30 comments on “My Favorites for the MUPH2022 Fashion and Runway Challenge

  1. Nagtyaga akong panoorin lahat ng videos and Im quite disappointed.
    Weak batch indeed. Mga 5 or 6 lang ang mga mukha talagang MUPh candidates.
    At saka bakit ganun karamihan mga kamukha ni Jinky Pacquiao? I mean mga trying hard magpaka*****L

  2. Picson nd mcdonell … though i have no favorite for the crown but if i were to pick, ill go for mcdonell… for the crown👑

  3. Best part of Michelle Dee’s video was at 0:59 — when she finally cracked a fleeting smile at the very end. Her face changed and brightened up. I wish she would smile more often. I hope she remembers that this is the Miss Universe brand she’s competing for — so look approachable, relatable and charismatic in your projection. Smize yes, but smile more.

  4. Piczon outwalked them all by a mile. I love the self-assuredness. No hesitation or tentative movements. Way to go Lou

  5. Naloka ako kay Ate na sa Anytime Fitness rumampa. Might as well use a treadmill.

  6. Most of the videos were really well made. Kudos for such creative challenge. This is the one I am looking forward to every year. Great choice of just one type of song in the background.

    MUP has knack for picking great songs. Whoever is in charge should be commended.

    I only watched the front runners but Baguio’s beauty is breed of Mollie and Venus. If she is with A&Q, I feel like she’d be a shoo-in winner. I need to hear her speak to reassess if she can be this year’s spoiler to the favorites.

    I think this is Saubier’s best challenge so far. I like her styling.

    Michelle Dee has presence. That’s what I like about her.

  7. Pauline and Michelle’s walk are both disappointing.

    Past MUP winners have great pasarela.

    I won’t mind if another dark horse wins this season. 😊

    • Having said that, I think Pauline performed better than Michelle here.

      I am starting to love Saubier and Latugat (Baguio).

  8. Michelle Dee needs more pasarela training but I still like her along with Llegado

  9. Reminder lang na ang labanan dito ay PASARELA, hindi yung cinematography, background, camera work, editing, outfit, props, etc.

    Yung ibang “front runners”, ito lang ang lamang. Dinaan sa video presentation, pero pagdating sa rampa talaga, they were out-walked by some of the less popular girls.

  10. The non-front runners topped this challenge for me: Piczon, Latugat (Baguio City) and Orcena (Davao del Norte). Honorable mention si Saubier (Albay).

    The dark horses are slowly unleashing themselves in this competition. Exciting!

  11. Disappointed in Michelle’s walk
    It lacks power
    Her legs are too wide apart when she walks

    Annabelle is amazing

    • Also, she’s actually very slim, but her hips look heavy when she walks.

  12. Picson won the runway chalellenge in the first edition… with this edition her catwalk is still superb , though im not a fan… i cant let go of bea 😆⚘❤

  13. Llegado for the win here.

    Her structural stripes everything matches the architecture / background of the City. Pinag-isipan.

    I am sorry to say that Michelle Dee’s look and styling ALWAYS remind of Renee Salud. Not good. The dark, pouting , exotic-island-girl-island-souvenir peg has long gone out the way of Cafe Haviana. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • I agree. Pero I guess it still made me turned my eyes toward her 😅😅

      Tito Norman, do you think it is okay to always refer ARTE partylist unto these segments of MUPh? Hindi ba ang MUPh is not for profit org that supports several causes and not to be influenced by a political party? Wouldn’t this affect their credibility? I know it’s comes as a sensitive topic but I am unsure where to draw a line on this

      • Kadiri talaga yang MUP is used for political gains. What do I expect? Every year na mang may ka-cheapang bago si Meme J.

    • Forget about her walk, her pasarela, her styling, etc. She just reminds me of Liz Uy, and not in a good way. Sorry, not sorry.

  14. While I get the rave over Llegado’s entry, I find her steps a bit heavy.

  15. Agree with all, but Michelle Dee. Fierce look didn’t match with tentative footwork.

    Great concepts in most videos!

  16. Steffi’s runway challenge indeed had an immense impact! Just look at the number of girls this year who sported a high ponytail with drone shots while walking.

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