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  1. Staged every 2 years? Is this Southeast Asian Games? This pageant screams minor. Should be downgraded. No amount of LED background can help this ailing pageant.

    • @ Padede Boy Ever since, naman. Probably JM doesn’t want her Queens upstaged?

      Manhunt recently had a four(4)-year gap – 2012 to 2016 – allowing our Jun Macasaet a protracted stay in the spotlight. Methinks the org had either financial difficulty or a change in Management. OR, maybe even both.

      Let’s face it, even in some female pageants, there’s not much to do in 12 months and then the activities pick up perhaps just in the latter half of her reign, if not a few months before the coronation of her successor. At least kung hari ka, puwede mag-awra sa fashion shows o mag-consorte sa Santacruzan.

      And if your handlers are setting you up for an eventual career in show business, I think it would take just as long for the opportunities to materialize and it surely helps to still have the backing of your pageant organization in that time.

      As for the meager ticket sales, let us at least give ALV credit for being a gentleman to JM all this time and for giving her and her guys a GREAT venue! Believe me, it’s even worse in minor male pageants – ie, totally NO audience, the Final streamed with the camera fixed on to the stage, the contestants performing to empty space. And yes, we did say in this blog that no one would show up even if it was for free.

    • Uto-uto talaga tong si AV. Host agad hindi pa nga nanalo ang Pinas ng Mr. World. Pa-impress agad, hindi niya alam ginagamit lang siya ni JM. Maniulative kasi tong si JM kung di nyo lang alam.

    • less than 1k lang daw kaya frustrated yung baklush na organizer na si Viagrafriya ba yun

  2. As expected Manila Bulletin says Mr. World 2019 organizer laments lack of gov’t, private sector support. We don’t want our taxes wasted in this cooking show. Bring the cooking show somewhere not in our backyard.

    • What made you think it’s “your” taxes that paid for the expenses of such competition?
      Can you show your tax returns stating deductions for Mr. World?

    • What made you think that “your” taxes paid the expenses to host such?
      Can you show your tax returns with “Mr. World deductions?”

    • @ Miss Queen Wannabe I find it odd that ALV encountered HUGE obstacles in getting this project going. Notwithstanding what happened at Miss World 2016, he is still lucky this finally pushed through. HE HAD ONE OF THE COUNTRY’S BIGGEST TELEVISION NETWORKS (therefore their sponsors) AT HIS DISPOSAL. Was he able to take full advantage of that?

      He should observe how CMG does it. MotW is nowhere near MrW in scope, but sponsorship and LGU support are never wanting in the former.

      JG should have taken notes, as well, so that his hosting stint next year will not have the same issues.

  3. sumali na ng Manhunt si Jack sa Thailand pero ligwak

    1st Runner up sya sa Mr World England pero hindi natuloy ang winner so si Jack pinadala

    O diba, Destiny talaga ni Mr England

    Tinalo yung mga 3-4 years na mga reigning Misters in each of their own country


    • Manhunt is more of a modeling contest that has a different set of standards. He was not as fit as he is now back then. Based on physical features, even our contestant are miles ahead of him of winning Manhunt. And he comes from a country of a rival pageant where pageantry is not that popular, therefore there is no business for Manhunt there.

  4. there are very few guys filipinos or halfies that would fit the mold julia wants it would probably take atleast a decade more before pinoys joiniing male pageants become complete packages of a mr world template….

  5. Lesson learned,

    Hindi enough pa-cute, pa-tweetums na labanan!

    May universal appeal dapat ang candidate! Hindi local “Bakla Choice Award” ng mga bayot sa barangay!

    And please, maraming Pure Pinoy na may X-factor na kahit itabi mo sa blonde hair blue eyes hindi lulubog like Richard Gomez!

    And unlike female beauty pageant na kahit bonsai puede gawan ng paraan ng mala-cabarete na stilleto, sa male pageantry, what you see is what you get kaya at least man lang, six footer ang ipadala para hindi naman nilalamon sa stage and ichura ng candidate!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Mr. Ireland Wayne Walsh mentioned a rigorous physical conditioning regimen in connection with his winning the Extreme Challenge Fast Track. Good thing he had sponsors.

