23 comments on “It’s a no-go for Ruffa Nava in Reinado Internacional del Café

  1. Ito Yung warning sa mga lalaban ng bayoti contest abroad. Dafat 20 days before flight ay nag PCR test kayo at kahit negative kayo quarantine pa rin kayo in advance b4 your flight para sure divahhh😊

    • Tama ka Bong. Dapat kasama na ito sa pageant preparations. Dapat i-take note ng handlers. SOP na yan.

  2. This coffee promotion-themed pageant will be missing a potential winner in Ruffa. And the Philippines will no longer wake up to a delightful cup of coffee served with its first beauty crown for the year. Well things happen for a reason. Pageantry is a stepping stone to a yet bigger career. As as stepping stone, Ruffa may be missing an opportunity if the sponsors are Nescafe or Starbucks or any of those international coffee brands. Since it is not the case, she may be better off being our very own “Reinado International del Kape Barako” or an endorser of our many exportable organic coffee and natural food supplements that proliferate around.

  3. C2F,
    “Hopefully, she won’t bring new ones from the hospitals, churches and cemeteries” this scares me af

  4. Ruffa, baka this is not really for you. Baka sana dati palang nag OFW ka or whatever you do. Remember luzelle Felipe, etc.

  5. Kapag inaalat ka nga naman talaga?

    Kaya coming Miss World, kung ang choice ni Julia eh isa dun sa nag-positive kaya hindi niya itinuloy yung pageant nung 16 Dec instead of giving the crown to someone who epitomize the core values of the org which is “Beauty with a purpose” aalatin din yung winner niya!

    • The competition will run from January 2-10 only. With travel time to Colombia lasting for 24 hours at least, it won’t be advisable to still push through.

      • @ Norman Good evening, Uncle.

        With your judging stint at MK this Thursday, you’ve probably been on self-quarantine since at least mid-December (refer to @ bobg700’s comment, above). That way, you meet with no problems upon arrival in CDO…

        That must be tough! You essentially need to factor that 20-day period in to all of your pageant judging assignments for the rest of the year. 😦

        In light of the pandemic apparently holding on for at least another year (my assumption), will you be able to get all your contacts in the Regionals to come to some scheduling agreement so that there is at least a full month in between successive assignments?

        Unless you’re already in MisOr as I speak… In which case, hope you could share photos. Thx! 🙂

  6. Hmmm sounds like there is a good intentioned angel who is overly protective of her or a bitter ghost who cursed or haunts her… In ancient Tagalog culture… these spirits are attracted to struggling individuals who experienced trauma growing up… Saying goes… kailangan nya to ipagpag… iligaw… Traveling or migrating abroad would help her lose that restless spirit… & Hopefully she won’t bring home a new one from hospitals, churches and cemeteries she visits.. 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    • @ Closer2Fame Great timing! With all due respects to Ruffa Nava (for whom I also am saddened) , I initially thought of placing this thought in the earlier post (on the First 5 for 2022?). But what you said is somewhat along the same lines, so here goes… As Jonathan Andal said of the Yuletide Divisoria crowd, ‘palakasan ng lang ng guardian angel’. 😦

      (It’s incredibly blustery where I am right now… Parang may ‘something’.)

      Back in 2014, either the Philippine Star or Philippine Daily Inquirer had a columnist in the Lifestyle Section who used traditional Chinese geomancy (is that the term?) to assess the international chances of Nationals candidates.

      Nelda Ibe, Lorraine Kendrickson, & Valerie Weigmann were the front-runners to watch for, said he.

      He also said the white Evening Dress MJ Lastimosa wore for MU was probably not the best color considering fire was her element and something ‘warm’ would have been better…

      My point. Those ‘First 5 for 2022’ of Uncle may have undergone such assessment (already). Knowing his connections in the Fil-Chinese community (which reminded me of Miss & Mister Chinatown NOT having a virtual edition last year, 2021), he probably would not bring their names up if their ‘juice’ isn’t right atm.

      But back to the post… Focus on getting well, dear. Competition or not, the collective & unanimous WARMTH that met the news of your appointment is more than enough proof you have won! 🙂

      • (Cont.) I also wish to correct myself. 😦

        In the MW post regarding the Finale postponement to 16 March 2022, I erroneously assumed this was the (lunar) year of the metal tiger.

        I saw on TV today (at a breakfast/morning show) that it is WATER, NOT metal. My apologies. 🙂

        (But in any case, you guys just confirm. Tao lang.)

      • Porque mahilig ako sa Philippine archeology, history and culture.. Matanda na agad?! 🤣🤣🤣

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