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  1. medyo nakakaloka ito. di ako maka react ksi isang side pal ng nababasa ko. BUT based sa side ni Madam businesswoman,

    Ang dating sa akin, sinumbat niya lahat kay Pia ang binigay niya. Na gusto niya may kapalit. if she wanted Pia to be an endorser or umattend sa ‘event’ niya as Miss Universe, she shouldve contacted IMG, akala mo hindi businesswoman, KONTRATA BEH.. KONTRATA. lahat dapat may kontrata.

    I know Pia is a good person. kaya maraming naglalabasan na issue about her. What I love about her is that she’s classy at hindi taklesa na sagot agad ng sagot..

  2. That businesswoman na maraming utang sa Pinas kaya nagtago sa Brunei. Chura mo lang girl

  3. The business woman kathy just put herself into the spotlight but shame on her… A business woman with no brain.. She only thinks money…if youll read all her statements you will analyze she is wrong…especially hearing stories from an unreliable source(make up artists story) without asking or confirming face to face with Pia… She just created her own nightmare and showing who she really is. A business woman who invites celebrities and then use them in her business thinking that its free no TF.. She trust easily and trust any rumors without talking out with the concern person. Saying she helped lot of people but in return if she gets mad she will bad mouth you in return…business is a business but character is more impt than money… If pia did say something then talk to her first than spreading it to media… If kathy has no intention to hurt pia then talk in a professional way…kathy does not only ruin pia but also herself..yes kathy you are famous now but in a different way. Famous of being A hypocrite selfish business woman..

  4. I will NEVER be disappointed with Pia Wurtzbach, PERIOD.

    And who the hell is this business woman who thinks she’s entitled to think Pia owes her something just because Pia accepted in good faith an invitation to come to Brunei??? I mean Pia is a Miss Universe title holder who graciously granted this business woman the privilege of her presence. And now this business woman is expressing “disappointment” because of some perceived slight, or for whatever other deficiencies, by Pia?

    If I were Pia, I would not even bother to dignify this “problem” with a response. Just walk away with your head held high, not look back, and learn from this experience.

  5. hay naku….yung mga businessminded individuals na mga manggagamit, mamamatay din yan sila…kung pwd lang sana, ngayon na!!!

  6. Well, I’ve known enough cheaters in the business world to know that “what goes around comes around.” It always comes back to bite them in the ass when they least expect it too. It could manifest in tragedy, terminal illness, bankruptcy etc…

    God help Kathelyn Dupaya. Judging by her beauty, it already appears that karma is already making great strides. Lol…

    Sorry… had to go there.

    • Kathy is a liar. That’s for certain. Her credibility- very questionable. Her life story was actually featured in Magpakailanman way back 2012. She put her own biological mother in a bad light. She’s a liar.

  7. SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE. May kasalanan din ung make up artist ni sharon cuneta sa kung anu yung kwenento nya kay kathy. Malay natin may bawas may dagdag… Peo Obviously dahil ngayon lang yan lumabas they are trying to destroy Pia… Kung totoo yan sana noon pa sinabi na nya.. And if you are reading her statements una si kathy ang mali assuming na pumayag si pia na pumunta sa spa… Never nya binaggit na nag oo o pumayag si pia.. O may contract na endorse nya ung spa… Oo nga my event una tinanung available ni pia so pia answered the date then kathy said tamang tama mag oopen ung spa.. From that makikita mo na nasabay ung invitation nya sa opening ng spa. Khit ganun paman wala nmn approval or invitation para magappear si pia sa spa kundi nabanggit lang nya na opening ng spa… And pagkakaintindi ko ung invitation nya eh para magrelax at magenjoy mamasyal sila pia at hindi sya ininvite for endorsing or appearing sa opening of spa nya nasambit lang nya un… So pia pumunta doon to relax and pumunta ng brunei malinaw don na kathy invite her don hindi dahil sa opening of spa nya…. Hirap lang kasi mybe kathy spread the rumors na darating si pia sa spa at nung hindi sumipot nagalit… My mga customers siguro na nagreklamo o sinabing sinungaling si kathy kya galit kay pia.. Peo nakakainis lang pag galit ang pilipino bad mouth agad lahat ng binigay isusumbat and thats unethical…. Ang talagang mabait na tao may binigay k man o ginawa maliit o malaki you dont have to brag or tell it to the world… Parang nagpapanggap ka lang pag ganyan… So for me kesyo my kasalanan si pia o wala mali pa rin na yang mga issueng gnyan pinagpyepyestahan sa media… Kasi hindi lang ibang tao sinira mo pati sarili mo pinakita mong mapagpanggap kang tao at mayabang… Tulong mo sa ofw parang baliwala kasi mapagpanggap ka at magaling manumbat…

  8. I remember that arrival. Pia did look pissed at her arrival. It was strange and it makes sense.

    Anyway, Pia is no fool so it’s hard for me to believe she didn’t expect some of this. Nothing in life is free.

    I have a friend who’s Venezuelan and he told me their queens can’t wait for the minute to leave Venezuela. Otherwise it’s just non-stop drama like this. Look at Dayana Mendoza, she said no to showbiz backhome and is living a normal, productive live with her hubby and a baby now.

    Simpler is better. All that glitters is not gold.

  9. Miss Dupaya (intentionally or not) thought she could get easy advertising for her companies by inviting Pia to Brunei. And when she was told that what may appear as an endorsement is a violation of Pia’s contract, she goes on to play “poor me”. If there was an honest misunderstanding, she could have respectfully & professionally approached Pia’s team to rectify the issue. But no. She chose to publicly criticize her, her character, her talents, her friends, etc. Miss Dupaya’s lack of culture saddens me as an OFW.

    • Exactly. A lady with no breeding, ethics and sense of decency, sad to say. People should have known that from the very start. She has the audacity to put her own biological mother in a very bad light. Her story was featured in magpakailanman way back 2012. She claims that her mother never showed her affection at all.- NOT true. She herself posted in her Facebook account how her mother hugged her like she was a a baby girl

  10. I wonder wny Mr Norman Tinio is moderating every comment i post !!!!!

    • Actually I can’t explain it either. It’s the same thing with CloserToFame where your registered email addresses are automatically placed on moderation. But please be reassured that I did not touch any technical button to do that. I’m still trying to have it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. :-/

      • Thanks for the clarification . Im starting to believe that i offended u somehow. Hope everything will be alright.

  11. Filipinos abroad can be the most enterprising- or the most deceitful. A learning lesson for Pia as well not to be too trusting and to be a tad choosy. Personally, I wouldn’t trust this woman’s face. May-ari nga ng day-spa (??) eh mukha namang hindi niya ginagamit services niya? lol

    • Ginagamit naman niya… parati nga siyang nagpapa-FOOT SPA ng mukha niya eh! LOLs

    • Lol! In her beauty salon in Brunei; she sells bell products. She actually tells her clients and friends that only Belo touches her skin…. advertisement at it’s worse.


  13. Sheer INTRIGUE and has utterly NOTHING to do with pageantry ATM. Publicity. Famewhoring 😦

  14. Please… another ploy to umdermine Philippine pageantry. A “Thai” businesswoman?
    What a coincidence this occurs in just a little over a week before BbP finals?

    Oh the jealousy…

    • Filipino, sad to say, businesswoman based in Brunei. Her life story been featured in Magpakailanman. Fame seeking lady

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