      Does ALV still hold the Supranational franchise for 2020? Appoint Ameen Sardouk na lang.

      Lastly, notice the respectable Top 5 Question Round. Brazil gave an answer both concise and timely.

      • We cant just apoint.. We need to hold a pageant… not only to justify his international win and as practice for the stint abroad but also as a source of media mileage to create at least a huge social media following around the world. The pageant would also generate enough income from sponsors for the org and as donation to the charities of MW.

      • @ Closer2Fame Pero, ‘di ba every other year ang Mister World? So, the next edition will be 2021 at the earliest. Magpapa-MrWP pageant si ALV next year na agad? ‘Eh, damay lamang naman ang Supra…. And Ameen has already gone through the Nationals, anyway. And he already has Social Media following. ‘Tsaka na lang ulit. Denver and Robin have yet to compete, too.

        You wanted Clint Bondad as our next MrWP. NOON PA FINO-FLOAT NA MAG-PAGEANT SIYA, ‘eh hindi naman ‘yata interesado. But yes, now that he has put in work for GMA-7, maybe he can be convinced by the TV network executives to change his mind.

        In any case, and to continue ClaiRe’s thread, yes we need to STRICTLY impose the height minimum and the guys need ENOUGH time to be groomed and conditioned. Why won’t ALV partner with an “official gym” for his stable of taller talents. Or, Ben Chan’s?

        At least JG has his models to choose from. And this November, we will know the host delegate at our February 2020 hosting.

        Incidentally, that other organization has already greeted Jack Heslewood on his win on their FB page.

      • @Flor

        Good point…

        Send Ameen to Supra next year… He seems to have a better chance than Marco… but Ameen needs to gain that media mileage… Arnold should cook up some good publicity for him in compensation.. Something that proves that he is indeed well desserving of the Mr Supra title. Meanwhile, I have high hopes that Resham would win Ms. Supra hence it would be a good move for Miss Supra org to give both titles to our country the same year. Ameen could at least land as 1st RUp.

  6. Tito Norman, will there be a delayed telecast of this finale? It would be a shame if majority of Filipinos will not get to watch this apex male pageant held in our shores.

  7. So the world’s most desirable man is not just a pack of good looks but a bundle of academic and professional achievements. A rocket scientist with a Masters degree in Business! Congratulations!

  8. Sa palagay ko may mga kalahok na karapatdapat na sila ang manalo kaysa sa mga nagwagi. Ganyan talaga ang buhay sa patimpalak, hindi lahat ay puwedeng manalo.

    Philippine Representatives for Mister World 1996- 2019:

    Christopher Celis – unplaced, Mister World 1996
    Rico Miguel- unplaced, Mister World 1998
    Roderick Salvador – unplaced, Mister World 2000
    Marco Tamayo – 6′ 1″ unplaced, Mister World, 2003
    Emmanuel Mago – 6′ 3″ unplaced, Mister World 2007
    Alvin Dejoya – 6′ 2″ unplaced, Mister World 2010
    Andrew Wolff – 6′ 3″ First Runner, Mister World 2012
    John Spainhour – 6′ 1″ unplaced, Mister World 2014
    Sam Adjani – 6′ 2″ unplaced, Mister World 2016
    Jody Saliba – 5′ 9″ Mister World Asia/Pacific 2019

    • It shows that it’s not just about the height and looks…
      Based on background credentials… JB Saliba takes cakes… Followed by John Spainhour and Emanuel Mago… Mago should have been at least in the TOP 5 back then.. too bad he’s not carrying our sashfactor yet during that time.. His only flaw is that he has minimal English comskills.

  9. Seems the FORCE was not too strong with that “one”‘. He was well-spoken at his Nationals. And mostly loved worldwide. Wha’ happen…? Na-El Tocuyo si Bebi Boi!

    JM’s indirect jab at his homeland for the aborted hosting job?

    Hope he enjoyed his stay, beach and Bench. Khap khun khop. 🙂

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