8 comments on “Happy Birthday, Tracy Maureen Perez!

  1. Happy birthday to this wonderful lady who represented our country in MW 2022. I wish her happiness.

    • I think her downfall was actually her answer/speech. Don’t get me wrong, she speaks very well and is very beautiful – but telling people that she should not have not have been there because of all the bad things that have happened was a bit cringy… I don’t know. She had the momentum and I really thought she had a great chance at the crown. But lessons learned I guess for future queens: a pity party almost always doesn’t work well in western societies.

      • I agree SB.

        She is indeed beautiful and worthy of at least Top Six position. One of the better recent delegates. Happy Birthday, Tracy!

        But you are right, the speech was kinda cringy nga. I would rather a woman speak with conviction, confidence and strong opinion (regardless if it is controversial or against other opinions) rather than play the “nice, sweet, fence-sitting, pity me, I survived it all and here I am still standing” trope. That kind of speech reeks of asking for pity and / or applause.

        World Peace.

      • Yes I agree that was her downfall. I actually didn’t like it and the way she grabbed the mic from the host was a bit off plus she seemed tensed while speaking
        He speech reminds me of Janicel Lubina’s at MI few years back that also caused her defeat.

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