes! Pang barangay level talaga! (Benguet, Lucena, Roxas City).

    We have some brainy/scholar candidates who SHOULD impress us; Davao Del Norte, Iloilo Province, Las Pinas, Lucena, Misamis Oriental. Gift of gab is always attractive.

    Can we please remind Katrina that it is ENTREpreneur and not ENTERpreneur. I heard her say this every time.

  6. To continue my list , my top five and I believe this is the definite deserving top 5 …

    >Top 4 frontrunners on this blog + Palawan … spoiler will be Davao del Norte

    *Dee -MUP crown.

    My next 4 to add to the 6 above to complete the top 10 are
    Cebu City

    Albay & Mandaue are so overhyped I don’t believe they deserve to be in top 10 but one of them can sneak in , most likely Albay.

    I need to see Ilocos Sur and I need to see her walk and hear her talk

  7. Rooting for Chantal Schmidt…tall, elegant and expensive, Miss Baguio dusky, Janine Tugonon vibe, and Julia..relatable and authentic.

  8. At this point of the competetion, these are my top 5
    MUP: Amelincx
    MUP-Tourism: Schmidt
    MUP-Charity: Llegado
    1st runner up: Dee
    2nd runner up: Cortesi

  9. Those special awards were unnecessary.
    It made the event less “posh.”
    Ms. Albay looks a bit like the Ms World PH who was a runner up in Ms World, Gwen.
    I don’t know how to spell her last name.
    Ms. Bohol didn’t look pleased in the photo.
    Ladies, be mindful of your facial expressions 🙂

    • is catwalk unnecessary??? when ur on stage with killer catwalk and great body proportion that would count for a high score… memorable for me during the catwalk presentation-
      misamis oriental
      cebu province
      cebu city

      i think it would be wise if davao del sur (korinihana?) bring new to this edition with a new hair that looked like vietnam during the edition won by cat..

      • Does Miss Universe have a best in catwalk award? 🤷🏻‍♂️
        Does Miss Universe have a best in arrival award?

  10. My Top 5 based on this (in no particular order eme):

    – Dee
    – Piczon (very Janine Tugonon)
    – Lopez/Miss Palawan (hinay hinay lang sa hampas ng arms pag catwalk. Pero malakas ang dating!)
    – Schmidt
    – Cortesi

    Still rooting for Julia and Ghenesis tho. Laban mga ateng!

  11. After watching the live stream and finally seeing the girls in motion : how they project and carry themselves, I believe the MUP will be a three-way battle (pending speaking skills) among :

    1) Llegado
    2) Dee
    3) Cortesi

    These three girls are simply cut above the rest. For physical appearance alone, anyone of the three will do us proud. Facially Beautiful Confident. Sure of their steps and walked with no unnecessary movements (one girl in full hair bun doing a hawi of hair. Why? Lol.) and all the cringey affectations: pa-project, pa pout , pa gimmick stunts (Ms. bulacan dangerously showing her groin), and for not wearing those, those horrible chunky shoes (too many to mention, you know who you are)

    Others with beautiful faces: Piczon, Gemillian, Borbon. I hope they will place well.

    Other notes:

    > I don’t understand the hype on Saubier (her face looks like Simba of Lion King. Lol). Amelincx, with her very round face.

    > I will be kind not to comment on other girls who still look and act amateurish.

    > The front row ghey : ang ba baduy ng itsura. Parang mga 80s couturier. Lol.

    > Why is Tita Lavinia not invited?

    Voltaire looks like Donna Cruz if Donna decides to be a Trans man. Lol. What is that stupid statement he said about Steffi might have lost last year, but she is now engaged, so she is a winner!!! WTF! Lol.
    And his frequent asking fellow gheys if they were single?

    Shamcey still beautiful.

    World Peace.

    • @thomas. Natawa nmn ako sa frontrow ghey comment mo! 😂😂😂

  12. si misamis oriental ang sakalam, lakad niya hinde rehearsed natural lng, yung tayo niya pang reyna … the fact na frontrow ang pumili sa kanya as catwalk queen meron siyang ibubuga… i think mag iba siya ng hair nd make up sa prelims at finals, di ako magugulat kung siya ang koronahan..💪🏾

  13. Dee, Cortesi, Cebu City, Benguet
    May isang front runner na medyo bulky ang figure

  14. Classiest for me : Chantal Katrina and Pauline
    Michelle didn’t stand out as I thought she would
    Why is everyone impressed with Cortesi’s beauty ? She was a lot prettier during her ME’s days ,
    Something is wrong with Annabel’s smile . And for a La Sallista, she looks very provincial .
    Julia is amazing , by the way

  15. Some phoned in questions:

    1. What the heck is a multi level beauty? Lol. Maraming levels ba ang beauty in Michelle? Minsan, pangit, minsan maganda, pwedeng pang animal, vegetable, mineral?

    Halatang luto daw ang award ni Michelle since ka terno ng damit nya ang loot bag. Lol.

    2. What is the criteria for Best Arrival Look? Nag split at tumbling po ba si Cortesi pag baba nya sa car? Lol.

    3. Bakit daw po may camel toe si Voltaire? Lol.

    4. Bakit daw palara ng sigarilyo ang attire ni Ms. Bulacan? Lol.

    4. Last photo: Tito Norman should be on the stage with the beauty queens. Para malinaw ang theme ng photo: Magaganda ang nasa stage, ang mga naka upo ay mga….. (bahala na kayo. Lol).

    World Peace.

    • Thomas, the Multi-Level Award refers to a marketing jargon used by Frontrow, I believe. For the Best Arrival Look, consider the award as equivalent to Darling of the Press. I have no answer for 3&4. I wanted to stand onstage but that will block some of the ladies in the back. 🙂

  16. My top five and I believe this is the definite deserving top 5 …

    Top 4 frontrunners on this blog + Palawan … spoiler will be Davao del Norte

    Dee -MUP crown.

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