11 comments on “Reina Internacional del Cacao Filipinas Jerelleen Rodriguez

  1. Congratulations to her, she just won the Reina Intenrnational Del Chocolate title (I guess equivalent to Viirreina) earlier in an earlier live feed from Panama (one of the two top crowms in the same pageant) while Miss Ecuador won the main Reina International del Cacao 2022 prize.

  2. Isn’t she overqualified for this pageant???
    I hope she wins.. 😊

  3. Spelling quiz ko during highschool… sabi ng teacher spell KE KE YO spell KE KE YO… walang tumama lahat kasi CACAO pala😁😆

    • Lol…that’s funny, and sad (since walang tumama!).

      How did you/they know it’s also not COCOA? CACAO vs COCOA 🙂

  4. What a welcome surprise! A scholastic achiever, a CPA, a teacher, and a future lawyer would make an excellent spokesperson to an agri product themed pageant. God bless your journey to another international crown for the Philippines!

    • If the host country, Panama, is also the home base of this pageant, it is ranked 36th in the world cocoa production, way behind the Philippines’ 24th rank. The top global producer of cocoa beans are African countries: Cote d’Ivoire (1st), Ghana (2nd), and Nigeria (4th). The global chocolate industry is worth $103 billion in 2020, but as a CNN documentary exposed, child and slave labor is often used to cultivate cocoa beans. I hope this pageant provides a platform to resonate this humanitarian concern above and beyond the economic value-added by this product.

  5. de Cacao ? … there was de Cafe with Ruffa Nava ? … hard to keep up with all these

    • NAva’s pageant was canceled right? Anyway yeah all these minor pageants are becoming very unnecessary.

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